Business Analyst Salary in South Africa

Business competition is growing as new trends are erupting in South Africa; in such conditions, hiring people who can help grow the business, such as business analysts, is a wise decision. But it also raises a question: how much does it cost to hire an analyst? If you are a candidate, you may wonder how much an analyst earns nowadays; well, the query is valid.

Occupation:Business Analyst
Monthly Salary Range:R 19978 – R 61907
Average Monthly Salary:R 40942.5
Description:A business analyst is one who optimizes the organization’s data, filters the malfunctioning items, improves the business and marketing strategy, and leads the business to achieve the target.
Minimum Qualification:To be appointed as a business analyst, one should have a bachelor’s in related fields, for example, economics, information technology, or business administration.

Almost 7 to 10 years ago, marketing companies started hiring business analysts to copy their international competitors. Here, a race began, which you can call the race of development; the businessmen hired analysts who could assist them in improving their strategy and increasing the demand for their products. In short, the demand for business analysts has increased in the country, and today, working as an analyst in an organization pays you a sufficient amount; if you want to know how much, then separate 5 minutes and see the monthly salary of a business analyst in South Africa.

Overview of Business Analyst Salary

A business analyst is required to focus on the upcoming patterns in the business; one should have a proper understanding of the growth and developmental stages in the business, the usage of capital in the right way, and effective marketing strategies. It seems like the job is hard, but the salary is also impressive; the entry-level business analyst receives R19,978 per month, and with the passage of time, salary increases.

The most senior business analyst receives more than R60,000, and their average pay in SA is R40,943 monthly. According to a survey, the salaries of the analysts vary from firm to firm and from area to area. Some organizations pay a higher salary with bonuses while others offer a few extras according to the area; let’s see what these extras one may receive.


There are different kinds of extras one can get, for example, performance bonuses, medical care, pension bonuses, cars, or accommodations. Performance bonuses are offered when an analyst achieves the goal before due duration, and with lesser capital, it increases the overall profit of the company, so the analyst receives a bonus.

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The company may increase the pension contribution and offer you a vehicle as an achievement reward. Lastly, you may get free accommodation. For example, if you are relocated, then the company may give you a house or rental expenses or a room in a hotel.

Salary Structure

Experience LevelSalary
Entry levelR19,978 per month
Average SalaryR40,943 per month
Middle LevelR47,500
Senior LevelR61,907

Here, you can see a clear difference between the salaries of analysts according to their experience. But the thing that also matters is where you are working; for example, the companies in bigger cities pay you more than the smaller ones. But the good news is that there are no certain gender differences in the salaries because it is all about experience and skills, so if a lady is more experienced, she receives more bucks than her gentleman counterpart.

Responsibilities of Business Analyst

  1. The business analyst is responsible for gathering the data.
  2. He analyzes and provides authentic information to the employer.
  3. He finds the malfunctioning items and informs the employer.
  4. He develops ways to increase the profit.
  5. He finds solutions to the problems and tests them.
  6. He implements new plans to grow the business.


What problems do business analysts solve?

They identify the insufficient or malfunctioning resources and then find a solution to eliminate the risks.

What is the purpose and role of a business analyst?

The purpose of an analyst in business sectors is to identify the problem regarding data and resources and then solve it in different ways.

Today, the business has taken a different direction; entrepreneurs are hiring people who can provide strategies to grow the organization or firm. These people are known as business analysts who provide extraordinary jobs to take the company from a lower to an upper level. However, it is a tough job that requires incredible skills and creativity to think out of the box and see a new path to achieve the goals.

Earning money is not difficult if you hire the right minds and seek assistance from experts. Business analysts are the experts who can turn your business patterns and provide you with strategies to wipe out the problems that are stopping you from becoming the next millionaire. Anyhow, I have explained the salaries of Business analysts, their duties, and extras; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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