Percy Tau Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Percy Muzi Tau is definitely a very talented football player who has spent his entire life striving towards achieving perfection in his football game. And in doing so, he has amassed quite a large fortune on his own. People like you and I look up to him as a source of motivation and hope that maybe, one day, we will be able to achieve that level of stature in our respective careers.

In any case, I know why you are here, and the following article is going to address your curiosity relating to Percy Tau’s salary, net worth, pay package, income sources, prizes, possessions, and so on. So, I would suggest that you read the following complete article.

Overview of Percy Muzi Tau and His Salary

Percy Tau Salary
Name:Percy Muzi Tau
Date of Birth:13/05/1994

Percy Muzi Tau is an exceptional player who earns a great deal of money from his professional football career. He was born on May 13, 1994, in Witbank, Emalahleni, South Africa. Even the meaning of his name is legendary, i.e., ‘The Lion Of Judah’.

Percy is one of those people who just know from the beginning what they want to do with the rest of their lives. From the early years of his life, he wanted to be a footballer. But the most interesting thing was that the passion for football runs in his family.

In fact, his elder brother is also a professional footballer; however, he has never played on a large scale. So, you can say that whatever Percy Muzi Tau is today, it is all because of his own constant efforts and hard work. He did not have any connections to bring him to the top; he had to go through all the stages and climb up the ladder all on his own.

Such was his passion for Football that he even went to the Mamelodi Sundowns Youth Academy back in 2014. It proved to be the best decision of his professional life because, after that, he attracted the attention of professional football players in South Africa.

The time he spent at the Mamelodi Sundowns Youth Academy was absolutely worth it, and he made every second count. In fact, he has been a part of Anderlecht, Brighton & Hove Albion, Club Brugge, and Al Ahly while he was still at the Mamelodi Sundowns Youth Academy.

In 2018, as soon as he left the Mamelodi Sundowns Youth Academy, he was signed by Brighton & Hove Albion. The pay package of that contract is still undisclosed; however, it was more than enough for a fresh graduate. He stayed with Brighton & Hove Albion for three years, after which he joined the European League.

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All things aside, the one thing that I truly admire about Percy Muzi Tau is that he continued his studies even after he became a professional football player. In fact, there was a time when he had to take a flight back to his university to arrive on time for his exam right after his international football match.

Percy Muzi Tau Career as a Footballer

1. Football Career

So, as I mentioned earlier, Percy Muzi Tau is an exceptional player who has made a fortune out of his career in Football. In fact, he gets a whopping R 22 734 837,00 annual salary.

It means that Percy makes about R 894 569,75 monthly salary. In addition to that, the team that he is currently a part of, The Al Ahly, pays him a staggering amount of 1.5 million Rands on a yearly basis as his salary.

2. Tournaments and Championships

Percy Muzi Tau is a renowned world-class professional football player who has spent his entire life playing Football. A large portion of his income comes from the tournaments and championships that he wins. The prize money and gifts that he receives from such events are invaluable.

3. Endorsement Deals

Football is not the only source of income for Percy Muzi Tau. In fact, he earns quite a large portion of his income from endorsement deals.

Yes, he is one of those people who are at the top of the list of large brands. The amount of endorsement offers that he receives is absolutely stunning.

In fact, he is one of those lucky people who have ever been a part of the Puma marketing campaign. He earned quite a large sum of money from Puma. Other than that, he has also received large endorsement deals from renowned brands.

3. Business Ventures

There is no hard evidence that Percy Muzi Tau has any business investments. However, the possibility is still there.

After all, it would only be smart of him to invest his money in profitable business ventures. It would add to his wealth without him having to put in too much effort.

Besides, it is absolutely normal for football players to invest their money into successful business ventures since there is only some money that you can spend. In fact, almost all football players are making business investments with their money.

Percy Muzi Tau Assets

1. Houses

Percy Muzi Tau owns multiple houses all across the world. The number of properties that he owns in South Africa is innumerable. These properties include penthouse apartments, flats, and a huge mansion.

Other than that, one of the most prized properties of Percy Muzi Tau is his house in Egypt. In fact, he is so fond of this place that he spends most of his time there whenever he is not away on tours and matches.

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2. Cars

Like all other football players, Percy Muzi Tau is a man who loves speed and luxury. Hence, he owns a large collection of sports cars, all of which are super comfortable and extremely fast. For instance, he has a Hyundai i30N, which is worth ZAR 664,628 and is supposed to be one of the fastest cars across the globe.

Percy Muzi Tau loves Thai cars and usually drives them wherever he goes. Furthermore, he bought this car from his own personal savings.

Other than that, he also has a Hyundai Tucson Sport worth ZAR 700,000. This car was a gift from manufacturer Hyundai back in 2018. This car still graces the luxurious garage of Percy Muzi Tau’s house in Egypt.

How much does Percy Muzi Tau get paid?

Percy Muzi Tau receives about R22 734 837,00 every year in the form of his total income from various sources. It means that he roughly earns about R1 894 569,75 monthly, R437 208,40 weekly, and R87 441,68 daily. His overall earnings come mainly from his career in Football, but a large portion of it comes from endorsement deals from various luxury brands.

What is Percy Muzi Tau’s total net worth?

The total net worth of Percy Muzi Tau is R 57,091,710.00. He is a super-rich man who has accumulated all this wealth from various income sources.

Did Percy Muzi Tau’s salary increase after he moved to Europe?

Yes, Percy Muzi Tau’s salary increased tenfold after he moved to Europe. In fact, his career saw an upward shift right after he was signed by Brighton & Hove Albion. This club pays him a monthly salary of ZAR 2,902,807.

The Bottom Line

So, this was all that I could tell you about the rich and famous South African Football player Percy Muzi Tau. He is indeed an exceptional player who has made it his life’s mission to submit himself fully towards his career in Football. He also earns a large sum of money from various luxury brands in the form of endorsement deals.

Hence, he has amassed quite a large fortune on his own by playing championships, tournaments, international matches, endorsement deals, and so on. His net worth is approximately R 57,091,710.00. To match his stature, he lives a very lavish life and owns multiple cars and a plethora of properties spreading across the world.

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