Dentist Salary in South Africa

A dentist is a medical healthcare specialist who is concerned with the treatments and prevention of oral health problems. If you are planning to pursue dentistry, you must understand the financial aspect of this field to make well-informed decisions about your career.

Monthly Salary Range:R 31425 – R 59650
Average Monthly Salary:R 45537.5
Description:A dentist refers to a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s oral issues. They perform oral surgery, routine cleaning, and improving oral hygiene.
Minimum Qualification:Becoming a dentist in South Africa requires a minimum of a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or National Certificate (Vocational (NC (V)). An individual is also required to complete a Bachelor of Dentistry (BDDS) or a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BChD), depending upon the university you select. After you have successfully graduated and received your degree, you must go through a 12-month internship to gain practical experience.

Whether it is the entry-level salary for those starting their career or professionals with an abundance of experience, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into the salary package of dentists in South Africa.

It is a financially rewarding profession that makes your journey of becoming a dentist worthwhile. The average monthly income that a dentist in South Africa can expect to earn is about R45,537.5. However, keep in mind that the salary is not fixed and can vary significantly across South Africa, depending on location, additional skills, certifications, and experience level of the dentist.


Dentist, in addition to their main pay, also earn extra income from the bonuses and benefits they receive from the organization. The bonus they receive ranges from R6k to 104K, boosting their overall earning potential. Bonuses dentists receive are tied to their performance; hence, the better the performance, the higher the chances of receiving these monetary awards or extra benefits.

Salary Structure

The income of a dentist is tied to their experience level; the more experience they have, the higher their pay will be. The following is the list of salaries of doctors at different career levels.

Career LevelsEstimated Salaries
Entry-LevelR377,100 Per Year
Early Career (1-4 Years Experience)R391,800 Per Year
Mid-Career (5-9 Years Experience)R465,200 Per Year
Experienced Professional (10-19 Years Experience)R715,800 Per Year (or above)

Moreover, besides the experience level, location and gender also determine the dentist’s salary. Metropolitan cities, including Johannesburg, offer a significant income to a dentist due to the high cost of living. In comparison, the poor or rural regions can not afford to pay a higher salary.

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Cities (South Africa)Estimated Salaries
Johhanesburg and GautengR74,834 Per Month
Northern Cape and UpingtonR59,66p Per Month
Cape Town and Western CapeR37,629 Per Month
Bloemfontein and Free StateR18,990 Per Month

Male dentist commands a salary that is 7% higher than female dentist. In today’s era, gender significantly influences the wage gap within this profession, reflecting that there are still some efforts required to achieve gender equity at work.

Responsibilities of Dentist

Dentists have a wide range of responsibilities related to oral health, including the gums and mouth. Some of the responsibilities are as follows:

Managing Oral Hygiene

Dentists are responsible for preventing and treating different oral conditions, including cavities, gum diseases, and more. It is the dentist’s job to fill in cavities, extract teeth, and develop solutions to oral health concerns.

Educating Patients

It is the dentist’s responsibility to educate patients about their oral health and concerns and preventive measures they should take. They also educate patients about brushing, flossing, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Oral Screening & Surgery

Dentists carry out initial screening to identify any problems or diseases. They carry out oral surgeries, including tooth extraction, dental implants, etc. Furthermore, they also perform restorative procedures, such as root canals, teeth extractions, filling, and placement of dental crowns and bridges.

How much is a dentist paid in South Africa?

A dentist earns an average annual income of approximately R474,446. The entry-level dentist receives an annual income of R377,100, whereas the experienced professional commands a high salary, exceeding R715,800 Per Year.

In essence, dentistry is a noble profession that requires years of education and dedication. The average annual income of dentists in South Africa amounts to R479,446. The dentist’s salary varies widely due to location, experience level, and academic background.

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