Electrical Engineering Salary in South Africa

Electrical engineering is a highly respectable and growing field in South Africa, given its scope and application. Today, several firms are hiring fresh graduates, which is why most of them want to enter the profession.

Occupation:Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Power Engineer, System Engineer, Control Engineer, Electronic Technician, Project Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 16600 – R 48900
Average Monthly Salary:R 32750
Description:Electrical engineering, as a field professional, deals with the study, design, and working mechanism of an equipment or device. Engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical devices.
Minimum Qualification:First degree in electrical engineering or a related subject (electronic, production, software engineering, computing, physics)

Are you one of them and want to learn about the electrical engineering salary? Keep on reading this guide.

Electrical Engineering Salary Overview

On average, an electrical engineer in South Africa earns anywhere around R32,000 on a monthly basis, which can be broken down into R180 on an hourly basis. This is the average salary and can go up to R48,900 based on your qualifications, skill set, and expertise in the field.

If we further take the national employee stats, the median salary of an electrical engineer is estimated to be around R29,100. In comparison, its 25th and 75th percentile on the salary distribution chart are around R24,100 and R33,000, respectively.


Aside from the monthly and yearly salary, the earnings of electrical engineers also include fringe elements, including bonuses, incentives, and national increments. Here is everything you need to know about extra earnings as electrical engineers based in South Africa.

According to the national statistics bureau, the average national increment for electrical engineers every 18 to 19 months is around 8 to 11%.

  • Around 52% of the surveyed staff receive monetary bonuses each year. These bonuses range from 3 to 5 percent of their annual salary.
  • Most companies offer incentives to their employees on the basis of individual performance, team performance, goals, and holiday bonuses.
  • The profession also includes fringe benefits like medical insurance, health allowance, rent, and transport costs.

Salary Structure

Although electrical engineers do not have a reporting structure, most of their hierarchy is dependent on the skill set and expertise in the field. Here is how the pay scale of electrical engineers works according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Around 65% of the employees earn between the pay bracket of R18,800 and R25,800.
  • Almost 20% of them earn around R18,800 and less.
  • Similarly, approximately 10% of the employees earn between R25,800 and R28,900.
  • Almost 5% of them earn more than R28,900.
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Responsibilities of an Electric Engineer

An electrical engineer is responsible for designing, developing, supervising, and testing electrical equipment manufacturing. This equipment can be anything run by electricity, from motors to radars, navigation systems, and generators. Here are some professional responsibilities of an electrical engineer.

  • Designing electrical devices and systems
  • Analyzing technical maps to ensure proper installation and execution
  • Dealing with computer-assisted software
  • Communicating with other engineers in the field.
  • Maintaining the electrical equipment on the field.


What is the average salary of electrical engineers in South Africa?

On average, electrical engineers in SA earn R32,000.

What is the highest pay for electrical engineers in South Africa?

The highest pay for electrical engineers in SA is around R48,900.

What is the hourly salary for electrical engineers in SA?

Electrical engineers in SA earn around R282 on an hourly basis.

Electrical engineering is a lucrative profession in monetary terms and has a great scope for improvement. If you are a student who is planning to enter the profession, having an understanding of baseline salary can help you. I hope this guide has helped you with this.

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