Bheki Cele’s Salary per Month and Net Worth in Rands

Bheki Cele is a prominent personality in South African politics, making him an object of constant speculation among the public. Currently, his public net worth is anywhere around R37,694,760. Despite having a massive income, he has been discreet about his income sources and luxury assets.

This, along with corruption scandals, makes the public discuss his professional and personal life. Are you interested in knowing more about Bheki Cele’s salary? Keep on reading.

Overview of Bheki Cele & His Salary

Name:Bhekokwakhe Bheki Hamilton Cele
Date of Birth:22/04/1952
Profession:South African Minister of Police and Politician

Bheki Cele is an active South African politician, serving as the Minister of Police since February 2018. He has held significant positions in the African National Congress and government ever since 1994 when he first started his political career. Over the years, the politician has managed to build an estimated net worth of R37,694,760, much of which is accredited to his political activities.

Bheki Cele’s Career as a South African Politician

Like any other politician, Bheki Cele has been a part of several controversies, which is why he has made his income sources partly discrete from the public. Also, the government does not publicly disclose how much the higher officials make their money. That said, most of his income comes from political and government positions, so let us check them out.

  • Bheki Cele has always held significant government positions, including minister, commissioner, deputy commissioner, etc. Hence, one of his income sources is the salary that comes from these positions.
  • Bheki is also a member of the ANC (African National Congress). Hence, he enjoys all the perks ANC members are allocated aside from his parliamentary salary.
  • Bheki Cele has been a significant part of the party campaigns. From here, he also receives compensation.
  • Moreover, Bheki Cele has also earned notably from attending public gatherings and giving speeches.

Bheki Cele’s Assets

Like his income sources, Bheki Cele has also been discreet about his spending and assets. Despite being a media personality, you will hardly see him disclosing assets or wearing luxury items. That said, here is what we managed to bring to you about Cele’s spending.

  • Cele has bought a new home in Pretoria worth R4.2 million. According to the Sunday Times, the government spent all the money for the house to give it to General Bheki Cele after he rejected his official residence. The house’s original worth was R3 million, and the remaining R1.2 million was spent on luxury furnishings, like the gym and braai-area daybed.
  • Recently, Cele has been in the limelight for his controversial investment in the World Cup trip to France. For this, the police Minister spent R446,339, allegedly paid by a private company. He has been criticized massively for this spending nationwide.
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What is the estimated net worth of Bheki Cele?

The estimated net worth of Bheki Cele is R37,694,760.

How does Bheki Cele make his money?

Bheki Cele joined politics in 1994. Ever since, he has taken significant positions in government and the ANC African National Congress. Most of his income comes from his roles in government and political activities.

How much does Bheki Cele make per month?

On average, Bheki Cele makes R117,000 per month.

What do Bheki Cele do?

Bheki Cele is currently serving as the South African Minister of Police.

Who is Bheki Cele in South Africa?

Bheki Cele is a South African politician. He has served in significant roles, including National Commissioner for Police Service, ANC member, commissioner, deputy commissioner, etc.

How much does a Bheki Cele house cost?

The cost of Bheki Cele’s Pretoria house is around R3 million.

How did Bheki Cele get his Pretoria house?

Allegedly, Bheki Cele got his house from funding for being the Minister of Police. After he rejected his official residence, Cele was given the Pretoria house, worth R3 million, with an additional R1.2 million for refinishing.

Ever since he became the South African Minister of Police, Bheki Cele has been in the limelight for his unnecessary spending and controversies. This is why most South Africans are interested in his salary, income sources, and assets. Finally, I hope this guide has helped you gain valuable insights about his professional career and net worth.

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