Physiotherapist Salary in South Africa

A physiotherapist is a medical professional responsible for assisting patients in recovering from their injuries and disabilities and regaining their physical well-being. They employ different healing methods, including manual therapy, exercises, and education, to help the patient recover from injury and to enhance their overall physical well-being.

Monthly Salary Range:R 15583.3 – R 40750
Average Monthly Salary:R 28166.65
Description:Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in helping patients recover from their injuries by providing therapeutic physical exercise sessions, massages, and manual therapy techniques. They are basically highly qualified professionals specialized in human movements.
Minimum Qualification:To become a physiotherapist in South Africa requires a National Senior Certificate or NC(V). You also need a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and 12 months of community service.

They have huge responsibilities, so does their pay justify their dedication and expertise?

Understanding the financial aspect of the physiotherapy profession is vital if you are planning to pursue a career in this field. Let me walk you through their compensation package, starting with the minimum and maximum monthly income.

Physiotherapists in South Africa requires typically four years to complete, after which they can work in various settings, including state hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, or rehabilitation centers. The average monthly income for physiotherapists is approximately R28,166.65. However, keep in mind that this is an approximate average, and actual figures may vary due to locations, experience levels, and qualifications.


Physiotherapists, especially in private practices, receive bonuses or performance-based incentives, which is an extra source of income for them. The bonuses they receive range from R2k to R34k. Physiotherapists who receive high bonuses have a direct role in the revenue generation cycle.

Salary Structure

The physiotherapist’s salary is divided based on their experience level. The experience level is the determining factor that influences physiotherapist salary. The estimated salaries of physiotherapists in 2023 are as follows:

LevelsEstimated Salaries
Entry-Level PhysiotherapistR187,000 Per Year
Professional PhysiotherapistR489,000 Per Year

Multiple factors determine the salary of physiotherapists, including location and gender. Many cities in South Africa offer higher salaries due to the high cost of living and increased competition. The following is a list of physiotherapists’ salaries in different cities.

Cities (South Africa)Salaries
Port Elizabeth, Eastern CapeR30,000 Per Month
Rustenburg, North WestR30,000 Per Month
Nelspruit, MpumalangaR30,000 Per Month
Roodepoort, GautengR30,000 Per Month
Polokwane, LimpopoR30,000 Per Month
Cape Town, Western CapeR29,120 Per Month
Bloemfontein, Free StateR28,827 Per Month
Kimberley, Northern CapeR28, 456 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR26, 613 Per Month

In today’s era, gender should not have any effect on the wage, but unfortunately, gender disparity at work still exists. Women physiotherapists earn approximately 8% less than their male counterparts.

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Responsibilities of Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists are significant members of the healthcare system and have multiple responsibilities. Some of their duties and roles are described below:

Assessment & Treatment Plan

Physiotherapists assess and examine the condition of patients to develop the correct treatment plan based on their conditions. They employ multiple assessment techniques to identify the issue.

Implementation & Monitoring

After they have developed the treatment plan, they implement it on a patient and monitor their progress throughout the healing process. Furthermore, they also maintain patient records to keep track of the patient’s progress.


Physiotherapists are involved in the rehabilitation of patients recovering from critical injuries, surgeries, or illnesses. They also provide various therapeutic interventions to help the patient achieve recovery and improve their physical well-being.


What is a physiotherapist’s salary in South Africa?

The average base salary of a physiotherapist in South Africa amounts to R282,290 per year. A physiotherapist’s salary ranges from R187K to R489K per year. In addition to their salary, they also receive bonuses, which are tied to their performances.

Which city in South Africa pays physiotherapists the most?

Cities with a high cost of living and significant demands often offer higher salaries with excellent benefits. Cities, including Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, and Roodepoort, offer significantly higher salaries, approximately R30,000 per month.

To sum up, a physiotherapist is a medical professional who is responsible for helping patients recover from their injuries by developing treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique condition. If you are planning to pursue a career in physiotherapy, you can expect to earn R282,290 per year (average base salary). In addition, keep in mind that the salary can vary significantly due to location, qualifications, and experience level.

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