How to Save Money From Salary in South Africa

You’re probably scrolling through this article because you’ve become salaried. Saving may seem very easy, but it is one of the most complex tasks. Training to save money from salaries should be normalized because it’s as important as earning.

I got you covered in the article if you’re new to getting monthly paychecks. The simple ideas/tips below can help save money. You can use the funds to achieve goals in the future.

How to Save Money From Salary?

Everyone tells you to earn money when you grow up, but no one helps you develop a saving skill. Newly employed people must have skills and tools that help save money. A salaried employee has to learn to save when he gets his pay consistently.

Saving might seem easy, but people usually put it off until the next paycheck. Stay aware of this trap and scroll down to learn some tips. This money can help you get a house or dream car in a few years.

Ideas/Tips to Save Money

Budget Your Paycheck

The most important thing is to plan your spending when you start getting a paycheck. Planning your budget and spending accordingly can help save a lot of money. Track down all your expenses and write them down.

You can use a notebook or budgeting tools available online. Some people prefer opening a savings account in the bank where all the savings money goes. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun or eat out.

Reduce Your Spending

If you fail to save money every month, start by reducing your spending. Record your monthly expenses and cut them down slowly. Stop spending on unnecessary things that are not needed.

If you shop every month, reduce it to every two months or wait for seasonal sales or deals. You can also stop eating out and prefer home-cooked meals. Moreover, you should not overspend on entertainment options and go for community events.


Investing in suitable instruments can help double your savings in no time. The investments come with risks but are worth taking sometimes. Stock markets or mutual funds are great options for investment.

Depending on your preference, you can also invest in corporate bonds or gold. Hence, it is an excellent way of saving for future endeavors.

Avoid Fancy Purchases

Impulsive buying decisions often end with regret. Most consumers spend money on fancy things that they may not need. They just get attracted to that one thing and go off their budget.

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A great example is purchasing a new model of the car when the old one was meeting your requirements. Hence, one should be considerate about the purchases they make.


A brief yet interesting article is written on how to save money so people can start making mindful purchases. Saving may seem easy, but it is challenging.

You may keep dragging it to the next month, but that never comes. The information helps take you from planning to the implementation phase.

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