Scrum Master Salary in South Africa

A scrum master is responsible for managing agile projects. The average scrum master salary in South Africa is approximately R24,558 per month. Experts in this position can easily earn up to R464,900 per year.

Occupation:Scrum Master
Monthly Salary Range:R 11341 – R 38741
Average Monthly Salary:R 25041
Description:A scrum master is a team leader who leads a team and acts as a project manager throughout a project.
Minimum Qualification:National Senior Certificate (NQF Level 4 preferably) with a Scrum Master Certification.

Want to know more about the salary scale and professional responsibilities of a scrum master? Keep reading this guide.

Scrum Master Salary Overview

To become a scrum master in South Africa, you must have a diploma and an NSC certificate. An average scrum master in the country earns around R24,558 per month and R294,700 per year.

The starting package is around R136,100 per year, whereas experts can earn up to R464,900 annually. The median salary for a scrum master is around R313,700 per year, meaning that half the workforce is earning more.


Typically, the scrum master is considered a low-bonus-based job. According to statistics, almost 33% of the employees receive at least one bonus within twelve months, whereas the other 67% didn’t get any incentive. The estimated amount of the bonus ranges from 1 to 4% of their annual salary.

Salary Structure

A scrum master is a position within a corporate office setup. The salary for this position is typically decided based on experience level, education, gender, and the company they are allocated. Here is each factor discussed briefly to give you an idea about an average scrum master’s salary.

Level of Experience

The first thing that counts when deciding the scrum master’s salary is the employee’s experience level. Naturally, employees with more experience have better remuneration packages, and vice versa. Let us compare how an average scrum master earns annually depending on their expertise and years of service.

Years of ExperienceAverage Yearly Scrum Master Salary
Less than 2 years of experienceR152,000
2-5 yearsR205,700
5 to 10 yearsR301,300
10 to 15 yearsR367,900
15 to 20 yearsR399,900
More than 20 years of experienceR431,300


Your education is another determining factor of the decided salary. Though the prerequisite for entering the field is a certificate or diploma, a bachelor’s or master’s degree can score you a higher rank. An average scrum master is paid according to their education level.

EducationAverage Yearly Salary
Certificate or DiplomaR172,200
Bachelor’s DegreeR275,200
Bachelor’s DegreeR459,700


Though it should not be, gender is foundational in deciding your annual salary as a scrum master. Statistics show a 12% salary gap between male and female scrum master’s yearly salary. Let us see how much each gender is paid annually.

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GenderAverage Yearly Salary
Male Scrum Master Yearly SalaryR309,800
Female Scrum Master Yearly SalaryR275,800

City of Allocation

The city and company you are allocated also determine how you earn as a scrum master per month and year. The towns with bigger organizational setups typically have better salary packages and vice versa. Here is a breakdown of a few cities and their average yearly salaries for scrum masters.

City of AllocationAverage Yearly Salary
Cape TownR341,900
Port ElizabethR301,300

Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

Simply put, a scrum master is a professional who manages the Agile project and leads a team. They are required to develop complex projects, draft short developmental cycles, and supervise fast-moving projects. Here are a few professional responsibilities of a scrum master.

  • Leading routine meetups, reviews, demos, and other project-based brainstorming sessions.
  • They are supporting and monitoring team members in carrying out their tasks.
  • Training team members on how to execute routine tasks.
  • Coaching them on scrum principles and best practices.
  • Facilitating conflict resolution and open discussions within the team.
  • Proactively identified, analyzed, and resolved issues after careful consideration and brainstorming sessions with the team.
  • Updating activities in a project management tracking tool.

Here are a few skills you need to perform these tasks.

  • Problem-solving skills to navigate through complex tasks and projects.
  • Adaptability to make changes to achieve favorable outcomes.
  • Communication skills to interact with the team members.
  • Organizational skills to manage tasks, resources, and meetings.
  • Motivational skills to bring out the best in your team.


How much does an average scrum master earn in South Africa?

An average scrum master in the country earns around R24,558 per month.

What is the starting salary of a scrum master?

The starting salary of a scrum master is approximately R11,341 per month.

Do you need a degree to become a scrum master?

No, you do not necessarily require a formal degree to become a scrum master, though it is better if you have one.

What do scrum masters do?

A scrum master is responsible for managing agile projects. They lead a team and make decisions regarding the project throughout its course.

How much do experts earn as scrum masters?

Expert scrum masters can earn up to R464,900 per year and R38,741 per month.

In conclusion, the scrum master is an excellent job for anyone interested in serving in a corporate setup. It has not only financial benefits but also space to grow. I hope this guide has given you a clear idea about scrum master earnings.

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