Cardiologist Salary in South Africa

Cardiologists are heart experts who are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with heart disease. This is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid professions in South Africa. If you are planning to become a cardiologist, then you must understand what role they play and their compensation package.

Monthly Salary Range:R 9000 – R 29100
Average Monthly Salary:R 19050
Description:Cardiologists are heart professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating the heart and blood vessels, also known as the cardiovascular system.
Minimum Qualification:Becoming a cardiologist in South Africa takes approximately 15 to 16 years or even more. First, you must get accepted to a medical school on the basis of Grade 11 or Grade 12 marks, including the acceptance exam at the university. The undergraduate medical training will take at least six years, and then you must undergo two years of medical internship and one year of community service. Afterward, the individual must go through another four-year training in Internal Medicine. During this time period, they must pass FCP I at the start and FCP II at the end and also complete MMed.

In this article, I am going to explore in detail the salary structure of cardiologists, including the maximum and minimum monthly income, as well as their responsibilities. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself.

Overview of Cardiologist Salary

The average monthly salary of a cardiologist in South Africa is about R19,050. This figure is an estimated amount, and many cardiologists earn more or less than the stated amount. The salary may vary due to factors such as location, experience level, qualification, and healthcare sector.


Cardiologists also receive bonuses in addition to their salary. However, the bonus they receive may vary due to the healthcare sector they are working in as well as the post they are in. The bonus typically ranges from R5,000 to R191,162 or more.

Salary Structure

The salary of cardiologists is not fixed across South Africa, it varies due to multiple components, such as healthcare unit, location, experience level, qualification, and gender. The following is the list of cardiologists’ salaries on the basis of their career level and experience.

Career LevelSalaries
Entry-LevelR44,000 Per Year
Cardiologist (five-ten years of experience)R129,000 Per Year
ProfessionalsR3,000,000 Per Year

Furthermore, salary can also vary due to gender in the workforce. Female cardiologists earn 8% less than their counterparts in South Africa. This is the case in almost all career fields in South Africa.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Cardiologists

Cardiologists are responsible for the treatment of conditions of the cardiovascular system, which includes heart and blood vessels. If you are planning to pursue this profession, then it is necessary to understand their responsibilities. Let me list them down one by one:

Healthcare Provider

They treat diseases related to the heart, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, and problems with your heart valves, blood vessels, and other vascular issues.

Assessing Patients

Cardiologists carry out different tests to evaluate the patient’s condition. Before performing surgeries or carrying out the treatment plan, they review the patient’s medical history and symptoms. After the tests are successfully completed, the cardiologist analyzes the tests to create an effective treatment plan.

Create Treatment Plan

After the cardiologist has identified the problem, they design the best treatment plan. They can also prescribe medicines to the patients and arrange referrals if necessary. Furthermore, cardiologists also provide guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and may also advise different tests for further screening.

How much do cardiologists earn in South Africa?

If you are planning on pursuing cardiology as a profession in South Africa, you can expect to earn approximately R487,957 per year. An entry-level cardiologist earns about R44,000 per year, on the other hand, a cardiologist with years of experience commands a salary of R3 million.

How many years does it take to become a cardiologist in South Africa?

Becoming a cardiologist in South Africa is a very long and tough process. It takes about fifteen to sixteen years to become a specialist cardiologist.

In conclusion, cardiologists are health experts who diagnose and treat conditions of the cardiovascular system, which typically includes heart and blood vessels. Their average salary is competitive compared to other healthcare fields. On average, cardiologists earn approximately RR487,957 per year, which can increase depending on your experience and qualifications.

Cardiologist salaries vary across South Africa due to different factors, including location, healthcare unit, experience level, and rank. In addition, the salary can also vary due to gender disparity in work.

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