Artisan Salary in South Africa

An artisan is a skilled and creative craftsperson who crafts handmade products using traditional methods. They are undoubtedly skilled workers who use their hands for their jobs. So, the question is, how much do they earn from their skills and creativity?

Monthly Salary Range:R 20000 – R 300000
Average Monthly Salary:R 160000
Description:Artisans are skilled professionals who use their hands to create unique and distinctive handcraft items. They are commonly found in professions that require hands-on expertise and a focus on traditional or creative techniques.
Minimum Qualification:To become an artisan in South Africa, you can choose different paths to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Artisans must undergo a 4-year apprenticeship program provided by organizations accredited as Experiential Training Workplaces. During the four years, apprentices must successfully finish their theoretical and practical training under the mentorship of an experienced guide. In addition, upon passing phase tests, the apprentice must take the final Trade Test. After successfully going through these steps, you can qualify as a certified artisan. Moreover, to become an artisan, you can either go to TVET College, submit an application to join a learnership program, or become an apprentice.

In this guide, I will explore the average salary of artisans in the South African job market and highlight their responsibilities. Therefore, please continue reading to find the artisan’s salary structure and their duties.

Overview of Artisan Salary

Artisan salaries depend on their performance, experience, reputation, skill level, and the sector they work in. In South Africa, the average monthly wage of an artisan is approximately R160,000. However, this is an estimated figure, and the exact salary may vary due to the abovementioned factors.


Do artisan earn an extra income aside from their salary? Well, yes; however, it depends on their industry and individual employment contracts. Furthermore, in some cases, artisans may receive performance-based bonuses, year-end bonuses, or other incentives as part of their overall compensation package.

Salary Structure

The exact salary of an artisan can be challenging to determine because it depends on various factors, such as the demand for their craft, their level of expertise, industry standards, and their employer’s policy. In addition, artisans may work independently or be a part of small workshops or communities. The annual salary for artisans in South Africa is estimated to be R360,000, equivalent to approximately R185 per hour.

Artisans with a few years of experience receive a salary of approximately R240,000 per year, while professionals with years of experience and a high level of expertise earn an income of R3,600,000 per year. Wages of artisans based on their experience level are as follows:

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Experience LevelSalaries
Starter positionR240,000 Per Year
MedianR360,000 Per Year
ProfessionalR3,600,000 Per Year

Responsibilities of Artisan

Artisans are skilled individuals widely known for their amazing craftsmanship and expertise in woodworking, pottery, and more. They add a unique touch to their creations, crafting distinctive and highly sought-after products that mesmerize customers. Artisans have multiple responsibilities, and some of them are as follows:

Crafting & Designing

Artisans create and produce crafts and products based on client preferences. Moreover, they must use appropriate materials for their work, considering durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Using Machinery

Artisans must know how to use machinery and other tools to create crafts. This enables them to craft their creation with precision skilfully.

Collaboration and Quality Control

It is one of the duty of artisans to collaborate with clients to understand project needs and offer recommendations. In addition, they must ensure the quality and precision of work through careful examination and adherence to standards.

Furthermore, artisans must also adhere to safety protocols to avoid errors while working. They must also keep the workplace orderly and well-maintained.


How much is an artisan paid in South Africa?

The average annual income of an artisan in South Africa is approximately R360,000. Artisans with little experience earn R240,000, while those with rich experience receive R3,600,000 annually.

Artisans are exceptional craftsmen who create excellent handicrafts using their creativity and honed skills, presenting a remarkable blend of talent and craftsmanship. At the initial phase of their career, artisans receive about R20,000 per month. With accumulated experience and expertise, their salary can increase, potentially reaching up to R300,000 per month.

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