Full-Stack Developer Salary in South Africa

If you are looking for a career that can help you earn more than the other conventional ones, you should apply for the position of full-stack developer. A full-stack developer is responsible for designing both the interior and exterior of a website or an application. The interior is the database and code structure an expert uses to develop a website, and the exterior is the image you see when you open a website.

Occupation:Full-Stack Developer
Monthly Salary Range:R 22171 – R 81943
Average Monthly Salary:R 52057
Description:A full-stack developer is responsible for developing the front-end and back-end of the website.
Minimum Qualification:A full-stack developer requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a Web Development Diploma for the position.

The scope for full-stack developers is widening in South Africa because of the changing trends in businesses and markets. There is a list of opportunities for a full-stack developer in the country. So, if you are planning to pursue a full-stack developer career, come with me to see its salary, extras, and responsibilities in detail.

Full-Stack Developer Salary

The demand for a full-stack developer is increasing day by day in South Africa. The trends of businesses and markets are rapidly changing; basically, all businesses are keen to engage in online trading so they can promote their products through websites. It not only increases the demand for full-stack developers in the job market but also raises their monthly salary.

Currently, a full-stack developer earns more than a police officer, healthcare professional, or public institute employee. The entry-level salary of a full-stack developer is R22,171, while the maximum recorded salary is R81,943. A rough estimate states that the average income of a full-stack developer is about R52,057.


Some critics claim that developers work hard, but their salaries do not align with the effort they exert in their jobs. However, they neglect that developers get a list of the extras such as bonuses, allowances, and facilities. For example, if a developer achieves a task before the deadline, he receives an extra amount with his salary, known as a bonus for personal performance.

Furthermore, if the company accomplishes a milestone, it gives an allowance to its employees. Almost all companies increase their employee’s salaries yearly, known as increments. Lastly, some companies provide their employees with free transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of a full-stack developer position is not as complex as the other positions. It is determined by a list of factors in which an employee’s years of experience, qualification, gender, and the location or company where he works are involved. Additionally, there are also other minor factors, such as the market trends, the demand for full-stack developers, and economic conditions that can impact the amount you get monthly.

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Years of ExperienceSalary in Rands

In this table, you can see that the entry-level salary is R22,171, but after 4 years of service, it rises to R31,767. The change in the salary is gradual in the first 4 years of an employee’s service, and there is a rapid change in the salaries of experienced employees working for 4 to 10+ years. The years of service and experience are the most important determinant of salary for a full-stack developer.


Education is another important factor that can affect an employee’s salary. There are two ways to get a job, either you get a diploma or you need to study in programs like Bachelor’s and Master’s. The salary of a diploma holder is lower than a Bachelor’s degree holder, and the Master’s degree holder earns higher than both of the previous developers.

Gender & Location

The position of a full-stack developer is all about skills, so if a man or a woman has skills, any of them can get a job. However, some companies pay female developers lower salaries than their male counterparts. An estimate indicates that a male full-stack developer takes 8% more pay from the company than a female developer.

The location, such as the city or company, can also determine your salary. Large-scale international companies pay higher salaries than small-scale local companies. As well, the companies in main metropolitan cities, such as Cape Town and Johannesburg pay better amounts than the companies in Soweto or Durban.

Responsibilities of Full-Stack Developer

Designing & Building

A full-stack developer is responsible for designing the front-end user interface. He uses a coding language such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to give the front of the website a proper form. The front-end designing and building process takes time based on the pages you want.

Adding Elements

Another important job of a developer is to add animations and elements to the website to make it more attractive. Additionally, it also makes websites more interactive, so the user does not face any type of difficulty while searching for something. Implementing elements and animations is a challenging job, so a highly skillful developer can do this task.

Building APIs

When it comes to the back end of a website, building APIs is the most important task for a developer. APIs are the application programming interfaces built to handle the data communication between two ends, front and back. It is a technical task, so a developer is required to use multiple tools.

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Ensuring Security

Security is one of the most important responsibilities of a developer. Your website may come into contact with an attack that can slow down the website, alter data, or it can cause the website to cease functioning. Therefore, a developer should ensure the security of the website; otherwise, you may face a jeopardy.


How many hours does it take to learn full-stack development?

An individual requires 90 days to learn all skills of front and back-end website development.

How many times do you need to be a full-stack developer?

The duration of the diploma may vary from institute to institute. However, some institutes offer 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month diplomas in full-stack development.

Where can I study web development in South Africa?

Code Space Academy, Cape Town, is offering courses and diplomas related to full-stack web development.

What are the skills required for a full-stack developer?

A full-stack developer should have front-end and back-end programming, cybersecurity, and UI and UX skills.

The demand for full-stack developers has increased for the past few years because of the incoming business and market trends. 3 to 5 years ago, website development was not as famous as it is today because the skill was limited to computer and software engineers. Today, every institute in Cape Town and Johannesburg is offering full-stack web development courses and diplomas.

An interesting fact is that all the diploma holders get jobs right after they complete their study program. The job of a full-stack developer indeed demands 100% attention and hard work, but a developer also earns thousands of rands monthly. Anyhow, we should acknowledge their efforts and appreciate their monthly incomes, I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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