Mining Engineering Salary in South Africa

A popular opinion is that mining engineers work hard but do not get money commensurate with workers’ efforts in their duties. Some claim that they work hard to delve into the depths of the earth, while others claim that the engineers design strategies or introduce relevant machinery, and the workers do the work, not the engineers. The scope of mining engineering is also increasing in South Africa as very few people apply for the positions, and the seats are empty all around the country.

Occupation:Mining Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 15300 – R 45000
Average Monthly Salary:R 30150
Description:Mining engineers apply engineering principles to design, develop, and manage the efficient extraction of resources from the earth’s crust.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate is required to complete a BS in Engineering in Mining branch specialization.

The salary of a mining engineer depends upon a list of factors such as the organization he works in, the type of job, his work experience, and qualifications. If you want to start a career but are confused about which field suits an average South African citizen, choose mining engineering. Come with me to see the income of mining engineers in detail and see their allowances, bonuses, and extras, including their responsibilities.

Mining Engineer Salary

The claim that mine engineers are not earning an adequate amount commensurately with the efforts they invest in their jobs is partially valid. The selection process is simple for the engineers as thousands of jobs are available in South Africa. Additionally, the merit of mine engineering is lower in universities than in other engineering branches.

The lowest income of a mining engineer in a firm is R15,300 and the highest is R45,000. If you want to know the average salary of the mine engineers, that is R29,400, and the median salary is 26,800. The salary is not the only thing engineers take from firms; they getters such as bonuses and allowances th


The overall salaries of the mine engineers are low because they get a list of allowances, extras, and facilities. Firstly, they need to live at the mining site for months, where they get free accommodation and high-quality food. Mining is not a simple task, so the firms give them long paid vacations from 2 to 3 months after 3 to 4 weeks of service.

The mine engineers also get individual bonuses when they finish a task within a specific time frame. They get salaries for extra hours and extra services, and they also receive transportation facilities. Lastly, the firms give them health insurance facilities so that if they fall sick or are affected by a severe disease, the firm will cover their treatment expenses.

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Salary Structure

The salary of a mining engineer depends upon a list of the factors in which his qualifications and years of experience are essential. There are two types of firms in South Africa; some are the new ones giving low salaries to their employees, while others have been working since Mandala gave handsome pay. The salary structure of the mine engineers is mentioned below.

Years of ExperienceSalary in Rands
0 – 2 YearsR17,400
2 – 5 YearsR23,300
5 – 10 YearsR30,300
10 – 15 YearsR36,700
15 – 20 YearsR40,100
20+ YearsR42,200
Bachelor’s DegreeR24,500
Master’s DegreeR34,000
FemaleR28,500 (-7%)

Responsibilities of Mine Engineer

  1. Designing & Planning: An engineer is an expert in designing and planning projects. He is responsible for creating blueprints and planning tunnels and shafts to access the minerals under the earth’s crust.
  2. Safety & Regulation: Design and planning are not necessary, but executing the plan carefully is essential. An engineer’s responsibility is to focus on the safety of the workers to prevent accidents.
  3. Resource Evaluation: An engineer is also responsible for analyzing the resources and estimating the minerals on the site. He takes multiple approaches to assess the quantity of the minerals.


Are mining engineers in demand in South Africa?

Yes, mining engineers are in demand in South Africa. The country is rich in minerals, and several companies work for mineral exploration. Therefore, the seats of mining engineers are always available.

How do I become a mining engineer in South Africa?

To become a mining engineer, one should complete a graduate degree in engineering in the mining branch.

Is South Africa rich in mining?

Yes, South Africa is a rich country in terms of mining. Various minerals are available in the country, such as iron ore, platinum, copper, silver, etc.

If you want to get a job right after completing graduation and do not have the capacity for multiple interviews, choose Mine Engineering. Hundreds of jobs are available in South Africa, from government to private sector and semi-government firms. The salary is lower than expected, but there are other facilities such as accommodation, meals, and transport with health insurance to close the gap created by low salary amounts.

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