Nurse Salary in South Africa in Rands

Nursing is a popular profession in the healthcare sector aimed at providing treatment and care to individuals and their family members or communities to promote recovery and maintain optimal health. Nurses undoubtedly perform a significant role in the health care system. Besides offering treatments, they also offer emotional support and education to patients.

Monthly Salary Range:R 20000 – R 201820
Average Monthly Salary:R 110910
Description:Nurses are responsible for providing care to patients, administering treatments, and supporting doctors in their medical duties.
Minimum Qualification:To become a nurse in South Africa, you require a Diploma in Nursing. You can also choose to further your education and attain a Bachelor’s degree in nursing (Bachelor of Nursing, four-year program). Moreover, you can also opt for a Senior Certificate in Nursing, a shorter course compared to a diploma or degree.

So, how much do these nurses, a vital part of the healthcare system, earn in South Africa to justify their indispensable role? Understanding the salary structure for the nursing profession is necessary for those planning to pursue this field. This guide will provide details regarding the compensation packages of nurses and their responsibilities.

If you are planning to pursue a career in the nursing profession, then you can expect to earn R110,910 per month (average). In addition, keep in mind that nurse salaries can vary significantly across South Africa due to location, experience level, and qualifications.


The nurses can expect to receive bonuses besides their fixed salary. Nurses do receive bonuses; however, they fall under the category of jobs with low-bonus potential because their role is often less directly tied to revenue generation. Positions that are connected to revenue generation are more likely to receive a higher bonus.

Salary Structure

The nursing profession has various ranks, and as the nurses progress through the ranks, their income steadily increases. The following are the ranks of nurses and their corresponding salaries;

Career LevelsSalaries
Enrolled NurseR184,800 per year
Registered NurseR316,800 per year
Head NurseR701,294 per year

The nurse’s salary largely depends on their experience level and academic background. Staff nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree average monthly salary is R21,600, whereas an individual with a Master’s degree earns a salary of R30,000 per month, which is considered 39% higher than those with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Government Nurse and Professional Nurse Salary in South Africa

Professional nurses in South Africa earn an average salary of approximately R341,620 per year. In addition, the estimated total income for a Registered Nurse working in the South African government is R33,428 per month.

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Another factor that determines salary is gender. Females in the nursing profession earn significantly more than their male co-workers. On average, a female nurse earns 7% more than a male nurse.

Responsibilities of Nurse

Nurses are significant members of the healthcare system and have a wide range of responsibilities. The list of responsibilities is as follows:

Providing Care for Patients

Nurses are responsible for assessing the physical and mental health of patients to develop a detailed care plan. In addition to developing a care plan, they also provide basic wound care, dress wounds, and change bandages.

Administer Medicines

Nurses also administer prescribed medicines to the patients and also monitor them for any side effects and reactions. Moreover, they also administer multiple medical treatments or therapies as per the order of physicians.

Maintain Records

Nurses record details of the patient’s medical history and also their symptoms. They also manage records of patient’s assessment and treatment outcomes.

How much does a professional nurse earn per month in South Africa?

Professional nurses, due to their years of experience, receive a significantly higher salary compared to their less experienced counterparts. A professional nurse earns approximately R28,470 per month (average).

Which city in South Africa pays nurses the most?

Major cities, including Johannesburg and Gauteng, offer significantly higher salaries due to the high cost of living and substantial demand. They offer R31,873 per month.

What is a nurse’s salary in South Africa per month?

The average salary of a nurse in South Africa is about R27,500 per month and R330,000 per year. However, nurse income may vary across South Africa due to their level of experience, qualifications, and location.

In conclusion, nurses are important members of the healthcare community, offering significant services, such as treatment, health monitoring, and compassionate care to patients. The average salary of a nurse in South Africa is about R27,500 per month. As nurses progress through the ranks, their salaries will also increase.

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