Architect Salary in South Africa in Rands

Do you often wonder how much architects are paid the people who can transform a cottage into an exceptional villa with the help of their vision? An architect is the person who designs, gathers essential details related to the place, and transforms it into a completely different haven. For the past few years, the field has been growing in South Africa as the trend of long-standing and attractive buildings is in the market.

Monthly Salary Range:R 32700 – R 762000
Average Monthly Salary:R 397350
Description:An architect is the person who is responsible for designing the structure, planning the buildings, and focusing on the essential tools required for the construction with the help of creative and technical expertise.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required for the architecture job is graduation in Architecture. Then, one should receive approval from the South African Council of Architecture for practice.

The new trends also bring new jobs, that’s why architecture experts are increasing day by day. According to a report, their demand will increase in the future, and their salaries are expected to jump. So come with me to understand the ranking system, their duties, and how much an architect makes per month.

Overview of Architect Salary

The value of attractive architectural designs is increasing day by day in South Africa because of the new trends in the business. In the past, people did not focus on the designs of buildings, but now, it is an essential part of business as the building design that can leave a good impression on the minds of the clients can help grow the business. Therefore, more architecture jobs are emerging in the city.

When it comes to the salary of an architect, he earns R32,700 in the beginning, which is far better than a list of professions in South Africa. The average income of an architect is R544,350. Well, the salary is based on a list of factors in which the organization you work for, city, and experience matter a lot.


The extra income is the bonuses or allowances given by the employer to the architect. Like all other occupations, they also have extras in which bonuses are the major ones. The bonuses are given when one finishes the project before the due date, or the performance is far better than the expectations of the employer.

The commission is also another way to gather money; the majority of the independent architects who are not associated with any organization work on the commission. Employed architects have health insurance, they can get treatment of millions of rands for free, and they receive travel allowances and free accommodations.

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Salary Structure

LevelMonthly Salary (R)
Entry levelR32,700

The salary of the worker not only depends on the level of experience but also on the city. For example, in Cape Town, architects receive more salary as compared to Pretoria and Sandton. The salary is also based on the private and government sectors; the private organizations pay more, and an independent architect charges according to his wish.

Responsibilities of Architect

  1. Design & development: The first task is to visit the site and gather all the initial information related to the site, then gather the planning details of the client. Once you have done the initial work, then design it on paper.
  2. Site Analysis: After design, make sure that the site can take the burden of your design. For example, if you are building a hotel near the sea, then focus on the challenges it might face and change the design accordingly.
  3. Blueprints: Once you have done the job, create more detailed drawings and present your plan to the owner.
  4. Educate: Now provide information to the owner about what he needs to build the design, such as machines and technology.

Are architects in demand in South Africa?

Yes, architects are in demand in South Africa because of the new trends in business and building construction.

Who is the most famous architect in South Africa?

The famous architect in South Africa is Sir Herbert Baker FRIBA RA.

Architecture is a magic through which you can change a simple-looking building into the most attractive in the city. Whether you are a fan of brutalism or like minimalistic architecture, the approaches can change the perception of the viewer. It is an extremely difficult field, so architects cost thousands of rands per project.

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