Corporate Lawyer Salary in South Africa

Are you a business student who likes law? If yes, you can become a corporate lawyer and help businesses deal with legal issues. South Africa has a high demand for young, committed lawyers eager to serve entities when they get stuck in legal battles.

Occupation:Corporate Lawyer
Monthly Salary Range:R 48000 – R 160431
Average Monthly Salary:R 104215.5
Description:Corporate lawyers help businesses or clients with decision-making and prevent them from market manipulation. They represent the clients in court and help with the documentation. A corporate lawyer helps management when it comes to legal guidance and decisions.
Minimum Qualification:A law degree is necessary to become a corporate lawyer in South Africa. You have to pass the four bar exams to start practicing. You can continue your studies or opt for a Master’s degree while practicing.

The article contains all the information needed to take the first step. You can learn about a corporate lawyer’s salary and primary responsibilities. I hope you get all the necessary information by reaching the end.

Overview of Corporate Lawyer Salary

Corporate lawyers are in high demand in South Africa. Businesses hire them to review decisions and learn about the rights of the shareholders and employees. Corporate lawyers also oversee the legal compliance of a business entity.

They manage and handle all the legal issues firms/entities face while operating. If you’re interested in business and law, you can get a law degree and start practicing. The salary, along with the responsibilities, are discussed for help and guidance.

Corporate lawyers are in high demand because businesses and clients hire them for legal advice and issues. They ensure the management makes decisions that are beneficial and legal. On average, they earn around R 1,149,321 annually.

Corporate attorneys can make a lot more by working with different firms and guiding them through complicated situations. The salaries also vary from city to city in South Africa. Lawyers in Johannesburg earn more than the ones in Pretoria or Cape Town.


Most corporate lawyers in South Africa get bonuses or incentives now and then. On average, they get bonuses of around R 75,000 to R 101,005 annually, depending upon their experience.

The more the experience, the higher the bonus amount. Hence, being a corporate attorney has a lot of responsibility, but you get to earn a decent amount every month.

Salary Structure

The table helps give an idea about the salaries of corporate attorneys throughout their careers. The figures may vary depending on the business you’re working with.

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Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary in ZAR
Entry-levelR 1,064,659
3 to 5 yearsR 1,530,386
More than five yearsR 1,925, 180

These are the estimated salaries of corporate lawyers in South Africa. There might be an increase of 16% in the salaries in the coming five years.

Responsibilities of a Corporate Lawyer

The primary responsibilities of corporate lawyers are explained below.

  • Entities or clients hire corporate lawyers for help during the decision-making process. They help in contract formation, review, and negotiations with the other party.
  • They are the representatives of the businesses or clients in the court or board meeting. Corporate lawyers deal with lawsuits and help prepare a defense.
  • Corporate lawyers help trading companies with market manipulation and fraud. They ensure the companies are registered and prepare reports related to stocks.
  • One of the essential responsibilities of corporate lawyers is to oversee and document the merging of two companies. They form contracts and negotiate things.
  • Corporate lawyers help companies with financing. They can find money through public and private finances.
  • They can assist with licensing and managing operations. Corporate lawyers ensure the policies are aligned with the South African government.


Are lawyers in demand in SA?

South Africa has a high demand for young and committed corporate lawyers. Business entities or firms hire them for guidance in legal issues. However, they need to practice for years but can get great opportunities when done.

What type of law is the richest?

Corporate and commercial lawyers in South Africa earn a great sum of money. Big companies hire them and get huge incentives.

How long does it take to become a corporate lawyer in South Africa?

A minimum of six years is needed to become a corporate lawyer in South Africa. Four years are required to complete LLB, while two years are needed for articles. You’ll have to take four board exams afterward.

Is corporate law hard?

Forming or reviewing documents, gathering information, representing clients, and working for long hours are hard. Being a corporate lawyer is more challenging than it may seem. It’s a job that needs your blood and sweat.

Which university is best for corporate law in South Africa?

Many universities in South Africa offer law degrees, but the best ones include Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town, East London University, and the University of Pretoria.

What are the disadvantages of becoming a corporate lawyer?

There are a lot of disadvantages to becoming a corporate lawyer. You must deal with demanding clients, work long hours, spend much on education, and endure high-stress situations. These are some significant downsides of becoming a lawyer.

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An interesting article on the corporate lawyer’s salary is written so people can become one in the future. Corporate lawyers are in high demand in South Africa. They get a good paycheck but have to work for hours.

The information guides students who intend to become a corporate lawyer. Salary structure along with responsibilities are discussed for help.

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