Andre de Ruyter Salary & Net Worth in Rands

You must have been searching for André de Ruyter because of the recent daring attempt by this well-known businessman. He tried to expose the corrupt mafia after his personal experience of working as the CEO of Eskom in his book “Truth To Power.” He has done such a daring act that the man is now receiving specific threats of his life and has had to leave the country for the safety of himself and his family.

If you are interested in knowing more about the person and what he does, and if you’re looking for an overview of André, you’re here at the right place. We are going to talk about the details of the businessman, what his monthly income is, and a brief overview of the person. Let’s, without wasting any more time, start with the guide below.

Overview of Andre de Ruyter & His Salary

Andre De Ruyter Salary
Name: André Marinus de Ruyter
Date of Birth:20/03/1968

André de Ruyter is a well-known businessman who was born on 28 March 1968 and has a South African nationality. He was formerly living in South Africa, but after he got death threats, he has recently shifted to another unknown location. The person is a renowned business tycoon who is known for his work with very well-known and grand companies like Nampak, Eskom, and Sasol.

He is a former CEO of an electricity company in South Africa, Eskom, and has served in several managerial positions in the country. The businessman was appointed as general manager of Sasol LTD, the senior executive at Sasol LTD, and has also served as the CEO of Nampak Ltd and the executive director of Nampak Limited. Andréh recently resigned from the position in February with an approximate net-worth figure of around 10 million dollars.

Moreover, the businessman has also worked in China, the USA, Angola and Nigeria. So you can say that he is not only a wealthy businessman but also a professional and experienced businessman who has worked with several noticeable businesses all around the world. Let’s look at his career details and focus on his salaries in the companies he has worked with.

Andre De Ruyter’s Career as a Businessman

André de Ruyter got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pretoria, and after that, he was admitted to a Masters class. After completing the Masters in Business, the businessman then enrolled at the University of South Australia for a Master of Laws Education.

After completing his education, he served in multiple renowned companies in various positions. Let’s look at the details of André de Ruyter’s job at Nampak, André de Ruyter’s job at Sasol, and André de Ruyter’s job at Eskom.


The businessman immediately joined Sasol company after finishing his graduation. Within a few years of joining, the company was at its level best. André, throughout his tenure in the company, worked in different positions, but his excellence remained the same.

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Sasol owns lots of coal mines, and Andre used this superpower of Sasol, the coal, and shifted all the operations that were going on in the company to coal fuel. This ultimately ended up in the running of 90% of the company’s operations on coal. Moreover, the information has never been publicized about the salary of Andre at this company, but yes, it has been said that he has made most of his wealth due to his job at Sasol.


Nampak is another well-known company in South Africa that is known to be the largest packaging manufacturer. When André joined Nampak, it was the time when the company was in a severe financial crisis. It was under high debt, and stock prices at that time were meager.

There are 25 factories located all over South Africa, and the company has more than 5600 employees working. When Andre joined, he was successful in decreasing the debt from a total of R 5.7 billion to R 4 billion. This was undoubtedly an outstanding achievement made by Andre that resulted in giving him a great reward.

André de Ruyter’s Salary at Nampak

André earned multi-millions from the company as compensation for his extraordinary services. He made R 18.3 million in 2018, so we can assume how much the businessman earned in the company throughout his tenure.

This 18.3 million amount is almost double that of the person who was previously working at this seat of Andre. This can prove how intelligent and brilliant the André mind is when it comes to business.


André was the lucky one who got selected for the position of CEO of Eskom in the year 2019 from the applications of 142 candidates. He was appointed to the seat after selection and joined the office of Eskom in January 2020. Right from his selection, there was controversy in the country about his appointment among prominent government officials.

The controversy was all about his rejection and approval of being a CEO. Many of the opposition members claim that because he is a white outsider, he cannot be the CEO of the company in South Africa. The businessman soon resigned after two years of working with Eskom.

As soon as the businessman took charge, he understood why it was the most challenging job in South Africa. What he realized was that the Escom workers were overwhelmed with corruption. He came to know that the company was transporting fake fuel oil, and the transportation of fake fuel oil just to one power station could give the benefit of R 100 million per month to the company.

Similarly, there were other acts that came to the notice of the businessman. After the energy crisis during his tenure, the businessman thought of resigning and submitted his resignation letter in December 2022 and left the company in February 2023.

André de Ruyter’s Salary as Eskom CEO

He was earning a lot from the company and was among the list of top businessmen at that time. André was the highest earning member at Eskom with an earning of R 654 000 for the first three months.

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Then, he got R 7,040,100 per year for both the 2020 and 2021 financial years. And holds the position with an annual income of R 7.04 million per year.


Andre is currently delivering his services even after getting death threats after resigning from the CEO position at Eskom. He has recently joined Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. André is a visiting lecturer at the university and is teaching courses on the Green Economy Market and Renewable Energy.

Andre De Ruyter Assets

Andre de Ruyter has never revealed his assets. He has never told me about the cars he owns and in what house he lives in. Reports say that he has now left South Africa because of the threats he was receiving and has moved to an unknown place that he does not want anyone to know about.

What is the net worth of André de Ruyter?

André has managed to collect a net worth of more than R 191,994,500.00. He has made it possible for him because of working with several more prominent names like Nampak and Sasol. He also has earned a noticeable salary while working as chief executive officer at Eskom.

What was the reason for the disappearance of André de Ruyter?

André disappeared right after his interview. This is because, in his interview, he made serious allegations and talked about the corruption and fraud that is done at Eskom and made allegations about the corruption in which top politicians are involved. He received several threats after that and then planned to disappear at some unknown place.

What was the salary of André de Ruyter at Eskom?

The salary of André de Ruyter as chief executive officer at Eskom was R 7040100 per year for the financial years 2021 and 2022. He was receiving a significant amount of salary because of his hard work in the company.

André de Ruyter is the former chief executive officer at Eskom who has also served in Sasol for 20 continuous years. André is one of the well-known businessmen in South Africa and has South African nationality, but right now, he has left South Africa due to the death threats he was receiving. He currently has a net worth of R 191,425,000.00 that he has collected from providing his outstanding services to world-renowned companies worldwide.

He published his book in the year 2023 on 14th May that tells about the ongoing corruption status at Eskom. This was the primary reason why there was a need for safety and security for the former CEO and his family. He is currently among the list of top wealthiest businessmen in South Africa, earning a good amount of net income.

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