Dietitian Salary in South Africa

A dietitian is a highly qualified healthcare professional with food and nutrition planning expertise. People who do not like taking medicines or other therapies can visit dietitians. If their health issue is related to diet or can be solved if engineered, they can get evidence-based medical nutrition therapy.

Monthly Salary Range:R 34083 – R 99858
Average Monthly Salary:R 66970.5
Description:A dietitian is responsible for providing evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, training, and educating clients based on their current issues.
Minimum Qualification:An individual requires a 4-year BS or 2-year BSc degree in Dietetics to become a dietitian.

The scope of dietitians is widening daily in South Africa as hundreds of positions in multiple medical and healthcare departments are vacant. If you are planning to join the dietitian career but are uncertain, you should see the financial aspects of the job. Come with me to know the monthly income, salary structure, responsibilities, and other details related to dietitians.

Overview of a Dietitian’s Salary

Researchers claim that we become what we eat; surveys show that people on an unhealthy diet suffer from major diseases such as diabetes, blood issues, heart problems, and cancer. Most people say that they only eat healthy food, but they still suffer from health problems, which may be because they are not eating it with the proper pattern that a dietitian provides them.

In the past few years, the scope of dietetics has widened not only in South Africa but worldwide after a trend in food-related research and our daily lives. As you know, when the demand is high, the price is also high, so the minimum salary recorded for a dietitian in South Africa is R34,083 monthly. The maximum record paycheck is R99,858 monthly, and an average dietitian earns R65,450 monthly.


The monthly salary of a dietitian surpasses our expectations, but it is a mere side of the complete scenario. Dietitians get several extras, such as bonuses, incentives, allowances, or facilities. Those working in a company can get an incentive after a month if they achieve a goal before the deadline or do not take leave throughout the month.

Sometimes, a company provides an allowance to its employees if it accomplishes a significant milestone or performs better than competitors. Lastly, some organizations offer employees free transportation, accommodation, healthcare services, or on-duty meals. A survey indicates that 80% of dietitians enjoy extras while 20% lack all the facilities.

Salary Structure

The ranking system of a dietitian is not as complex as the other positions, and there is no list of hierarchy of officers when it comes to dietitians. However, a few factors distinguish a senior dietitian from a junior one, such as his years of experience, education, gender, and location. Let’s see each one of these factors in the light of statistics and surveys.

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Years of ExperienceMonthly Income in Rands

This table shows that the salary increases are based on an employee’s experience in the healthcare department. For example, the early salary is R38,860 for 0 to 2 years of service experience of an employee, but after five years of service, his salary increases by 34%. Similarly, the salary from 5 to 10 years of service increases by 30%, and between 10 and 15 years, it increases by 21%.

The salary rises by 9% and 5% from 15 to 20 and after 20 years of service, respectively. If you can recognize, there is a pattern of salary increase from early career life till retirement. The salary rises gradually initially, then a rapid change occurs from 5 to 15 years and increases slowly.


Education LevelMonthly Income in Rands
Bachelor’s Degree49,820
Bachelor’s Degree61,945

This table indicates that an individual’s salary is determined based on his qualifications. For example, the salary of a bachelor’s degree holder is 24% lower than his senior, and the salary of a Ph.D. dietitian is 60% more than that of a master’s degree holder. You can apply for a dietitian position after completing a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D.

Other Factors

  • Gender: Sadly, we are living in a country where gender determines the salary of a person. Women are paid more in some fields, while men are considered more experienced because of gender bias. For example, a female dietitian earns 7% more than her male counterpart in the same sector.
  • Location: Another factor that can affect the money you earn is your workplace location. Polls suggest that professionals working in the backward areas are making less compared to the experts practicing in large metropolitan cities like Cape Town.
  • Independent Dietitians: Some professionals separate themselves from healthcare departments to practice independently. Their earning is based on their experience, education, and overall success in their dietetics career.

Responsibilities of a Dietitian


A primary task of a dietitian is to diagnose and assess the diet problems of his client. Most professionals note dietary habits and uncontrolled diet cravings, while others rely upon medical reports. In the beginning, a dietitian conducts an assessment to understand his client’s goals, go through the client’s history, and point out the deficiencies or disorders.


The efficiency of a treatment plan is based on the correct diagnosis; if a dietitian cannot diagnose properly, he may be unable to provide an efficient dietary plan. A professional provides nutrition therapy and evaluates progress every week. In case of problems, he adjusts plans, counsels the client, and trains him to avoid certain behaviors.

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Are dietitians in high demand in South Africa?

Yes, the demand for dietitians is increasing daily in South Africa as more people are confident about changing their dietary patterns to prevent chronic diseases.

How long does it take to become a dietitian in South Africa?

The duration to become a dietitian is based on the program you choose. However, the average duration is four years in South Africa.

What does a dietician do in South Africa?

A dietitian is a healthcare professional who provides nutrition therapies, counsels people and trains them to change certain eating behaviors.

Research claims that our current health status is the result of our diet. They also say that if a person changes his dietary pattern completely, he may escape certain major diseases that are common in public. TThe diet we eat provides the energy that our body and brain consume, so if we consistently focus on junk food, unhealthy diet, or high sugar intake, we may suffer from heart, blood, stomach, and brain issues.

Therefore, one should be highly reluctant regarding the dietary plan. You can seek help from an expert dietitian to change nutritional habits or cure health issues.

We should also appreciate the tireless efforts dietitians exert in their jobs to prevent people from diseases and enjoy their incomes. Anyhow, I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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