Anesthesiologist Salary in South Africa

Medical doctors who are responsible for providing anesthesia and pain relief to patients during medical procedures are known as anesthesiologists. Their role in the healthcare system is indispensable, ensuring patient comfort throughout surgery. So, how much does an anesthesiologist make in South Africa?

Monthly Salary Range:R 11916 – R 416666.6
Average Monthly Salary:R 214291.3
Description:Anesthesiologist refers to a medical specialist who is concerned with comprehensive patient care throughout the whole surgical procedure. They typically provide and supervise the administration of local, regional, or general anesthesia, as well as sedation, before, during, or after medical procedures.
Minimum Qualification:Becoming an anesthesiologist in South Africa requires completing an undergraduate degree in medicine and undergoing a two-year hospital internship. Afterward, a four-year anesthesia residency program must be completed, and then the individual will become eligible to take a certified exam to become a licensed anesthetist.

These medical specialist’s salary can vary significantly based on regions, level of qualification, experience level, and additional skills. Equipping yourself with the knowledge regarding anesthesiologists’ compensation package, qualifications, and responsibilities is necessary if you are planning to join this industry.

Becoming an anesthesiologist in South Africa is a long process, and it takes about twelve or more to become a licensed anesthetist. If you are planning to pursue a career in this medical profession, then you can expect to earn an average monthly income of about R214,291. However, keep in mind that the salary in South Africa may vary due to the location, educational background, and experience level.


Anesthesiologists often receive a fixed base salary, and their income tends to increase as they advance in their careers. Besides the main income, they also receive multiple benefits, including transportation, housing, and bonuses.

The bonus anesthesiologists receive ranges between R5k and R868k. The exact amount depends on the individual’s performance, experience, healthcare policies, and other elements.

Salary Structure

The salary of the anesthesiologists will increase as they gain experience and advance in their careers. In addition, pursuing further specialization within the field can lead to higher earning potential. The following is the list of anesthesiologists’ salaries at different career levels:

LevelsEstimated Salaries
Entry-Level PositionR143,000 per year
ProfessionalsR3,544,875 per year

The average salary of anesthesiologists in South Africa is approximately R1,808,026 per year. The salary can vary in terms of location. For example, major cities, including Johannesburg and Durban, offer higher salaries compared to those in smaller towns or rural areas.

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Cities (South Africa)Estimated Salary
Port ElizabethRR2,145K

Gender is also another factor that determines the salary of anesthesiologists. Male anesthesiologists earn an average income of about R1,296,900; on the other hand, women anesthesiologists earn approximately R1,198,300. This implies that men earn 8% more than their female counterparts.

Responsibilities of Anesthesiologists

What do anesthesiologists do? What are their main responsibilities? The following are the duties that anesthesiologists perform:

Providing Sedation & Anesthesia

Anesthesiologists’ main purpose is to provide local, regional, or general anesthesia to patients to let them experience painless surgical procedures. Furthermore, they also provide effective pain management techniques to ensure patient remain comfortable after their medical procedures.

Developing Care Plans & Monitoring

They also develop a care plan to ensure that the patient is comfortable and stable during the medical procedures. In addition to this, anesthesiologists monitor the vital signs of the patients, including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, etc., to make adjustments to anesthesia as needed.

How much do anesthesiologists make in South Africa?

The average income of anesthesiologists in South Africa is estimated to be R1,198,300 per year. However, the income can vary significantly due to the location, qualification level, and experience of the anesthesiologist.

Which city provides the highest anesthesiologist salary in South Africa?

Anesthesiologists’ salary also depends upon location. In major cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town, where demand is higher, salaries tend to be higher compared to rural regions. An anesthesiologist in Johannesburg earns an average salary of approximately R3,341K, while their counterpart in Witbank receives an average income of R2,083K.

To sum up, anesthesiologists is a medical profession that focuses on providing anesthesia and pain relief to patients during surgical procedures. The average income of anesthesiologists in South Africa amounts to R1,198,300 per year. However, keep in mind that the salary may vary across South Africa due to the location and other factors, including the qualification and experience level of the anesthesiologist.

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