Occupational Therapy Salary in South Africa

Occupational therapy focuses on the vital activities of human behavior; it is used to help people perform better in their daily life activities. You might mix it with other healthcare professions, such as psychology, but occupational therapy is a specialized discipline that works on the daily lives of people and the challenges they face in specific areas.

Occupation:Occupational Therapist
Monthly Salary Range:R 23750 – R 385000
Average Monthly Salary:R 204375
Description:An occupational therapist is one who provides assistance to people with mental and physical conditions to perform their daily life activities and teaches them techniques to combat physical and mental challenges such as burns, injuries, and impaired cognitive functions.
Minimum Qualification:To become an occupational therapist, one should have 4 years of bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from an accredited University

The job of occupational therapists is as tough as other healthcare professions because they have to apply difficult techniques, implement mind-boggling therapies, and use ways to fix common problems in people’s lives.

It raises a concern about how much an occupational therapist earns. Well, there are various salary records according to their experience and their specializations.

The salary also depends upon the area where you are practicing and the qualifications. Let’s see the salaries and ranking system in the occupational therapy profession in detail.

Overview of Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist plays a significant role in solving the general public issues. Problems like stroke, altruism, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia are very hard to combat; one cannot understand their complexity until he has the proper guidance. The medical professionals provide the guidance, and later, the techniques to fight these problems are taught by the occupational therapists.

They teach us how we can live with these problems by taking a slightly different approach. The job is pretty tough as one has to face noncooperative patients, those who cannot understand normal things, and ones with incredibly harsh disabilities. However, the salaries are also high; the entry-level pay of an occupational therapist is R23,750, and the experienced receives R385 000; however, the average salary is R204,375.


The extras are part of the salaries; sometimes, they are received monthly, or the organization may give them at the end of the year. Monetarily, the therapists receive retirement plans, overtime payments, or loans. The other benefits are free healthcare, accommodation, or fuel expenses.

Salary Structure

Experience LevelSalary
Entry levelR23,750 per month
Average SalaryR204,375 per month
Top Senior LevelR385 000 per month

These are the salaries according to the experience of the occupational therapists; the entry-level or intern earns not more than R25,000 while the top senior is earning in lakhs. However, the salary may vary depending upon the organization or sector; for example, the private sector pays more as compared to the government foundations, whereas the bigger city foundations offer higher salaries. There are no significant differences on the basis of gender; both males and females earn equally in the field of occupational therapy.

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Responsibilities of Occupational Therapist

  • Assessment: The first task is to assess the client’s problem; the assessment is a very difficult part in which one has to apply techniques to understand the core problem of the client. Sometimes, the assessment is simple; for example, a mentally disabled person might have social anxiety and speech problems, that’s why he cannot talk to people.
  • Treatment: Occupational therapy is all about teaching new ways to the clients so they can function in society. The treatment is based on teaching clients other approaches so they can see the new perspective, identify the significance of the solution, and then eliminate the problem.
  • Education: The very basic purpose of occupational therapy is to educate clients about the core problem and its long-term effects. Inform them about the consequences if they do not take steps against the issue.


Is Occupational Therapy in demand in South Africa?

Yes, in South Africa, Occupational Therapy is in high demand, and the new trends in healthcare sciences have promoted the importance of occupational therapy.

How long does it take to become an occupational therapist in South Africa?

One requires 4 years of a bachelor’s degree to become an occupational therapist and then specialization to practice in the field.

Occupational therapy is a growing field because the professional focuses on the issues of the client instead of considering him mentally or physically disabled. Therefore, a vast amount of people prefer to visit occupational therapists instead of psychotherapists or psychiatrists, as occupational therapists’ approaches are easier to understand. The citizens of South Africa should acknowledge the importance of occupational therapy and consider their hardships; anyhow, the salary and extras are mentioned above; thank you.

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