Radiography Salary in South Africa

Radiography salary is indeed a very common curiosity amongst folks. With such unrealistically high merits and competition in the field of medicine, it is nearly impossible to become a doctor. However, donโ€™t lose hope just yet because there are a few supporting medical fields that will align you with the doctors and let you work side by side with them, such as radiography.

Monthly Salary Range:R 30000 – R 147950
Average Monthly Salary:R 88975
Description:Radiographers are Allied health professionals who help and assist doctors in diagnosing medical conditions and diseases by taking X-rays. They are also qualified to take other medical images that might be required for the medical diagnosis of various health conditions.
Minimum Qualification:A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification, with a D symbol at Standard Grade or an E symbol at Higher Grade for English, Mathematics, Physical Science and Biology or Physiology.

So, in the following article, you will get a complete overview of radiography salary. In addition to that, I will also enlighten you all about the roles and responsibilities of a radiographer. So, for further details, I suggest you read the following article.

Overview of a Radiography Salary

Radiography is indeed an excellent career in South Africa. It is a respectable job that allows you to work closely alongside doctors. You will be assisting them and helping them in diagnosing various abnormalities and medical conditions by expertly taking X-rays and other medical pictures of targeted body parts of the patients.

It also requires a certain level of qualification in order to become a successful and licensed radiographer. These qualifications include a Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification, with a D symbol at Standard Grade or an E symbol at a Higher Grade for English, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Biology or Physiology.

You can also expect to get paid sufficiently for your services. In fact, you will receive an average salary of R 88,975 on a yearly basis. Your actual salary could be much higher or lower, depending on your experience and skills.

Responsibilities of Radiographers

1. Use Medical Equipment Efficiently and Effectively

It is the foremost duty of a radiographer to learn how to efficiently and effectively use the medical equipment. Running these machines can be tricky and highly technical. Radiographers often take courses solely on how to operate these machines.

The greater the grip a radiographer has over the medical equipment, the more experienced he is considered, and vice versa. So, learning how to use various kinds of medical equipment is always on the priority list of fresh radiographers.

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2. Take Targeted X-rays of Specific Body Parts

It is also the duty of radiographers to take targeted X-rays and medical images of injured body parts. They judge the injury and then place the body part under the machine in such a way that they get the best images. By the best image, I mean an image that shows the injury right to the eye at first glance.

3. Analyze the X-rays and Report to the Doctors

Radiographers not only take the X-rays, but they also study the images and perform a detailed analysis of them. Once their analysis is complete, they create a report for the doctors so that the diagnostics and treatment of the patient can continue in a timely manner.


Is radiography a difficult field?

Yes, radiography is indeed a very tough field. This is because you will be operating various different kinds of medical equipment all day long and writing up reports for the medical practitioners to understand the conditions of the patients. So, you will have to be familiar with quite a lot of technical medical jargon.

Are Radiographers paid fairly?

Yes, radiographers are paid handsomely in South Africa. In fact, the average salary of a fresh radiographer is about R 88,975.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that radiography is a highly respectable and technical job that will definitely earn you quite a lot of money. It is a field that requires you to familiarize yourself with the technical workings of medical equipment and technical jargon. You will be assisting and helping the medical practitioners in diagnosing and treating patients hand in hand.

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