Cloud Engineer Salary in South Africa

Cloud Engineers play a crucial role in the digital landscape, so how much are they paid for their services? In IT, Cloud Engineers are professionals responsible for creating, implementing, and managing cloud computing systems and infrastructure. So, the main question is whether this profession is rewarding for those planning to join it.

Occupation:Cloud Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 30000 – R 85876
Average Monthly Salary:R 57938
Description:A Cloud Engineer is a skilled IT professional constructing and managing cloud infrastructure. Cloud engineers often specialize in distinctive roles, such as cloud architecting (designing tailored cloud solutions for organizations), development (coding applications optimized for the cloud), and administration (managing and optimizing cloud networks).
Minimum Qualification:To become a Cloud Engineer, one must possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a closely related field that imparts similar skills. In addition, while some companies may prefer candidates with a Master of Science degree, it is not always a strict requirement. Individuals must develop core IT skills, learn cloud platforms, earn certification to validate their cloud skills, and gain practical experience by working on real-world projects.

This guide will detail the compensation structure of Cloud Engineering and its role in the digital landscape. Therefore, continue reading to gain insight and learn more about the financial aspect of Cloud Engineering in South Africa.

Overview of Cloud Engineer Salary South Africa

In South Africa, a Cloud Engineer earns an average monthly salary of about R57,938. This figure is not the exact estimate as the Cloud Engineer salary might vary across South Africa due to location, qualifications, experience level, etc.


In addition to their base salary, Cloud Engineers also receive additional benefits, such as bonuses. The average supplementary cash compensation for a Cloud Engineer in South Africa is R16,089, ranging from R6,750 to R42,170. Additionally, the bonus or additional compensation that Cloud Engineers receive depends on various factors, such as their level of experience, the specific skills they possess, and prevailing market conditions within the tech industry.

Salary Structure

Is Cloud Engineering a rewarding profession? Yes, going for a career in Cloud Engineering proves to be a wise choice. Not only does it come with an attractive average salary, but the rising global demand for cloud computing ensures abundant job opportunities and promising long-term security.

However, remember, the salary of a Cloud Engineer might vary due to the abovementioned factors. The list of salaries of Cloud Engineers at different positions is as follows:

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Entry-LevelR30,000 Per Month
MedianR55,278 Per Month
ProfessionalR85,876 Per Month

Additionally, a Cloud Engineer’s salary might vary due to location because of the cost of living, demand for cloud expertise, and regional economic factors. The wages of Cloud Engineers in different cities are as follows:

South African CitiesSalaries
Pretoria, GautengR85,876 Per Month
Sandton, GautengR62,223 Per Month
Midrand, GautengR62,103 Per Month
Cape Town, Western CapeR55,156 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR52,262 Per Month
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-NatalR48,390 Per Month
Stellenbosch, Western CapeR48,269 Per Month
City Bowl, Western CapeR46,537 Per Month
Durban, KwaZulu-NatalR34,140 Per Month

Cloud Engineer Responsibilities

Cloud Engineer’s responsibility consists of various tasks related to designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. Some of the duties of a Cloud Engineer are described below:

Designing a Cloud Product

The primary responsibility of Cloud Engineer is to develop reliable cloud architecture. Moreover, they meticulously analyze cloud systems, ensure thorough scrutiny, and contribute to maintaining cloud systems.

Design Cloud-Specific Solutions

The responsibility of a cloud engineer also involves designing, planning, and analyzing solutions tailored to the organization’s or client’s requirements. Furthermore, they are tasked with identifying the most suitable cloud service providers to meet specific needs.

In addition, Cloud Engineers also implement security measures to protect data and applications in the cloud. They also ensure smooth connectivity between on-premises and cloud environments.


How much does a Cloud Engineer earn in South Africa?

The average annual salary of a Cloud Engineer in South Africa is estimated to be R663,333. The entry-level Cloud Engineer with a few years of experience earns a monthly income of R30,000. Meanwhile, professionals with years of experience and excellent qualifications command a monthly salary of approximately R85,876 or higher.

In conclusion, cloud engineers are IT professionals who design and manage IT infrastructure. On average, a Cloud Engineer in South Africa makes around R55,278 monthly.

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