Gwede Mantashe Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Gwede Mantashe is a prominent politician in South Africa; he has made great contributions, such as building the NUM and working as a general secretary of the African National Congress. He is not only a politician but also an influential business personality in South Africa; it erupts a debate about how much he earns from the National Assembly seat and what is his overall net worth. Well, the stats are mouth-opening; come and see his salary and other sources of income.

Overview of Gwede Mantashe & His Salary

Gwede Mantashe Salary
Name:Gwede Mantashe
Date of Birth:21/06/1955

He joined politics in the 1980s, and since that day, he has been working for his country. He has a list of contributions in his unionism of 1998 and was appointed as a Secretary General of the African National Congress. During his career as a politician, he started a business and purchased shares of mining companies in South Africa.

He has been playing a crucial role in stabilizing the mining business in South Africa; his current position in the national assembly is associated with mining. The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy is under his capacity; he promoted mining in the country and attracted international companies to invest in the region. No doubt his services are appreciable and outstanding, which changed the business trends in South Africa.

After a long struggle for the rights of mine laborers, he came up with new solutions. Mantashe made the job easy for workers, increased their salaries, provided them with free health services, and allowed them to progress further.

He has been selected for a ministry position 5 to 7 times, and currently, his per month salary is around 2.8 million rands. He has invested in other businesses; therefore, his estimated net worth is R99 million according to a record, but a question arises: what are these other sources of income?

Gwede Mantashe’s Career as a Politician

Some accuse him that he has stolen public money to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. However, the majority of the people are unaware that he handles a large circle of business all around the SA. He holds shares, has invested in side businesses, often charges for public appearances, and has book loyalties.

Stock Shares

He is part of the large mining structure of South Africa; therefore, he knows better when the value of the shares will fall down or go up. Interestingly, he has invested in the stocks and purchased the shares of national and international mining companies. Australian, European, and African companies pay him thousands of rands as dividends.

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Dividends are the amount one receives after investing in the shares, these amounts are not too high, but once you have purchased shares, the company will give you regular profits until you do not sell the shares. He controls a wide-scale stock business related to mines in South Africa, which pays him millions of rands at the end of the year.


According to data, he has invested money in different businesses, for example, clothing brands, real estate, and educational institutes. The major amount in the total net worth is based on these investments.

These are country-wide investments; the data is not clear, but the investment pays him off thousands of rands per month. In the future, he has plans to invest in restaurants, hotels, and tourism.

Book Loyalties

He has been the General Secretary of the African National Congress, as well as holding a respectable position in the government sector. Therefore, he has more information regarding the reforms and the peace versus conflict in the continent of Africa. Several bookwriters interviewed him to gather authentic information regarding the African continent issues.

Furthermore, he has played a role in the development of the economy and is known as a sharp politician, so authors often interview him regarding economic reforms. According to a think tank, he can play a key role in the development of African nations and change the conflict environment into a peaceful region with the help of dialogue. In order to have a broader view of the situations and crises occurring in Africa, writers often ask him for solutions; he receives royalties from their books, such as “Political Economy of South Africa” and “The ANC and Economic Transformation.”


News channel interviews are free, but the programs to which he is invited as a chief guest are paid. He has appeared in comedy shows and biographical interviews. These talk shows pay him money and provide other facilities to conduct these interviews; the same goes for podcasts.

Gwede Mantashe’s Assets


Like all other politicians, he also owns expensive vehicles, SUVs, and trucks. According to the record, he has a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and a Range Rover. However, another source claims that he does not show the real image, and because of politics, he has a low-profile image in front of the public; therefore, he does not use luxury cars.

His critics claim that he owns expensive vehicles, but the difficult part is which cars he owns. According to the government record, he uses the vehicle given by the government of South Africa. However, if the first information is true, then the question arises of how he manages the expenses of these luxury vehicles.

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When it comes to the house of Mantashe, there are different records available. Some claim that he lives in a mansion and has built other houses.

A few records claim that he owns an R300,000 mansion in Johannesburg. If we observe, he has invested in the real estate business; therefore, it is possible that he owns more than one house.

Who is the current Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy in South Africa?

The current Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy in South Africa is Gwede Mantashe, a 68-year-old politician. He has played a major role in reforming the mining and energy industry, brought foreign investments, and empowered the sector by passing laws against mafias.

Which ministry is responsible for all mines in South Africa?

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy is responsible for all mines in South Africa. The minister sets the wages and salaries of workers, provides resources, allows funds, and controls the activities of mining companies.

How old is Gwede?

Gwade Mantashe is 68 years old politician of South Africa.

Who was the former secretary-general of the ANC?

Gwade Mantashe served as a General Secretary of the African National Congress.

Gwade Mantashe is one of a few politicians who played a role in the liberation of South Africa; he worked in the days of Nelson Mandela and belongs to a legendary freedom fighters family. He joined politics in the 1980s and rose against the inhuman treatment of the mine workers; at that time, he formed a union and shocked the high authorities about how far the working class could go in South Africa. During these crises, he worked in the mining industry, invested money in the businesses, and purchased shares in the companies.

The mining industry and energy sector had significant growth under his supervision; he brought international companies to South Africa and worked with his counterparts in other nations. His high salary is a question mark that, according to the National Assembly rules, no minister takes this much money and has a luxurious lifestyle. Anyhow, I have explained his income, net worth, and assets; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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