Gynecologist Salary in South Africa

Do you wonder about the cost of bringing new life into the world and safeguarding women’s health? The answer lies in gynecology, where an expert deals with the delicacies of women’s health issues and provides proper treatment to save their lives from accidents. The domain is very tough if you examine it regarding work hardship and mental pressure.

Monthly Salary Range:R 48700 – R 143000
Average Monthly Salary:R 95850
Description:A gynecologist guides women and their womb health, diagnosing and treating disorders related to their reproductive system.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate requires six years of medical degree, one year of internship, then one year of community service, and four years of specialization in MMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Here, a concern arises whether these gynecologists receive remuneration according to their services. There are two popular opinions; some experts claim they get according to their services while others force authorities to increase their salaries. Come with me to see the details of a gynecologist’s salary and the facilities he receives from authorities.

Gynecologist Salary

A gynecologist has a tough job as he has to treat patients with critical conditions, bringing a life into a new world and minimizing the chances of life threats when it comes to delivery. Therefore, the journey to becoming a gynecology expert is ten years long; one has to study medical science and medicine, one year of internship, and a year of house job, then complete a specialization in gynecology. People are well-informed about the challenges and hardships of a gynecologist’s responsibilities.

A gynecologist receives R48,700 after completing the specialization, and near the end of his career, he gets almost R143,000 monthly. The average income of a gynecologist is R93,600, and the median income is about R85,100. A list of factors determines the amount a gynecologist earns yearly, such as experience and qualifications or the sector in which he works.


Apart from the salary amount mentioned above, these experts also get bonuses, allowances, and extras. For example, if a gynecologist performs better than others, such as treating patients efficiently, serving long hours, and providing quality services, he will get an individual achievement reward. If a gynecologist achieves a goal within a specific time frame, he also receives an achievement bonus.

The allowances and facilities vary according to their ranks and the years of service. For example, experienced gynecologists enjoy free accommodation from authorities, while others may get rental expenses from the department. Some get free meals during the service time, and others can have complicated and expensive medical treatments for free.

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Salary Structure

Some factors determine the salary of a gynecologist, such as the city, his qualifications, and years of experience. If you work in a government sector, the salary is similar in all cities, while private sectors pay high amounts in metropolitan towns and low amounts in backward areas. Here is a simple structure of the gynecologist’s income.

Years of ExperienceSalary
0 – 2 YearsR55,300
2 – 5 YearsR74,200
5 – 10 YearsR96,400
10 – 15 YearsR117,000
15 – 20 YearsR128,000
20+ YearsR134,000

Responsibilities of a Gynecologist

  1. Routine Examination: A gynecologist is responsible for scheduling regular examinations. He should assess the women’s health, identify the factors affecting the mother’s health, and screen for infections.
  2. Prenatal Care: The prenatal stage is a very complicated and sensitive stage in which a fetus may face health issues if the mother is not taking proper care of herself. A gynecologist is responsible for teaching mothers the simple cures and techniques to prevent stress-related fetus disorders.
  3. Labor & Delivery: The most complicated task is to manage labor and childbirth. It involves taking proper care of both the mother and the newborn baby.
  4. Counseling: Patient education or counseling is also an essential duty of a gynecologist. He should educate patients about the upcoming problems and their solutions and train patients to deal with pregnancy stress.


Is gynecology in high demand in South Africa?

Yes, gynecology is in high demand in South Africa for several reasons. The medical and health care department lacks the number of gynecologists. The field is challenging, so very few people enroll in gynecology.

How many Gynecologists are there in South Africa?

There are 1292 gynecologists in South Africa.

What does OBGYN stand for?

It stands for obstetrician and gynecology.

If you are about to pursue a medical career and looking for a field that will help you earn an abundance of money, choose gynecology. It is a challenging field, but one can reach thousands of rands monthly, and the income increases according to the number of years added to your service. I have explained the income of a gynecologist in South Africa with extras such as allowances and bonuses under the light of his professional responsibilities; I hope the information will help you in the future.

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