Chilton Elderly Care Salary in South Africa

Do you wish to hire a caregiver for your parents but aren’t aware of their monthly salary? If yes, the article on the Chilton elderly care salary will help you have an idea about the monthly salaries of caregivers. They have a high demand in South Africa because people feel comfortable staying at home.

Occupation:Chilton Elderly Caregiver
Monthly Salary Range:R 35000 – R 78500
Average Monthly Salary:R 56750
Description:Becoming an elderly caregiver is a very demanding job. The Chilton elderly caregiver not only supports the client physically but has to take care of the mental well-being as well. They have to help the client with their daily activities and look after them in every possible way.
Minimum Qualification:People who wish to become elderly caregivers should get proper training in providing care. They must have a specialized certificate that ensures they are trained properly and can handle an elderly person on their own. The caregivers with certificates get higher salaries than the ones with no certificates.

Scroll down to have an estimate of the salary structure and responsibilities. You’ll get all the necessary information related to Chilton’s elderly care salary and qualifications.

Overview of Chilton Elderly Care Salary

The demand for elderly caregivers is very high in South Africa. Old people who are disabled or cannot take care of themselves hire caregivers to look after them. Caregivers are trained to deal with old people who need support and help with their daily chores.

The Chilton elderly caregivers have high demand because they know how to deal with people having several issues. They have decent monthly incomes that depend upon several factors. Scroll down to have an idea about the salary structure if you want to hire a caregiver or want to become one.

The Chilton elderly caregivers are paid a good amount every month depending upon their experience and qualifications. As per the reports, the average salary of a Chilton elderly caregiver is around R 56,829. Professionals having more experience earn more than the mentioned amount.

Salary Structure

Go through the table below if you want to have an idea about the Chilton elderly care’s salary. Please note that these are the estimated amounts to have an idea. The actual figures can vary depending on the professional experience and qualification of the caregiver.

Years of ExperiencePer Hour Salary in RANDS
Less than 1 yearLess than R 300
1 to 2 yearsR 315.82
3 to 5 yearsR 350.80
6 to 9 yearsR 400
More than 10 yearsMore than R 500

Responsibilities of a Chilton Elderly Caregiver

The responsibilities of the Chilton elderly caregiver are discussed below. You can go through them to know the duties to have an idea.

  • The primary responsibility of the Chilton elderly caregiver is to help patients maintain their hygiene. They must help patients to participate in activities that are good for their physical and mental health.
  • The caregivers should keep a record of the medication of the patients. They must follow a proper schedule that helps in managing them in a better way.
  • The Chilton elderly caregiver should be able to perform the basic housekeeping activities. They must keep the house clean and physically support the patient.
  • Apart from providing physical support, the Chilton caregiver is responsible for providing transportation duties to the patient. They are responsible for managing the doctor’s appointments and grocery runs.
  • The Chilton caregiver is responsible for maintaining a healthy diet that is recommended by the doctor.
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Hence, these are some primary responsibilities of a Chilton elderly caregiver. The list goes on but these points are enough for you to have an idea if you wish to serve others as caregivers.


How much do elderly caregivers get paid in South Africa?

The elderly caregivers get around R 180,000 annually in South Africa. It is a high-demand profession in the country. Experienced caregivers earn a lot more than entry-level professionals.

How much does elderly care cost in South Africa?

The elderly care cost in South Africa is around R 30,000 to R 40,000 every month. Not every senior citizen can afford this amount every month. They survive on their pensions or grants and they can’t pay such salaries.

How do I become a caregiver in South Africa?

If you wish to serve the elderly people in South Africa, you’ll have to get yourself registered at the nearest Department of Social Development office. A caregiver has to fully take over everything if the patient is old or severely ill.

Are caregivers in demand in South Africa?

The demand for caregivers is high in South Africa because people are getting used to staying at home. The caregivers take complete care of the elderly people who need physical support and assistance.

What are the key qualifications of a caregiver?

The caregivers should be trained and certified so they can deal with the sick and old patients who need support. The more they are qualified, the higher the salary they can get. Hence, a caregiver with more experience can earn a decent amount every month.

A brief yet informative article is written on the Chilton elderly care salary so people can have an idea. The information is not only helpful for people who wish to serve as a caregiver but can help older people too.

All the responsibilities along with the salary structures are discussed for reference. I hope the article gave you enough information so you can decide whether to hire a Chilton caregiver or become one in the future.

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