How to Ask for a Salary Increase in South Africa

Do you feel nervous or anxious to ask for a salary raise at work? Most people work for hours but feel awkward by bringing up this conversation. It’s ridiculous how they work for hours but are underpaid.

You are at the right place if you feel like getting a raise but need to be more confident. The information below will help build your case that can increase your paycheck. I am sure you’ll overcome your fear and speak for yourself.

How to Ask for a Salary Increase?

Most people, including myself, cringe at asking for a pay raise. People have gone their entire careers without asking for an increase in their monthly salary. They feel awkward and greedy and think they are asking for a favor.

The majority of the employees underestimate themselves. They feel scared and never speak up, even if they deserve a raise. Today’s discussion concerns people who want a salary increase but cannot speak.

The information guides you in asking for a raise in the most appropriate way. All the tips can help you have the confidence that you’ll need to talk to your company’s boss.

Things to Do Before Asking for a Salary Increase

Research and preparation are two things that can help you when asking for a salary increase. Consider the following steps before you prepare for a conversation with your boss.

  • Prepare a list of accomplishments you’ve had in the past year. Mention all the recent milestones you’ve achieved that have positively impacted the company.
  • You can mention all the positive customer reviews after your achievements. This can help build a case when you ask for a raise.
  • If you’ve recently completed any training or certifications, mention them.
  • Make your LinkedIn profile and see if you get offers. It will help estimate the salary other employers are willing to pay for your position.
  • Be specific when you talk. The employer should know what you are requesting. Mention the allowances or benefits that you expect other than the raise.


Asking for an Increase is Normal

Many employees feel scared or nervous when they ask for a salary increase. It is essential to know that asking for a raise is entirely normal. You can have a conversation with your manager first.

The managers always deal with salaries and promotions, so this will feel normal to him. You have less or no risk when having a conversation with your manager.

Asking for compensation, raises, or promotions is quite normal. Hence, asking for a raise or increase isn’t a favor or a gift; it gives employees work value and makes them feel worthy.

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Choose the Time Right to Ask

Choosing the right time to have this conversation is essential. Your manager or boss is also a human with emotion, so you should be thoughtful about the timing. Having this conversation on a day when your boss seems to be pleased with your work is essential.

Never initiate a conversation when the manager or boss is tense or has a meeting with an important client. Hence, paying attention to the workplace’s environment is essential when discussing a salary increase.

List Your Recent Accomplishments

List all your recent achievements/accomplishments that have positively impacted the company. You can state numbers or prove your point with statistics. Emphasizing the efforts you’ve been making for the company can be helpful.

The manager or the boss will think of you as a loyal employee. They undoubtedly will trust you with further projects and increase your salary.

Be Confident

Being confident and bold enough to ask for a salary raise would be best. As a hard-working and committed employee, you shouldn’t feel nervous or scared. You have the evidence of what you’ve done for the company.

Nothing should hold you back during the conversation. Be confident and ask for the raise, and if your request is accepted, continue working hard for yourself and the company.

Know the Company’s Budget Cycle

Different companies have different budgets depending on their revenues. Some employers give raises once a year, whereas others prefer once every three years. You should know your company’s budget cycle and fiscal year.

Initiate the conversation with your boss a few months before the process begins. The boss will have you in mind when decisions are made.

Let Your Boss Know About His Benefit

Your boss doesn’t know your expenses or mortgage payments. You’ll have to tell him what benefits the company will get if they keep you. Prepare a strategy to help fulfill future projects or commitments so your boss has no option but to increase your salary.

How Much Increase Should You Ask for?

The average pay raise in most countries is around 3%. When you discuss a salary increase with your boss, a raise of 3% to 5% would be enough. This is an estimated percentage but can vary depending on the last time your salary was increased.

You can ask for more if your salary has stayed the same for 2 to 3 years. Please make sure you deserve the amount you’re asking for.

What to Say If the Answer is a No?

You should not always expect a “Yes” when you ask for an increase. There can be situations when the boss says “No” or “Maybe.” Do not get disappointed and ask when you can check back or what you should do to deserve an increase.

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How do you politely ask for a salary increase?

You can write a letter requesting an increase or talk directly with your boss or manager. Build your case by stating all the achievements and contributions to the company.

What is the best wording to ask for a raise?

You can build your case by stating all your accomplishments that had a good impact on the company. Tell your boss about the benefits he can have by retaining you.

Will I get fired if I ask for a raise?

Companies with good policies refrain from firing their employees when they ask for raises. They care for the employee’s needs and ensure they get enough salary.


An interesting article on asking for a salary increase is written to guide employees who feel nervous. The information is helpful for every employee who wishes to get a raise but needs to be more confident.

You can ask your manager or the boss directly and request an increase. The tips will help you get a raise this year.

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