Crane Operator Salary in South Africa

A comprehensive overview of crane operator salary, qualification requirements, and job responsibilities will give you a fair idea of what to expect from this particular career choice. The best thing about this career choice is that it has no stringent educational requirements and only requires basic matriculation and crane-related certifications.

Occupation:Crane Operator
Monthly Salary Range:R 13200 – R 40000
Average Monthly Salary:R 26600
Description:Crane operators operate heavy machinery such as cranes and draglines to lift, hold, position, and move weighty objects. These objects can not usually be moved with manpower and need mechanical power at various construction and industrial sites.
Minimum Qualification:To start a career as a crane operator, you need to get a training program with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) accreditation from any trade school. Other than that, you must also obtain an apprenticeship with a construction company.

If you cannot complete your education for any reason and are now looking for a way to earn money, this field is ideal for you. The salary is enough to pay for the necessities of life, and the job responsibilities are also quite simple. For further details, I suggest you read the following complete article.

Overview of Crane Operator Salary

So, it is safe to say that starting up a career as a crane operator in South Africa is super easy and pays well, too. The qualification requirements are super lax. You will only need a training program with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCO) accreditation from any trade school.

Otherwise, you will need to get an apprenticeship from any construction company. The average salary that this job pays every month is R 26,600. The responsibilities include operating heavy machinery to lift, move, and reposition weighty objects.

Responsibilities of a Crane Operator

1. Communicate With Construction Managers

A crane operator’s primary responsibility is to stay in close communication with the construction managers and receive direct instructions from them relating to the movement of the objects. Since the crane operators are not involved in the significant discussions relating to the construction site and what goes where, they need particular guidance.

Hence, they receive the instructions and use machine operation skills to move objects to the ideal locations. Communication between the crane operators and construction managers ensures seamless and efficient site work.

2. Operate All Kinds of Cranes

You must know that multiple cranes operate at construction sites and industrial zones. Each of these types of cranes has specific distinguishing differences, and it is the responsibility of a crane operator to learn how to cope with and handle all these types of cranes with absolute ease.

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They must know the tricks to handle and operate heavy machinery no matter the type and the differences. Apart from that, he must also learn how to set up or take down these heavy beasts of the machines whenever the occasion calls for it.

3. Crane Inspections

A crane operator is also responsible for running safety checkups and thoroughly inspecting the crane before proceeding with heavy lifting. This is because a slight malfunction in the smooth operations of the crane may lead to disastrous on-site accidents.

So, it is a mandatory job requirement for a crane operator to do manual checkups of the entire or at least the most critical parts of the cane every time he intends to start up and use the machine. It doesn’t take long and protects against hazardous situations.


What are the criteria for a crane operator?

A crane operator must be very punctual and have six-by-six vision. Besides, he must have good observation skills and a keen attention to detail. He should have excellent communication, mechanical, and maintenance skills.

How much does being a crane operator pay in South Africa?

In South Africa, you can make a decent living working as a crane operator. The initial salary package you will receive as a fresh operator is R 13,200 per month, going up as far as R 40,000 per month. It means that, on average, you will be receiving R 26,600 per month.

What are the job responsibilities of a crane operator?

As the name suggests, a crane operator operates and handles heavy cranes and similar bulky machinery. He is supposed to have all the technical knowledge about the equipment of the crabs so that he can regularly perform safety checks and inspections on the cranes. Besides that, he must also have the skills and practice to lift and position bulky objects.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the crane operators in South Africa do indeed make a decent living out of this career. It is a very safe option for those without significant degrees who want to start earning immediately. The education requirements are nil; you must obtain an apprenticeship and a certificate accredited by the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

The salary packages are not too high as expected, but they still pay enough to afford you the necessities of life while living in South Africa. The job responsibilities are also quite simple since you will just be handling and operating the crane and other alternative heavy machinery. You would also have to perform regular safety checks on the crane before using it and be comfortable running different kinds of cranes.

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