Keagan Dolly Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Keagan Dolly started playing football at a young age; in 2014, he was selected as a soccer player for Mamelodi Sundowns, the favorite club in South Africa. Later, he joined the national team and also started playing for other clubs, and in a short duration, Dolly emerged as the most influential footballer in South Africa.

His popularity made him one of the richest sportspersons in the country; currently, he is a millionaire who has a list of sources to gather money; come with me to understand how his salary and other jobs function together.

Overview of Keagan Dolly & His Salary

Keagan Dolly Salary
Name:Keagan Dolly
Date of Birth:22/01/1993

Keagan Dolly is one of the most expensive footballers in the team of South Africa. He has played a number of crucial matches in the 2019 Africa Cup Series and 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. His unrivaled performance in the matches made him the favorite of half of South Africa.

Dolly is a leading player in the National Team of South Africa; he appears in all the meetings with selection panels and fitness examiners. The reason why the South African National Team board considers him important is because of his consistency, ability to tackle the pressure, and true passion for football. According to Dolly, he was not a good footballer in the beginning, but practice helped him get selected for his first club, and currently, he is enjoying the status of a senior midfielder.

His hard work made him a matchless midfielder all around Africa, and that’s why he is famous among people. His fame brings more and more money to him; for example, his current pay is more than 1 million rands. If you see the graph of his salary, it jumped from a few thousand to millions of rands; however, it is not only the football money, but he has other sources of income like endorsements or interview fees.

Keagan Dolly’s Career as a Footballer

Keagan Dolly has been playing football for the National Team of South Africa since 2015; he played 50 matches in which he showed unbeatable skills. He is known for his versatility; no one can stop Dolly, whether he takes place in the midfield or a defensive position. He runs fast like a cheetah and maneuvers like a fox so no one can catch him once he takes the ball into the net.

His skills led other clubs to hire him; for example, he started his career at Mamelodi Sundowns in 2014 and was selected for the National Team of South Africa in 2015. He joined French club Montpellier HSC, scored 14 goals, and returned to his home country in 2021. Here, he joined Kaizer Chiefs and stormed the Premier Soccer League.


The major source of his income is to play football, but when it comes to the side mediums of earnings, the top one is the interviews. You often see his press conferences after the match; they are not free, but Dolly charges millions of rands per session. The amount may vary according to the match results; for example, if he wins the match, the amount will be high, whereas for defeat, the rates are low.

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Furthermore, the interviews for important occasions, for example, press conferences to announce the team members. These press conferences are not expensive, but he charges for the interviews. The last is the interviews on TV to explore his personal lifestyle or his biography; they are also expensive.


The interview I mentioned in the beginning also features a background board adorned with logo images of brands. These brands pay money to Dolly for an interview; he receives money according to the duration of the session. However, these brands use different strategies to endorse their products; therefore, they use various ways to promote the brand.

Another way to endorse the product is to pay a visit to the brand or indirectly promote the brand. For example, you often see him drinking water during the match, and that bottle of water belongs to a specific brand. Sometimes, these are intentional endorsements, and Dolly charges for such activities.


Another way to gather money is by advertising the products; he often appears on YouTube ads, TV ads, and on other platforms. That is to advertise the specific product and receive money from the company. The money is not by the brand but by the company that is responsible for advertising its products and deals with the brands.

Event Appearances

He is spotted in the opening ceremony of PSL, the African Football League, and other tournaments where he does not even play. Now, you may question why he appears at these events even though he does not play in them; that is because he receives money from the organizer. He appears on award shows, national day, and other ceremonies; the purpose is to gather money.

Prize Money

Dolly is a talented player who shows leadership skills in every match; he is the reason to win the match. Some clubs give prize money to their sportspersons for their excellent performance; Dolly receives expensive cars, bikes, and cheques from Chiefs as a prize. The same rule applies to the prizes given by the National Team of South Africa.

Social Media

Social Media applications, for example, Twitter and Instagram, also pay him money for posting content. According to the policies of these social media applications, they pay money when celebrities or sports personalities post something that engages the audience. Here, some brands contact Dolly to post regarding their products, so he receives money from social media and those brands together.

Dolly’s Salary at Chiefs

As I have mentioned above, Dolly is a national team player, but he also plays for the clubs. Currently, he is associated with the Kaizer Chiefs, a famous club in the Premier Soccer League. He receives R1.5 million monthly salary from the club, plus bonuses, prize money, allowances, accommodation, and other facilities.

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Keagan Dolly’s Assets

Through years of struggle and gathering money, he has built a beautiful mansion and has a car collection that no one can afford. He started the business by investing money in different areas. Come with me to see the lavish life Dolly lives behind the screen.


When he joined Sundowns, he was not financially good, but during this session, he gathered millions of rands. At that moment, he bought a BMW X3 worth R1,017,500. Furthermore, he purchased another BMW model X3M, costing R1,849,900.

Dolly looks modern, but he is a fan of normal cars. You often see him roaming in inexpensive or old-looking cars; he also owns the Ford Fiesta. The price of a Fiesta is R100,000 and R200,000, but if you want one, you need to order from Europe because they are no longer sold in South Africa.


Dolly has a luxury mansion in the Sandhurst area of Johannesburg. The house possesses a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a gym, a tennis court, and a practice area for football. He has a sports area where Dolly collects beautiful footballs, attractive shoes, shirts, and shorts.

He has a massive garage where one can take 6 cars at the same time. The house is full of high-proof security; surveillance cameras are injected into the walls and doors to keep an eye on the life-threatening possibilities. Anyhow, he lives a lavish life with his family.


How many goals did Keagan Dolly score?

He has played for different clubs. Dolly has scored 49 goals for the team of his clubs and 10 goals for the team SA, totaling 59 goals according to the current record.

Is Keagan Dolly still injured?

The chances are high that Dolly will not play for the 2023-24 games against Chippa United because of the knee injury.

Why is Dolly not playing on Kaizer Chiefs?

In April, he had a knee injury during the game against Sekhukhune United. It is possible that he does not play for more than a year because of the seriousness of the knee injury. However, as he gets well, he will come back as a Chiefs player.

Keagan Dolly is one of the most expensive players in the South African Soccer League. He is an experienced one, as Dolly has played for international clubs in Europe for 4 to 5 years in the early days of his career.

Nowadays, he is playing for the PSL club Kaizer Chiefs and receiving a heavy amount per month. He also earns via endorsements, advertisements, interviews, social media, and events; anyhow, I have explained his salary and income sources; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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