IT Specialist Salary in South Africa

The average IT specialist salary in South Africa is approximately R32,000 per month. The field has numerous prospects for fresh graduates, as most of it is based on skills and expertise.

Occupation:IT Specialist
Monthly Salary Range:R 26750 – R 51000
Average Monthly Salary:R 38875
Description:IT Specialists test, troubleshoot, and analyze new and established network systems.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related

Are you getting passed out and want to explore market trends? Here is a complete guide on IT specialist salaries and a breakdown of their professional duties.

IT Specialist Salary Overview

The average income for an IT specialist in South Africa is anywhere around R32,100 per month. If you want to pursue this as a career, an undergraduate diploma in cybersecurity, computer science, or a related field is required. The field has massive prospects for promotions, so an employee with previous experience and a postgraduate diploma or PhD will have better financial perks.


The job also has a complete incentive-based salary system, depending on the company you are recruited in. Aside from the hourly wage of R155, employees have an average bonus of R5,364 per year. Some private companies also offer fringe benefits to employees, including insurance waivers, medical insurance, travel allowance, and housing allowance.

Salary Structure of IT Specialist

There is no distinct salary scale or structure for IT specialists in South Africa, as the job is dependent on skills and not on seniority level. For the most part, the salary is usually determined by factors like educational qualifications, background, level of expertise, and city station. So, irrespective of your age, there are high prospects for promotion.

Here is a breakdown of their salaries based on experience.

ExperienceSalary Range (Monthly)
1-2 Years of ExperienceR30,300
2-5 Years of ExperienceR40,400
5-10 Years of ExperienceR59,800
10-15 Years of ExperienceR72,900
15-20 Years of ExperienceR79,400
20+ Years of ExperienceR86,000

Like experience, your city of allocation also matters a lot. Here is how.

CitySalary Range (Monthly)
Cape TownR37,300
Port ElizabethR32,400

However, speaking of gender, there is not much difference as the field is mostly based on skills and knowledge. That said, if you consider public sector setups, you will notice that there is a 7% gap between the salaries of female IT experts and their male counterparts. A male IT specialist in South Africa earns around R33,500, whereas this value is around R31,100 for female employees.

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Responsibilities of an IT Specialist

Simply put, IT specialists analyze, troubleshoot, test, and evaluate the new and existing network systems, including WAN (wide area networks), LAN (local area network), servers, and other information networks. Here is a breakdown of their professional duties in an organizational setting.

  • Installation of new hardware components and software.
  • Assisting in facilitating the network administration tasks.
  • Regularly evaluating the system’s IDs to ensure that they are updated to meet the company’s requirements.
  • Making sure data transfers are safe and secure.
  • Resolving the issues for people working in the office.
  • Educate coworkers about the necessary network security and instill practices to promote them.
  • Supporting the routine operations regarding network security and communication in the office.


How much would I earn as an IT specialist in South Africa?

An average IT specialist based in South Africa is paid around R32,100 every month.

How much is the specialist salary in South Africa?

The highest salary of an IT specialist in South Africa is anywhere around R51,000.

What is the lowest salary of an IT specialist in South Africa?

The lowest salary of an IT specialist in South Africa is R26,750.

How do you become an IT specialist in South Africa?

To become an IT specialist in South Africa, you need to pass an undergraduate degree in information technology or a related field.

Information technology is an emerging field in South Africa with massive prospects for fresh graduates. The good thing about the profession is its scope for promotions and financial perks. I hope this guide has managed to give you valuable insights about IT specialist salaries in South Africa.

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