Industrial Psychology Salary in South Africa

An industrial psychologist is responsible for assessing and evaluating the mental health issues of the workers in an organization to teach them techniques to cure their behavioral conditions. Researchers claim that if an industry successfully maintains a positive environment, it can help increase the employees’ productivity and allow them to reach their full potential. Therefore, the trend to hire an industrial psychologist is growing daily in South Africa.

Occupation:Industrial Psychologist
Monthly Salary Range:R 21000 – R 66800
Average Monthly Salary:R 43900
Description:A mental health expert in an industrial setting works as a bridge to connect and close the gap between human behavior and organizational success.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate requires a psychology degree and specialization in an organizational setting.

The job seems harsh, and an industrial psychologist requires hours of observation, test evaluation, and analysis to increase employees’ productivity. It raises a concern about the income of an average industrial psychologist and the nature of his responsibilities.

There is a proper salary structure for industrial psychologists. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the details and see the factors involved in determining the salaries of mental health professionals in industrial settings.

Industrial Psychologist Salary

An industrial psychologist has a tough job as he has to look after hundreds of employees and workers in the organization, understand their mental health barriers, and design techniques to improve their mental health so they can perform better. A person who wants to become an industrial psychologist should possess a graduation degree and specialization in an industrial setting with maximum work experience. The salary of an industrial psychologist depends upon a list of factors such as his qualifications and years of experience.

The lowest salary of an industrial psychologist is about R21,000 after specialization, and the highest record income is R66,800. The salary increases according to the number of research you publish and the years of experience you gain. The average salary of an industrial psychologist is about R42,800, and the median income is R40,000.


You may find the initial salary low, but here is some good news: these experts get wages, allowances, extras, and several facilities. The bonuses depend upon the nature of the achievement and the industry’s overall progress. For example, some organizations provide individual achievement bonuses.

To acquire an individual achievement bonus, one needs to finish the tasks within a time frame assigned by the authorities. Then comes the company performance bonuses, in which an industrial psychologist gets an amount when the industry makes significant progress in business. Lastly, some organizations give goal-based bonuses, and an expert is required to provide quality services to get this bonus.

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Salary Structure

Industrial psychology is a newly developed discipline that has overtaken the business world. You can see industrial psychologists in an advertising company, working in a news organization, and providing services to industries in both government and private sectors. The salary structure of industrial psychologists is not complicated to understand; see below.

Years of ExperienceSalary
0 – 2 YearsR24,900
2 – 5 YearsR32,000
5 – 10 YearsR44,100
10 – 15 YearsR54,700
15 – 20 YearsR58,600
20+ YearsR62,500

Responsibilities of an Industrial Psychologist

  • Workplace Assessment: An industrial psychologist must assess an industry’s role structure to evaluate the workplace environment. He notices the variables that directly impact workers’ performances in an industry.
  • Employee Selection: Another primary responsibility is to assess the candidate and evaluate the skills according to the industrial settings. The employee selection part also involves interviews and administering multiple tests to evaluate candidates’ skills, such as resilience, mental toughness, or confidence.
  • Training & Development: An industrial psychologist is responsible for providing employees with training in different techniques to deal with workplace stress, anxiety, and mental barriers. He should also assess the progress of employees every month.


What does an industrial psychologist do in South Africa?

An industrial psychologist is responsible for assessing and evaluating the mental health status of workers. He trains techniques to the employees to cope with mental health issues and measure their well-being progress.

Is being a psychologist a promising career in South Africa?

Yes, psychology is a promising career in South Africa. The demand for psychologists is increasing daily in the region in all settings, from industrial to clinical and research realms.

What is the demand for industrial-organizational psychologists?

The demand for industrial-organizational psychologists is increasing because of new industry trends.

An industrial psychologist has a tough job as he has to face hundreds of workers, evaluate their mental health issues, and identify the disorders to eliminate the chances of downfall in the graph of progress. He is assigned to increase the performance plus well-being of the employees to benefit the organization. We should acknowledge an industrial psychologist’s hardships and appreciate his monthly income.

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