Average Salary in South Africa

If you live in South Africa or are thinking of working in South Africa, having a rough idea of the average salary in South Africa is necessary to understand the economic diversity in different professions. In this article, we will discuss all the prominent professions that are in the workforce of the country and the salary ranges earned by them all.

Why jump from one webpage to another to find the average salary in South Africa when you are getting all the information in one place? So, read ahead if you are interested in understanding the average salary in South Africa based on the profession.

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What is the Average Salary in South Africa?

Estimating the average salaries in South Africa can’t be done without evaluating the economic diversity and salary ranges of all working citizens of South Africa. Whether you are collecting this information for personal reasons, writing a report, or a policymaker to address salary inequality, you will get all the information here. So, the average salary in South Africa is 31,100 ZAR per month or 374,000 ZAR per year.

However, the average salaries may differ depending on your profession, experience, location, etc. But on average, most of the South African salaries are R31,100 per month.

Average Salary in South Africa Based on Profession

Your profession is an important factor that determines your salary. Although factors like education, job level, experience, company, etc., also play a significant role in determining an individual’s salary, we will focus on different professions in South Africa and what is the average salary each profession gets in South Africa.

Medicine and Healthcare

Professionals related to the medical field are an important asset of any country, and this is why they are paid attractive salaries. All doctors, nurses, and general practitioners are paid well in South Africa. Their average salary in South Africa ranges from R 24 492 to R 60,000 depending on job type and job level.

Doctors can earn well in South Africa even if they are starting their careers. An entry-level doctor earns R 337500 easily, while an experienced doctor earns up to R 245 037 in a year.

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is another rewarding profession. With the rapid development, the demand for skilled IT specialists is increasing day by day.

IT professionals are serving in various fields, and their average salaries in South Africa are around R31 122 per month. Moreover, engineers make up to R 400,000 to R 600,000 per year in South Africa.


Teachers play an important role in shaping the future of children and the country. I am a teacher myself and have been serving my country for more than five years now. So, the average salary teachers or education sector employees get is around R250,000 to R400,000 per year.

Finance and Banking

Banks are the foundation of a country and play an essential role in managing the finances and the economic state of a company, industry, or country. So all those who are related to banks in any way and serving there get around R 200,000 to R 8 400,000 per year, depending upon the experience. However, the average annual salary of a banker in South Africa is R 1 438 077.

Retail and Hospitality

A good number of South Africans are related to the retail and hospitality sectors. From waiters to chefs to managing staff, you will observe a noticeable salary difference among all staff members. The higher team, like hotel managers, makes R179K/ year, while the average salary of waiters or waitresses is R 54k/ year.

Aviation Industry

If we look at the professionals and workers who are providing services in the aviation industry, the average salary here also varies with the job level and job type. However, the average salary in the aviation industry is approximately R 435,000 per year. The average base salary in this industry ranges between R 13,400 to R 22,700.

Have a look at the table below to understand the average salaries in South Africa better according to the profession. This table includes all the primary professions in South Africa.

Profession Average Monthly Salary in South Africa
Teacher R 22593
Engineer R 31 122
Nurse (Gov. & Private) R 33,428 & R 49,011
Medical Doctor R 60,001
Dentist R 35,000
Pharmacist R 45,000
Surgeon R 49,126
Neurosurgeon R 108,759
Cardiologist R 206149
Dermatologist R 187,830
Pediatrician R 15,000
Phlebotomist R 27,500
Physiotherapist R 57,400
Occupational Therapist R 32,292
Psychologist R 60,000
Flight Attendant R 16 500
Pilot R 20,000
Lawyer R 57,500
Chartered Accountant R 52 875
Cyber Security R 77 083
Labor R 26387
IT Specialist R 60,001
Traffic Police R 27,315
Police R 186,483
Correctional Services R 350,000
HR Manager R40,000
Real Estate Agent R 36,000
Mining Engineer R 37,500
Domestic Worker R 14,300
Fire Fighter R 102,534
Banker R 71,448
Supply Chain Manager R 173,703
Construction and Maintenance R 26 980
Digital Marketing Manager R 40,000
Architecture & Creative Arts R 41 778

Salary Levels in South Africa

The above table represents the salary distribution and variance between different professional workers. This salary difference is mainly because of the profession, job level, and other factors. Here is a list of factors that determine the salary level of a worker in South Africa.

  • Profession-specific salary
  • Geographical position of the workplace
  • Qualification
  • Work experience
  • Government policies


What is a decent salary in South Africa?

A decent salary is what lets you live a comfortable life without feeling any financial burden. Anyone who is earning R30,000 or more in South Africa is considered good.

What is the basic salary in South Africa?

As per 2023 reports, the basic salary of workers is increased to R 25.24 per hour.

Is 50000 Rand a good salary in South Africa?

Yes, R 50,000 is a good salary in South Africa, and you can have a good life if your gross income is R50,000 or more. Moreover, 45% of South African citizens earn up to R50,000 annually, which is why it is also close to the average salary in South Africa.

What is the average salary in South Africa in 2023?

The average salary in South Africa is R25 994/ month.

What is a low salary in South Africa?

Income disparities are pretty common and evident in South Africa. The minimum or lowest salary anyone gets in South Africa is R94 500/ month.


The economic condition of a country matters a lot in determining the salaries of the workers. The salaries in South Africa that are offered to the employees depend upon the profession, and this is why the average salary in South Africa varies from one profession to another. Understanding the economic condition, professional demand, and other important factors is necessary to earn a decent salary.

This article includes the average salaries in South Africa for all the primary professions. I am sure, after reading this article, the average salary each profession is getting in South Africa will be crystal clear to you. Thank you for being here.

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