Pharmacist Assistant Salary in South Africa

Taking a complete overview of a Pharmacist’s salary is indeed a very important step before you even decide to pursue this career. You must know everything about this particular field so that you will know exactly what to expect from it once you get yourself into it. I know how scary it can be to decide on a particular field, especially when you are fresh out of high school.

Occupation:Pharmacist’s Assistant
Monthly Salary Range:R 17500 – R 66000
Average Monthly Salary:R 41750
Description:A Pharmacist’s assistant is supposed to do all the clerical work for the Pharmacist, including running the cash register, handling all transactions, whether online or in cash, taking phone calls for the Pharmacist, and all other little important things. Other than that, he may also help the Pharmacist prepare and sell drugs to local customers.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification for a Pharmacist assistant includes matriculation with English, Maths, and Natural Sciences. Other than that, he must also take a Pharmacist Assistant course that is registered and regulated by SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council) at both basic NQF Level 3 as well as post-basic NQF Level 4.

However, do not worry because I have a perfect career recommendation for you, i.e., Pharmacist Assistant. It does not have very strict educational requirements, nor does it have very stringent job responsibilities. For further details, I suggest you read the following complete article.

Overview of Pharmacist Assistant Salary

Being a pharmacist assistant in South Africa is a gratifying career, and you should pursue it since it does not have any strict qualification requirements either. It pays well too; you will make an average of 41,750 Rands per month. However, this average figure is based on various salary figures obtained from multiple people, so it means that it is just an estimate and may vary from person to person.

In any case, the minimum qualification requirements for a Pharmacist Assistant include matriculation with English, Maths, and Natural Sciences. Plus, he must also take a Pharmacist Assistant course that is registered and regulated by SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council) at both basic NQF Level 3 as well as post-basic NQF Level 4.


Sales Commission

A pharmacist assistant may earn a sales commission for all the sales that he makes. It all depends upon the arrangement that he has with the Pharmacist under whom he is working. A percentage or an increment is decided between the Pharmacist and his assistant, and any sales he makes will contribute to the commission that the assistant gets at the end of the month or the year.

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Responsibilities of a Pharmacist Assistant

1. Maintain a Cash Register

It is the foremost duty of a Pharmacist assistant to operate and maintain a cash register. They make entries for all the cash transactions in the cash register and also maintain records of all the online transactions in the same register. So, whenever someone purchases drugs from the pharmacy, the assistant makes an entry in the register right there and then.

2. Answering Phone Calls and Providing Assistance

A pharmacist’s assistant also must make and receive all the phone calls on behalf of the Pharmacist. He is supposed to make all call arrangements and give advice to potential customers or matters relating to medication and drugs. Some customers might call to get information relating to the availability of certain medicines, which the assistant is supposed to answer.

3. Maintaining Inventory of Medications and Supplies

It’s also up to the Pharmacist’s assistant to maintain a certain threshold of inventory of drugs and supplies. They are supposed to reorder medication and supplies if the stocks fall below the threshold. Other than that, they are also responsible for maintaining the shelves and keeping the medication supplies in the correct order so that the things wouldn’t have to be shuffled around too much when a customer requests a certain medicine.


What is the role of a Pharmacist assistant?

The job description of a pharmacist assistant is not extremely stringent. It only includes making or receiving a few phone calls a day on behalf of the Pharmacist from customers and potential customers. Other than that, he is also supposed to maintain a cash register and record all the online transactions.

He may also be required to dispatch parcels for online orders. Plus, he is also responsible for maintaining a specific inventory of medication and decorating the shelves in proper order.

Does a Pharmacist assistant make a lot of money?

A pharmacist assistant makes a decent amount of money every month. The starting pay for a fresh assistant with zero experience lies at R 17,500. You will start earning more as your skills, expertise, and experience increase over time.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the career of a pharmacist assistant is indeed highly rewarding in South Africa. It pays exceptionally well for the meager job responsibilities that the person would have to shoulder being an assistant to a pharmacist.

A fresh pharmacist assistant with zero experience can make up to R 17,500 per month. This figure is enhanced with age and experience.

The job responsibilities of a pharmacist assistant include maintaining and updating a cash register, recording all online transactions on a timely basis, answering phone calls and queries of customers and potential customers, and maintaining the inventory of medications and supplies. For all these small tasks, they are paid all too well!

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