Fidelity Security Salary in South Africa

Fidelity Security Group is a leading integrated security provider in South Africa verified by PSiRA. An average security officer at the company earns approximately R12,500 per month. Each year, the company recruits individuals for different job posts.

Occupation:Security Services (Commander, Site Manager, Operation Manager, Security Guard, Security Officer Armed, Security Supervisor, Security Manager)
Monthly Salary Range:R 6200 – R 133000
Average Monthly Salary:R 69600
Description:Fidelity Service Group is one of the leading integrated security providers in South Africa. It offers services like estate security, cash solutions, voice stress, etc.
Minimum Qualification:Diploma Certificate with special training.

Are you planning to apply for a job listing? Want to know more about how fidelity security salary is decided? Keep on reading.

Fidelity Security Salary Overview

To get recruited by the Fidelity Security Group, you must have a diploma or high-school certificate with special training specific to that job. An average security employee earns around R12,500 monthly, around R150,000 per year. That said, different job posts at the company offer different pay brackets, discussed below.

Salary Structure

Fidelity Security Group recruits for several positions each year, much of which is determined by the person’s expertise and experience level. Typically, people from lower ranks are promoted to higher ranks depending on their performance. They also recruit externally, which means anyone can apply for a job at the company as long as they satisfy the requirements.

Now, speaking of a hierarchy, the company follows a top-down hierarchy with several positions. Let us break down each position and see how each is paid.

Job PositionSalary RangeAverage Salary
CommanderR6,200 – R19,000R12,500
Site ManagerR8,000 – R24,000R16,000
Operation ManagerR9,100 – R28,000R18,250
Security GuardR16,000 – R27,000R20,000
Security Officer Armed/ Surveillance OperatorR17,000 – R28,000R22,000
Security SupervisorR18,000 – R31,000R24,000
Security ManagerR28,000 – R133,000R51,000


Gender is a factor that matters a lot when deciding the salaries of security officials at Fidelity Security Group. According to popular statistics, the age gap between male and female employees at the company is around 9.4%. Four out of five male employees are paid more than their female workers.

Please note that some rare cases exist where women may earn more than men, depending on their stature, expertise, and education.

Responsibilities of a Fidelity Security Employee

As discussed above, Fidelity Security Group has several security positions for employees. Hence, each position has a dedicated set of requirements, training, and jobs. Let us break down some of them so you have a better idea about the nature of the job.

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Surveillance Operator

The surveillance operator at Fidelity Security Services is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring the security of the clients.
  • Observing the client’s activities to identify their problems and compile the proper evidence for an effective strategy.
  • Maintaining the operating surveillance equipment.

Security Manager

The security manager at Fidelity Security Services is responsible for;

  • Dealing with and maintaining high-level security issues.
  • Hiring and training new individuals into the company’s security operations.
  • Budgeting security tools, technology, and systems to ensure everything works smoothly.

Site Manager

The site manager at Fidelity Security Services is responsible for;

  • Managing the site operations.
  • Developing and making sure the policies and procedures are correctly followed.
  • Managing the expenses on the site.
  • Preparing the budget for the site operations.

Operation Manager

The operational manager at Fidelity Security Services is responsible for;

  • Developing and maintaining relations between the clients and the company (Security services).
  • Making sure the client is satisfied and content with the services provided.
  • Formulation, distribution, and communication security goals (daily, weekly, and monthly) with clients, keeping their security preferences in mind.


What is the basic salary for a security employee at Fidelity?

An entry-level security employee at Fidelity Security Group earns around R6,200 per month.

How much does an average worker earn at Fidelity South Africa?

An average worker earns around R12,500 at Fidelity South Africa.

Do you need a degree to work at Fidelity Services?

Well, that depends on the job you are applying for. That said, you do not require a degree to work as a security official at Fidelity. They train you through a particular program.

What is the highest salary paid to a Fidelity Security employee?

The highest salary paid to a Fidelity security official is around R133,000 per month.

How much does a security guard earn at Fidelity Security Group?

An average security guard at Fidelity Security Group earns approximately R20,000 per month.

Fidelity Security Group recruits for several positions each year. The security officers at the company are paid handsomely, along with fringe benefits like accommodation and travel allowances. I hope this guide has been helpful for anyone planning to join the company.

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