Themba Zwane Salary & Net Worth in Rands

Themba Zwane is a professional football player from Africa who is known for being one of the top players playing for Mamelodi Sundowns in the Premier Soccer League. The player is 34 years old as of 2023 and is among those players who started their career from a very early age. He plays as a midfielder and also plays for the South African National Football Team.

It has been around 11 years since the player was in the field of professional football and successfully managed to gather a net worth of R 26 million. Themba Zwane is one of the well-known players who has earned a lot of honors and prizes in his career. Let’s look at the overview of Themba Zwane and his salary and talk about his net worth, income sources, and assets that belong to him in the guide below.

Overview of Themba Zwane & His Salary

Themba Zwane Salary
Name:Themba Zwane
Date of Birth:03/08/1989

Themba Zwane has signed a 3-year contract with Mamelodi Sundowns at R 250,000 per month salary. The player loves to play number 10, but he also agrees to play any number according to the demand of the coach. The nickname for Themba Zwane is Mshishi, and is among the list of players who are very versatile in their game.

Themba is known for his analytical abilities and has won several awards, including the title of PSL Footballer of the Season for the 2019-20 season. He has also won Sundown Player of the Season and Midfielder of the Season in the season of 2019-20 football. He started his career in 2011, and since then, the player has been among the list of top footballers in South Africa.

He not only earns from his game but also earns from his endorsements and sponsorship deals. Let’s look at the following details and start with focusing on Themba Zwane’s career as a footballer before looking at the assets the player owns.

Themba Zwane’s Career as a Footballer

Themba Zwane is a well-known athlete who plays as a midfielder for both the Sundowns and South African National Football Team. He started his career while playing in the youth teams of Vardos FC in Tembisa and M Tigers. The player then made his professional debut after joining Mamelodi Sundowns in 2011.

He signed the contract for R 3,997,171.29, and later on, the club loaned him out for a single season with Mpumalanga Black Aces. He returned to the club in 2014, and his contract was extended until 2018. From 2011 to 2018, the player was playing with Mamelodi Sundowns continuously on the same agreement.

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In the year 2018, he was then offered a new three-year deal to extend his contract. The team then provided 15.4 million in total for three years for his extension in the club. This is how the player becomes one of the most expensive players of Mamelodi Sundowns club.

Now, the rumors say that the club is offering another long-term deal to the player to extend his stay, which may be four years, but both the player and the club have not yet finalized. Moreover, reports also say that the Chiefs are also looking to sign him. Let’s see where the player goes.

How Themba Zwane Earns; Additional Income Sources

The player has managed to earn a net worth of R 26 million. He has managed to achieve this much net worth not only from his professional football but also from the endorsement deals and sponsorship deals that he signs. Let’s look at the details below that tell you about the sponsorship deals that Themba Zwane is working with.

One of the most dominant sponsorship deals of Themba Zwane is his deal with Puma company. It is the most lucrative deal, but the sad part is that the absolute amount of the contract has not yet been disclosed.

The player also is making a tremendous amount of money from his endorsement deals. He is currently working with Lexus Automobiles, and previously, he was in dealerships with Volkswagen.

Themba Zwane Assets

Just like other footballers, Themba Zwane is also a fan of cars. He has an excellent taste when it comes to automobiles. He owns some of the most pricey and outstanding vehicles in his garage.

He owns a BMW X7, a Golf 7 GTI, a Volkswagen Wagon, and a Lexus GS 350 SUV. Let’s look at the details of the cars below.


The cost of the car is R 2,181,486. It features an air suspension, 335 horsepower, a 6-cylinder engine, a remote start, and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

Lexus GS

The cost of the car is between R 350,000 to R 500,000. The vehicle features an automatic transmission, ventilated seats, a 3.5 l V6 and rear-wheel drive.

Lexus SUV

The cost of the car is R 2.2 million, and it features a single 3456 CC petrol engine and has high fuel-efficient powertrains and automatic transmission.

Golf 7 GTI

The cost of the car is between R 350,000 to R 360,000. It features a 6-speed manual gearbox and comes with an upgraded start-stop system.

Just like other players, because he is also a rich footballer, he lives a luxurious life. He is among those footballers who do not share much about their assets. Keep in mind the player owns a beautiful home about which we do not know much except the fact that there is a luxurious game room and swimming pool located outdoors in his mansion.

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He neither shares the pictures of his cars online nor discloses the net worth of his home. They are among those players who are loved by the people beyond expectations.

Themba Zwane, in spite of his success, often visits his home place, Ecaleni. In that place, the player spends time with the inhabitants and provides them with the necessary items like football boots and other needy products that they need.

What is the net worth of Themba Zwane?

Themba Zwane is one of the professional footballers playing since 2011. He has managed to collect a net worth of around R 26 million. But keep in mind the player has not earned money only from his professional football but has also earned from his endorsement deals, among which the deal with Puma is the most lucrative deal of the player.

How much does Themba earn from Puma?

The player has his endorsement deal signed with Puma, one of the well-known companies. The earning of the player from Puma has not yet been disclosed. Instead, all we know is that it is one of the most dominant and lucrative deals the player has ever signed.

What is the salary of Themba Zwane at Mamelodi Sundowns currently?

In the current contract, Mamelodi Sundowns has made a contract with the player at a monthly salary of R 250,000. It has been more than ten years since the player started playing for Mamelodi Sundowns, and the club has been continuously increasing the wages of the player with each contract to make him stay in the team.

How many cars are owned by Themba Zwane?

Themba Zwane owns four luxurious cars, including the Golf 7 GTI, Lexus SUV, Lexus GS, and BMW X7. All four of these are highly expensive cars that come under the list of four significant assets of Themba Zwane.

Themba Zwane is one of the well-known and famous footballers who play for both Mamelodi Sundowns and the South African National Team. The player is 34 years old and plays as a midfielder in the teams. He has won several awards and has been playing professional-level football since 2011.

Since he started his professional career, he has been a member of the Mamelodi Sundowns club, who, every time the contract ends, offers the player a new warranty for his extension. Moreover, the player loves cars and has four costly and outstanding vehicles in his garage. He does not share much about his home, but all we know is that Themba lives a lavish life and has a net worth of R 26 million.

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