Interior Designer Salary in South Africa

Are you determined to become an interior designer but also worried about the increasing inflation in Cape Town and wondering whether the profession can help pay bills? It is a natural feeling of uncertainty; however, to eliminate negative thoughts and find answers to the questions asked before, you need to see the salary of an interior designer.

Occupation:Interior Designer
Monthly Salary Range:R 17316 – R 50616
Average Monthly Salary:R 33966
Description:An interior designer is responsible for using the space inside the building creatively in order to make it aesthetically eye-catching with the help of techniques and colors.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate should have at least a diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Interior design to apply for the position.

Interior design is a field in which one is responsible for designing aesthetically ordered spaces. Additionally, an interior designer helps to maintain balance and beauty to make the interior of a building look eye-catching. Come with me to explore the financial side of the interior designer, his responsibilities, and the salary structure of his position in detail.

Overview of Interior Designer Salary

The demand for interior designers is increasing in our country due to the new trends in businesses and markets. Highly expert interior designers design companies like MTV, Sanlam, and ShopRite headquarters to attract customers. The high demand for interior designers is not only benefiting young people to get employment but also increasing the salaries of designers.

The initial level salary of a designer after an internship is R17,316 and rises over time based on the years of experience. The highest recorded salary of an employee in a well-known firm is R50,616 per month; however, the average salary of an individual is about R33,191, and the median amount is R31,941 monthly. A rough estimate indicates that the interior designer’s salary is 26% more than the average salary of a citizen.


The average income of an interior designer surpasses the expectations of an individual. Still, most people do not know that these individuals also enjoy a list of extras, such as incentives, bonuses, and facilities. For example, an interior designer gets a reward after finishing a task before the due date, or he may earn a bonus by not taking leave throughout the entire month.

Sometimes, a company pays an amount to its employees after a year or six months if it achieves a significant milestone. Lastly, some organizations provide a list of facilities, such as free transportation, accommodation, meals, and healthcare services. A survey indicates that 52% of individuals get facilities while 48% of employees are deprived of extras.

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Salary Structure

The salary structure of an interior designer is not as complex as a position in a public institute. There are no complicated hierarchies of ranks, but the senior interior designer takes more from the company based on a few factors such as his experience, qualification, gender, and location. Additionally, some interior designers work independently in busy metropolitan cities.


Years of ExperienceMonthly Income in Rands
0-2 Years19,495
2-5 Years26,140
5-10 Years34,285
10-15 Years41,540
15-20 Years45,145
20+ Years47,685

The primary factor that shapes the economic framework of the interior designer is his years of experience. If an interior designer has more years of service than the other one, he is considered the senior and earns better. For example, the initial salary of an interior designer of 0 to 2 years is about R19,495, and after five years, his salary is R26,140, which increases by 34% between 2 and 5 years.

Furthermore, employees’ salaries with 5 to 10 years and 10 to 15 years of service rise by 30% and 21% respectively. The salary increment from 15 to 20 years is 9%, and after 20 years of service, it is 5%. As you can see, there is a pattern in the table: salary increases gradually between 0 and 2 years and a rapid change occurs between 5 and 15 years, then, the salary rises slowly.


The table below indicates that the salary rises based on an employee’s education. You can apply for the position of interior designer after finishing a diploma, or you can become a designer after completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s. The table indicates that a Bachelor’s degree holder earns 41% more than a diploma holder and a Master’s degree holder makes 21% more than a Bachelor’s.

Education LevelMonthly Income in Rands
Certificate or Diploma27,155
Bachelor’s Degree37,910
Bachelor’s Degree46,035

Other Factors

  • Gender: Sadly, South Africa’s constitution also contains primitive laws, such as gender inequality when it comes to paying women. A survey indicates that male interior designers earn more than their counterparts in the same sector. Statistics show that female workers take 8% less than their male colleagues.
  • Location: Another major factor that can shape your overall income of the month is the location or the company in which you work. For example, people working in large metropolitan areas such as Cape Town and Johannesburg make more than interior designers working in cities like Durban and Soweto.
  • Independent Interior Designers: People work independently in their offices rather than associating themselves with companies. You can find offices of interior designers in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These interior designers make money based on their experience and performance.
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Responsibilities of an Interior Designer


A primary task of an interior designer is to consult with the clients and gather information related to the site, the client’s expectations, and the possibilities that can affect the building’s interior design. He informs clients about the available resources and the factors that can make the design more attractive.

Planning & Development

Interior designing is not as simple as it seems because sometimes a professional requires assistance from other experts. He plans spaces and gathers resources to design. He uses multiple requirements or software to see suitable patterns, furniture placement, and spatial relations.

Color Coordination

Another important task of an interior designer is to choose the color. Color science is complicated to understand for ordinary people. Still, if you try to focus on why you like some places rather than others, you will realize that these places are painted with perfectly balanced and attention-seeking colors. An interior designer determines which color suits walls, ceilings, and other house parts.


How long does it take to become an interior designer in South Africa?

The required duration to become an interior designer is based on your chosen study program. However, the average duration to become an interior designer is three years.

Is interior design a promising career in South Africa?

Due to changing trends, interior design careers are in demand in South Africa.

Where in South Africa can you study interior design?

You can find a long list of universities for interior design, but Tshwane University of Technology is the most famous one.

Interior design is an emerging field in South Africa, providing young people with opportunities to earn a handsome amount and encouraging them to work hard. The income of interior designers surpasses our expectations, but we should also account for their tireless work in their jobs. Anyhow, I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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