Andile Jali Salary & Net Worth in Rands

Andile Jali has gathered significant attention because of his recent performances and his high salary. Jali has played for a list of clubs in which Amazulu and Mamelodi Sundowns are prominent, and he has performed in international clubs such as Al Ahli SC.

His demand as a footballer is proof that his performance has no match, but hiring Jali for a match is not simple as his rates are higher than astronomical heights; let’s reveal how much he earns per month and what his other sources of income are.

Overview of Andile Jali & His Salary

Andile Jali Salary
Name:Andile Jali
Date of Birth:20/02/1992

Andile Jali has been playing for years, and in his career, he won a list of awards in South African Footballer of the Year 2015, PSL Young Player of the Season 2012/13, PSL Players’ Player of the Season 2015/16, and PSL Fans’ Player of the Season 2015/16. During his career, he joined multiple clubs and has played for the South African National Team of Football. Currently, he is associated with clubs where he earns more than R500,000 per month.

His critics often ask what is special about him that all big clubs are willing to hire Jali. Actually, he has years of experience. Secondly, his skills like passing, dribbling, long-range deliveries, and tackling the ball are why he is the club’s favorite.

His skills not only make him famous in the world of football but also make him rich; his monthly salary is R600,000 and is expected to increase within a few months.

Here, an interesting fact is that he has other sources of income that pay him more than his monthly salary. The exact date is not revealed, but according to an estimation, he earns almost 1 to 3 million rands annually from these sources. His media appearances, product or brand endorsements, public speaking events, social media posts, sports modeling, and advertisements are included in these mediums.

Andile Jali’s Career as a Footballer

A sportsperson’s career life is shorter than others; some are down after 5 to 7 years, while others can play only 15 years. After that, aging causes a terrible disturbance between them and the hyperactive games. Therefore, sportspersons try to find other ways of income that can pay them for a lifetime, or they can gather enough money so they do not need anything after retirement.

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Another reason why they run after the other income sources is because the South African National Team Board does not pay more than 1 to 2 million rands annually. Therefore, joining clubs or appearing in the media is an essential part of their career. Well, see how Andile Jali earns money via other sources of income.


His permanent job is in the national team, but he also joins clubs to play football. These clubs, like Amazulu or Mamelodi Sundowns, are highly paying.

From 2010 to 2012, he was part of AmaZulu, where he had a lower salary, but after a rigorous performance, he was invited to play the Orlando Pirates players 2012/ 18. During these years, he improved his sports and became one of the most famous players in South Africa; therefore, Mamelodi Sundowns offered him more money, so he joined a new club.

Currently, he is playing for Mamelodi Sundowns, where he receives thousands of rands per month. He also gets extras in which bonuses and facilities such as health care and accommodation are included. The Mamelodi Sundowns manage his travel expenses.


Another way to gather money is to give interviews to news channels, sports channels, YouTube channels, or podcasts. These interviews are not free; he charges thousands of rands for each session. The expenses are based on the duration and information required for interviews.


Endorsements are the best way to earn money for a sportsperson. You often see the logos featured background in his photographs and interviews of Andile Jali. He charges for such interviews from the logos and brand names present in the background.

Advertisements & Long-Term Brand Association

The advertisements are also a way to earn money, but the amount is given by the advertisement organizations, not by the brands. Additionally, brands hire him to promote their products for a long duration, such as 5 to 7 years, in which Jail has to wear logo-featured shirts and specific brand shoes or drink certain beverages on camera from time to time; he earns millions of rands through these mediums.

Andile Jali’s Assets


Jali’s personal life is very different from the professional one; on the field, he seems aggressive and unforgiving, but his personal life is full of fun, entertainment, and nobility. He is a fan of cars like all the other sportspeople; he purchases and sells supercars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles.

According to the record, his favorite vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0l Trailhawk Dsl 4×4 worth R1 million. Another vehicle he loves is the BMW 1 Series 118i 5-door M Sport, which costs R518,900. Although he has other cars, but Jali is often spotted driving these two vehicles.

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Mamelodi Sundowns superstar owns more than one mansion in the country and also in Dubai. He lives in a mansion located in an expensive area where the wealthiest people of South Africa enjoy their unique lifestyle. His mansion has a double story, a large parking, a swimming pool, a training area, and several rooms.

Which teams are interested in Andile Jali?

Kaizer Chiefs are about to hire Andile Jali because they need an aggressive middle fielder who can take their team to the final of the next PSL.

Did Andile Jali play for pirates?

He played for the Orlando Pirates from 2012 to 2018. It was the golden time for Andile Jali; he showed his real potential on the field.

What is happening with Andile Jali?

Andile Jali is about to change his club. The chances are high that he will join Swallows or Kaizer Chiefs for the next round. However, he has not yet signed a contract with any club.

Was Andile Jali involved in a car accident?

He has faced a harsh accident; a car hit his luxury SUV in Kwazulu-Natal.

Players like Andile Jali have proven that soccer is more than a game; it is a symphony of passion, a way to show potential and rhythm of enthusiasm. During his career, he has played for a number of clubs, but the thing the majority of the people did not appreciate is his unbiased performance; he never preferred one club over another during his game because of previous associations and always showed his performance in the best way. His sincerity is the reason why he has become an influential name in the soccer leagues of South Africa.

Although he earns millions of rands per month according to his experience and skills, the amount is still lower than his graceful performance. His other sources of income fill the game between what he receives and what he deserves. Anyhow, I have explained his per month salary, net worth, and other sources of income; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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