Salary SA Military Training

How much does a military personnel earn when undergoing training? This question pops up in the minds of individuals planning to pursue a career in the armed forces. The answer varies widely and depends on factors such as rank, experience level, and the duration of training.

Occupation:Military Trainee
Monthly Salary Range:R 2643 – R 5343
Average Monthly Salary:R 3993
Description:Military trainees undergo rigorous physical, tactical, and discipline-based training to prepare for service in the armed forces.
Minimum Qualification:If you are planning to join the South African military, then you must be a South African citizen without dual citizenship; aged between 18 and 22 with with a Grade 12 completion, or age between 19 and 23 with a three-year tertiary qualification; a clean criminal record, no visible tattoos; and the ability to meet the SANDF’s medical requirements and physical fitness.

This guide will help you provide an in-depth explanation of the salary structure of the military, offering valuable insight into how compensation is determined for individuals serving in the armed forces. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself and get a basic understanding of the compensation structure of the South African army.

Overview of Salary SA Military Training

However, remember that additional eligibility criteria for joining the SANDF vary for each branch of service, including the SA Army, the SAAF, and other specialized units. After entering the military, individuals must undergo training for a certain period, depending on the chosen unit or course. In addition, military trainees undergoing training earn an average monthly income of approximately R3,993 or more.


Military personnel in South Africa receive multiple other benefits besides their salary. As individuals progress through the ranks, they receive additional benefits, such as medical and dental care, free housing, etc. The higher the individual’s rank is, the more benefits they will receive.

Salary Structure

The salary of military personnel in South Africa depends on their ranks, experience level, and qualifications. As individuals advance through the ranks, their pay and responsibilities also increase. Moreover, if you are a trainee, your salary depends on the duration of your training.

In addition, South African Army trainees or fresh recruits now go through a 22-week Basic Military Training (BMT), compared to the previous 4-week duration in 2005. The BMT is an initial phase among a series of training modules held at the SA Army Training Depot.

Training DurationSalaries
Basic Training (First-Year of Training)R2,643 Per Month
Basic Training (Second-Year of Training)R5,343 Per Month
Private (Post-Training)R5,286 Per Month

Responsibilities of SA Military Trainees

Trainees have to undergo training for a particular duration, so their responsibility during this phase is to actively engage in the learning process, adhere to the training curriculum, and acquire the necessary skills. Some of their responsibilities and duties are listed below:

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Training Completion and Duration

The primary responsibility of military trainees is to complete their designated training programs acquiring the necessary knowledge for their roles. Moreover, trainees must strictly follow the rules and regulations the military sets. Following orders and respecting commands is essential.

Maintaining fitness and Teamwork

Military trainees must maintain a high level of physical fitness as it’s a crucial responsibility. They must engage in regular physical training to ensure their fitness and meet military standards.

In addition, military operations are solely based on the collaboration between teammates. Therefore, the trainees must cooperate with their teammates, fostering a sense of trust within their units.


How much do SA military trainees earn?

Military trainees in South Africa earn a significant amount of income depending on the duration of their training. Trainees who have just started receive a monthly income of approximately R2,643 per month.

Meanwhile, trainees in their second year of training receive an income of about R5,343 per month. In addition, those who have completed their training earn R5,286 per month. The trainee’s salary increases as they advance through the ranks and gain substantial experience.

Ending Lines

In conclusion, an individual must undergo training for a particular duration before assuming significant responsibilities and becoming a military official. While training, they receive a salary, which depends on their training period. Those individuals in their first training year receive a monthly income of R2,643.

Conversely, trainees in their second year earn a monthly amount of R5,343. As individuals climb the ranks, their salaries also increase. In addition to ranks, experience, and qualifications also play a significant role in contributing to salary increases.

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