Construction Manager Salary in South Africa

Do you want to become a construction manager but aren’t aware of the salary and responsibilities? The construction managers deal with projects, budgets, and workers. They have great demand in the market, but their wages are unknown.

Occupation:Construction Manager
Monthly Salary Range:R 25000 – R 62000
Average Monthly Salary:R 43500
Description:The construction managers must plan, budget, and set performance requirements for on-site workers. They have to maximize resource efficiency and implement an effective mechanism. Construction managers also assess and manage risks that may disrupt the efficiency of the project.
Minimum Qualification:A construction manager should be a Construction Management graduate with relative experience. He should look for practical work during his course because it will help him gain experience.

Today’s discussion gives an overview of the construction manager’s salary in South Africa. If you’re in high school and want to pursue construction management, refer to the information below. It will help you know about the potential in the field.

Overview of Construction Manager Salary

A construction manager controls the project’s cost, time, and quality. They are hired for large-scale projects because their experience and knowledge can help deliver the project optimally. The project owners hire construction managers to oversee, plan, and budget the activities accordingly.

The increased demand for buildings and new projects led to an ever-increasing demand for construction managers. You can become one if you wish to work with construction companies in South Africa. An overview of the salary is given so people can know before opting for this field.

Hence, on average, a construction manager can earn around R 45,000 in South Africa. He can work with different companies and earn a decent amount every month.

Salary Structure

A rough salary structure for construction managers is explained to help them understand.

ExperienceAnnual Salary in ZAR
0 to 2 yearsR 136,000
2 to 5 yearsR 359,000
5 years or moreR 744,000

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

The roles and responsibilities of the construction manager are explained below.

  • A construction manager oversees projects till the day they get completed.
  • A construction manager’s responsibility is to schedule deliverables, manage inventory, and budget the project.
  • A manager on a construction site has to guide and coordinate with contractors.
  • A construction manager must review the daily progress and negotiate when needed.


How long does it take to study construction management in South Africa?

Construction management is a two-year program in South Africa. People who intend to become construction managers can get this degree.

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Is construction management in demand in SA?

Construction managers are in high demand in South Africa. Companies hire them to look after the projects and assess the daily on-site activities.

How much does a junior construction manager earn in South Africa?

The average salary of a junior construction manager in South Africa is around R 216,000. They can earn more after gaining some experience in the field.

A brief article on the construction manager’s salary is given to help South Africans understand the field. Companies hire them to look after projects and assess, plan, and budget them. Construction managers are in high demand but are paid according to their experience in the field.

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