Dermatologist Salary in South Africa

Dermatology is a branch of medicine dedicated to skincare and hair health issues. A dermatologist makes our skin glow, diagnoses the causes of hair fall, and makes abundant cash yearly. The salaries of dermatologists depend upon a list of factors, and the two major ones are experience and qualification.

Monthly Salary Range:R 49100 – R 156000
Average Monthly Salary:R 102550
Description:Dermatologists are dedicated diagnosticians and therapeutic experts in skincare and hair health.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate requires six years of MBChB degree with a 1-year internship, 1-year community service, and four years of specialization in MMed Dermatology.

Additionally, the cities they work in, the sector they serve, and the issues they resolve are all important to determining their salaries. Some claim that dermatologists are highly paid medical professionals, while others criticize their services and the amount they receive. Let’s dive into the salary details of dermatologists in South Africa and see their ranking system with their professional responsibilities.

Dermatologist Salary

A person requires ten years of journey to become a dermatologist as he has to pass the MBChB exams, then an internship and a year house job with four years specialization in Dermatology. A dermatologist is an expert who diagnoses skin issues and provides therapeutic services to resolve skin problems. You may have heard the rumors that dermatologists earn thousands of rands monthly.

The rumors contain a degree of fact, but not all practitioners enjoy thousands of rands monthly. The early salary is not more than a few hundred rands but increases after graduation. The lowest salary after specialization is R49,100, the highest salary near retirement is R156,000, and the average wage is about R100,000.


Some people think these dermatologists enjoy only the salaries, but you should also know that they get a list of allowances, extras, and bonuses. First, they get individual rewards based on the practitioner’s performance; if he performs well, he gets a few thousand additional rands after a month with the salary.

Second, they get the yearly allowances according to the department’s achievements. Government employees also get other facilities, such as free accommodation, meals, and medical treatments. Lastly, there are goal-based bonuses given to the practitioners by authorities when they achieve a goal within a time frame.

Salary Structure

A practitioner receives remuneration depending upon a list of factors; his experience and qualifications are the top. The more experienced and qualified a practitioner is, the higher the amount he receives. I have made a simple structure of the salaries according to the experience of these practitioners.

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Years of ExperienceSalary in Rands
0 – 2 YearsR58,200
2 – 5 YearsR74,800
5 – 10 YearsR103,000
10 – 15 YearsR128,000
15 – 20 YearsR137,000
20+ YearsR146,000

Responsibilities of a Dermatologist

  1. Diagnoses: The most crucial part of the job is diagnosing a patient’s issue. A proper diagnosis can help the practitioners to cure the problem as soon as possible.
  2. Treatment: Treatment means the medications and therapies provided to the patients by their practitioners. There are medications and different therapies, such as laser or photodynamic therapy. A practitioner should provide the most suitable treatment and medicine to the patient.
  3. Educating Patient: Another factor most practitioners omit is educating the patients regarding their issues and medicine use. Education is significant; if the practitioner does not inform the patient, he may face more problems.
  4. Monitoring Progress: Lastly, a practitioner should closely analyze the patient’s progress. He should address the patient about the progress and interrogate the changes or side effects the patient is facing during the treatment.


What is the difference between a skin specialist and a dermatologist?

Dermatologists and skin specialists are the same. A skin specialist is called a dermatologist, according to medical terminology.

What is a skin doctor who specializes in different skin conditions?

A skin doctor who specializes in treating skin conditions is called a dermatologist.

Can skin specialists treat hair loss?

Yes, a dermatologist can treat hair loss. A skin specialist is an expert in diagnosing and providing therapies to hair loss patients.

Can dermatologists help with skincare?

Yes, dermatologists can help with skincare. They can provide techniques to prevent skin conditions.

Qualifications and years of experience determine the salary of a dermatologist. If you are about to choose a medical career and looking for a profession to help you make abundant money, you should choose dermatology. However, you should consider that the journey is ten years long; anyhow, I have explained the salary structure of dermatologists in South Africa, including their professional responsibilities and allowances.

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