Data Analyst Salary in South Africa

The job of a data analyst has become increasingly vital in today’s data-driven society, including South Africa. Every organization is heavily dependent on data to make informed decisions; therefore, the role of a skilled data analyst is in demand. However, the key factor aspiring data analysts consider before joining this field is its earning potential.

Occupation:Data Analyst
Monthly Salary Range:R 25000 – R 550000
Average Monthly Salary:R 287500
Description:Data analysts are professionals who collect, analyze, and interpret data to help organizations make informed decisions. They translate numbers and data into information that can be used in solving problems and tracking business.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required for an entry-level data analyst is a bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, economics, computer science, or any other quantitative field. However, you can get a job with the right skills even without a college degree in this particular area.

A data analyst in South Africa makes an average base salary of R503435 per year and R41953 per month. However, this figure is not constant everywhere, and you might earn less or more than the given number depending on your skills, experience, and job location. So, let’s analyze data analyst salary in South Africa and the factors that might influence it.

Overview: Data Analyst Salary

Every business, whether small or large, deals with huge data volumes, and the core of their business depends on obtaining meaningful insight from that data. This is when a data analyst proves crucial for the organization by interpreting statistical data and turning it into helpful information for businesses and organizations to use for critical decision-making. Moreover, data analysts are paid well, especially in consulting firms and large organizations, and the job demand is constantly rising.

A beginner data analyst earns around R25,000 per month and R300,000 per year. However, a senior and more experienced data analyst can make about R550,000 per month and R6,600,000 annually. Moreover, the average base salary of a data analyst in South Africa is R503435 per year and R41953 per month.


On average, data analysts receive around R5000 to R67,000 bonus per year along with profit sharing and commission. Moreover, they are also eligible for additional benefits, and the expected health benefits they receive are 41% medical, 6% dental care, 5% vision, and more. Typically, the bonus and additional perks accompanied by the base salary depend on the organization the employee works for.

Salary Structure

Multiple factors play a role in determining a data analyst’s salary, including experience, skills, education, and job location. Experience has a direct and significant impact on salary. For instance, an entry-level data analyst with no experience can earn around R25,000 per month and R300,000 per year.

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On the other hand, a highly experienced data analyst can make around R550,000 per month and R6,600,000 per year. Moreover, here is tabulated information on an increase in salary with experience.

Experience LevelImpact on Salary
Entry-level31% less than others
Early-career2% less than others
Mid-career45% increase
Late-career63% increase

Salary Variations Based on Your Skills

The job of data analysis requires several skills, like research analysis and statistical analysis. If you are proficient in these skills, you will get an increase in your salary. Moreover, the following is a list of related skills and the increase in salary that accompanies it.

SkillsIncrease in Salary
Research Analysis59%
Machine Learning53%
Statistical Analysis System, SAS38%
Tableau Software35%
Big Data Analytics32%
Business Intelligence24%
Data Modeling17%
Microsoft Word10%

Influence of Location on Data Analyst Salaries

Your salary as a data analyst can significantly fluctuate based on your geographic location. Different cities in South Africa offer varying levels of compensation for this profession. Furthermore, here is a list of the highest-paying cities in South Africa for data analysts.

Johannesburg, GautengR 53,494
Pretoria, GautengR 45,021
Johannesburg North, GautengR 35,797
Midrand, GautengR 33,096
Northern Suburbs, Western CapeR 30,338
Centurion, GautengR 30,333
Randburg, GautengR 28,364
Durban, KwaZulu-NatalR 23,906
Sandton, GautengR 21,002

Responsibilities of a Data Analyst

Primarily, a data analyst collects data and organizes, processes, and analyzes it to extract valuable insights to help an organization make an intelligent and informed decision. Moreover, here are a few of the key responsibilities of a data analyst;

  • Collect data from multiple sources.
  • Clean and prepare data to increase accuracy and completeness.
  • Use statistical techniques to identify patterns and trends.
  • Create a visual representation of data.
  • Interpret data in the light of the organization’s goals.
  • Manage and maintain databases for data integrity.
  • Use data-driven methods to solve complex problems within the organization.


How much do junior data analysts earn in South Africa?

A junior data analyst in South Africa can make around R270,000 per year or R138 per hour.

In short, a data analyst is a professional responsible for collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and interpreting data to help organizations and businesses in making informed decisions. Moreover, in South Africa, the average base salary of data analysts is R503435 per year and R41953 per month. Their specific salary depends on their skills, job location, experience, and more.

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