Jacob Zuma’s Salary & Net Worth in Rands

Jacob Zuma is the fourth President of South Africa and served as the head of the African National Congress from 2007 to 2018. He was elected as the President of South Africa in 2009 and resigned in 2018 after facing allegations. He has a complex relationship with people blending affection and animosity.

He has resigned from the office of President, but still, takes thousands of rands from the government as a pension. If you are interested in knowing about the financial side of Ex-President Jacob Zuma, his salary, his struggle to become a politician, and his luxurious life, come with me to see the details.

Overview of Jacob Zuma & his Salary

Name:Jacob Zuma
Date of Birth:12/04/1942

When it comes to making progress and leading the continent of Africa, we cannot imagine this scenario without the tireless efforts of former President Jacob Zuma.

He served as a beacon of hope to our country for years and made an influential nation in the continent of Africa. Mr. Zuma is not only known for his services to our country, but he also served as the President of the African National Congress for years.

Our country was facing numerous challenges in 2007, including the problem of unemployment, the issue of pensions, skyrocketing inflation, and a large number of politicians being involved in corruption. Then, Mr. Zuma took the responsibility and led the country in a direction, designing strategies to empower the country to tackle challenges. However, some people accuse him of taking a higher salary than his daily expenses.

They criticize that Mr. Zuma used to make R248,333,333 per month and was able to build an R378 million net worth. They criticize that a president should not be paid more than other government officers as he is also a servant of the government. They also accuse him of corruption and question his integrity and how one can build an empire of R378 million by serving as a president.

Jacob Zuma’s Career as a President

Mr. Zuma joined politics in 1959, he was a young enthusiast fighting against the apartheid powers. He protested against powers along with Nelson Menda and was imprisoned on Robben Island. He says that, during the 10 years of imprisonment, he faced numerous harsh conditions and witnessed brutality, but he says that he was eager to face all kinds of challenges for the sake of equality.

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After being released from prison, and winning the fight against powers, he joined politics as a servant of Mandela. The tragic death of Nelson Mandela shocked the entire nation, and during the days of collective trauma, he emerged as a father-like figure for the entire country. He participated in the elections of 2009 and was elected as the President of South Africa who served till 2018.

He showed the nation a light of hope, gave them a purpose, provided them a direction, and paved the nation’s way to make progress. He expanded the social welfare programs such as initiating grants programs and providing free water, and electricity to the poor people. Additionally, he ran a campaign in favor of education, and improved infrastructure, also he joined BRICS, an international group of powers, and designed policies to decrease the cases of HIV/AIDs.

His Sources of Income


After facing allegations of corruption, he resigned from the position of President and went home. Currently, he is not politically active and neither supports any political party in the country. His major source of income is the pension he receives from the government of South Africa.

Public Events

You have spotted him in public events where he is invited as a chief guest. Very few people know that he charges for these arrivals; however, he does not take money from the meetings of ex-politicians for policy making, nor does he charge for government services if he is invited to the President’s office. Still, he earns money from other public events if he is invited.

Book Deals

He is a seasoned politician who served as President of one of the most powerful countries in the African continent and led the African National Congress; therefore, he is a perfect subject for interviews, a hub of information that can give details regarding historical events from 1959 to 2018 in the continent. He charges for the interviews you read in books, his biographies, and all the other papers you read about him.


Additionally, he has appeared in documentaries regarding the African nations, the African Congress, history of South Africa. There are also documentaries related to his personal life, political career, his struggle, and the age he served from 2007 to 2018. He charges for all these movies or informational documentaries.

Jacob Zuma’s Assets


Jacob Zuma does not live in an ordinary house, but he owns a mansion. The estate of Nkandla became the subject of controversy after a report leaked that the government of South Africa had spent more than 300 million to update the estate. The property provides all the basic facilities from a swimming pool to the amenities and amphitheater.

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There is no specific detail about the cars he possesses, but some reports claim that Zuma has multiple vehicles. He owns Range Rovers, Land Rovers, and Ford Ranger. He also uses Scipio Technologies Griffin and Nissan Almera.


How long was Zuma president of South Africa?

Zuma served as a President from 2009 to 2018.

What is the corruption of Jacob Zuma?

He faced numerous corruption allegations such as the 1999 arms deal, using authority for personal benefit and using the state resources for personal advantage.

Jacob Zuma is one of the SA politicians who gave this country a base, strengthened its roots, and improved the foundations of our nation. The corruption charges are part of reality but he has served the nation, improved the lifestyle of people, and enhanced the social welfare programs. We should acknowledge his efforts and appreciate the way he served our country, anyhow I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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