Fire Fighter Salary in South Africa

Firefighting is an already-established profession with massive financial benefits for anyone with a matric degree. An average firefighter in South Africa earns approximately R102,534 per month.

Monthly Salary Range:R 28000 – R 181308
Average Monthly Salary:R 104654
Description:A firefighter responds to emergencies, drives firetrucks, and puts out fires using special equipment (fire extinguishers, water hoses, and pumps).
Minimum Qualification:To become a firefighter in South Africa, you must have a matric qualification with special mathematics and physical science.

Planning to enter Firefighting, yet don’t know about the market prospects? Here is a complete firefighter salary overview and professional duties. So, dive right in to learn more.

Fire Fighter Salary Overview

The average firefighter in South Africa earns around R102,534 per month, making it anywhere around R631 per hour. Entry-level positions have their salaries starting from R28000 and going up to R181,308, making it an above-average job in the country. To become a firefighter, you must have a national matric certificate with special mathematics and physical sciences.

Salary Structure

The firefighter industry has a distinct level of seniority between employees, and as you progress between these ranks, the financial prospects get better. Here is everything you need to know about the salary structure of firefighters in South Africa.

  • Probationary Firefighters are entry-level firefighters who are set for probations for anywhere between six months to one year.
  • Firefighters are transferred to a permanent position once they complete their probationary period. Once they progress to this position, their salary package gets better.
  • Drivers or fire engineers are responsible for allocating firefighting vehicles for emergencies.
  • The Lieutenant comes after the driver and is responsible for the crew operations on the field. They are also set for candidate training and firehouse operations.
  • Captain is the highest rank on the scene. Aside from other station duties, he is mainly responsible for directing operations at the fire incident scene.
  • The Battalion Chief is responsible for budgeting, employee scheduling, and emergency staff.

Professional Responsibilities of Firefighters

For the most part, firefighters respond to emergency fires and accidents with risks to someone’s life and property. Full-time firefighters are responsible for protecting public emergencies, making calls, getting assistance from the fire department, and undertaking rescue operations. Here are some professional responsibilities of firefighters.

  • Using firefighting equipment and rescue gear, including vehicles, water pumps, and water tanks.
  • Maintaining the condition of firefighting equipment between frequent uses.
  • Performing practice drills under supervision
  • Instilling necessary practices among office workers
  • Working with other front responders like police and ambulance service personnel.
  • Undertaking necessary firefighting training (physical and academic training).
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What is the highest salary of a firefighter in South Africa?

A specialist firefighter in South Africa is anywhere around R181,308 per month.

How much do firefighters get paid in South Africa?

An average firefighter in South Africa is anywhere around R102,534 every month.

Is Firefighting in demand in South Africa?

Firefighters are in high demand worldwide, let alone in South Africa. Typically, they have an above-average salary in South Africa.

What is the lowest salary of a firefighter in South Africa?

The lowest salary of a firefighter in South Africa is anywhere around R28,000.

Do you need a bachelor’s degree to become a firefighter in South Africa?

No, you do not necessarily need an undergraduate diploma to become a firefighter in South Africa. All you need is a matric diploma with special mathematics and physical sciences.

In essence, Firefighting is a renowned field for anyone planning to enter. It has numerous financial perks and prospects for growth and doesn’t require an undergraduate diploma. I hope this guide has given you valuable insights into a firefighter’s salary.

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