Elton Jantjies Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Are you here to learn about the rugby star Elton Jantjies? Elton Jantjies is quite famous among rugby fans and other players for his exceptional kicking, leadership, and playmaking abilities that don’t let anyone keep their eyes off him. Undoubtedly, Elton Jantjies is an incredible rugby player, but today, we will focus on Elton Jantjies’s salary rather than his rugby skills.

So, if you want to find out Elton Jantjie’s salary, biography, income sources, etc., this article is for you. Without any further delay, let’s get this started.

Overview of Elton Jantjies & His Salary

Elton Jantjies Salary
Name:Elton Thomas Jantjies
Date of Birth:01/08/1990
Profession:Rugby Player

Elton Jantjies is one of the finest and richest rugby players, and this incredible player was born on August 1, 1990. His full name is Elton Thomas Jantjies, and he plays for the South African national team and Agen in the Pro D2. Moreover, he earns R240000 per month, and his estimated net worth is around R9462850.00.

Elton Jantjies is 33 years old and has made a lot of wealth since he started playing rugby. He made his professional rugby debut in 2011 and is earning well. Moreover, besides rugby, he has multiple other income sources, such as sponsorships, media interviews, brand endorsements, and commercials.

Elton Jantjie’s Career as a Rugby Player

Jantjies made his professional debut in 2011 with the Lions in Super Rugby season. Moreover, the same year, he made an international appearance with the Springboks in the Rugby Championship. He also received two significant sporting awards in 2010, which include the SARU Young Player of the Year and the SA U20 Player of the Year award.

He gained immense popularity in the Currie Cup 2011 and earned the Man of the Match award. The Curie Cup finale performance got him into the Lions, and he made his Super Rugby debut. Elton Jantjies made his international debut for the South Africa national rugby team against Australia during the rugby Championship.

Then, in 2013, he moved to the Stormers from the Lions, but his career at Stormers was not as impressive as the Lions. In June 2014, he signed a contract with NTT Communications Shining Arcs.

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His hard work and commitment to rugby helped his team, the Lions, to reach the 2016 and 2017 finals, but hard luck, they lost both the 2016 and 2017 finals against the Hurricanes and Crusaders, respectively. Elton showed a remarkable performance in 2017, where he scored 203 points in the whole season. Moreover, he was selected in South Africa’s squad for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Additional Income Sources of Elton Jantjies

Besides earning a good salary from rugby, Elton Jantjies has multiple additional income sources that add plenty of money to his bank account. Furthermore, the income from other sources has a significant part in his total net worth.

Brand Sponsorships

Elton Jantjies is quite famous worldwide, so his brand sponsorship list is quite long. He has been associated with famous sports and clothing brands, including Nike and Adidas, and many tech brands, including cell phones and cars. Surprisingly, he has the attention of prominent banks like NEDBANK, which often invite him for promotions.

He is a favorite of national and international brands and earns good money from brand sponsorships. Moreover, according to the reports, he received around 3 million rands in a month from these brand sponsorships.

Media Engagements

Besides the side income he generates from brand sponsorships, he is quite expensive for media engagements, too. You must have seen him in several national and international sports programs and channels. His media activities include interviews, sports match analysis, news conferences, etc., and he gets up to R263700 for an interview.

TV commercials and Brand Endorsements

Commercials and brand endorsements are additional sources of Elton’s income and add a significant amount to his total net worth. You must have seen advertisements promoting famous brands’ products and receiving a tremendous amount in return.

Furthermore, the brand endorsements also generate a significant amount that makes him the owner of several million rands. Primarily, he endorses brands of energy supplements and drinks.

Elton Jantjies Assets

After going through Elton Jantjie’s earnings, you must be curious about the assets that make his net worth R9462850.00. He indeed lives a lavish life and owns numerous assets that make him a wealthy man.


Elton Jantijies, like many other famous personalities, owns several luxurious cars. Besides being for rugby, Elton Jantjie stays in the limelight for his car collection because he loves to purchase every new car that arrives on the market.

He doesn’t share much wealth on social media but recently posted a picture with his brand-new BMW on his account. As per news and reports, he owns eight supercars worth more than 10 million rands.

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No doubt, Elton Jantjies lives a lavish life, but as I have mentioned earlier, he doesn’t share much on social media accounts, so not much is known about his assets. However, there are rumors and reports that his house is worth more than R4 million, but he has not made any of his possessions public.

Is Elton Jantjies a good player?

Elon Jantjies is an incredible player who has earned numerous renowned titles and awards in his professional career. His most remarkable performance to date is the Currie Cup 2011, which also got him into the national team of South Africa.

Is Elton Jantjies in the World Cup squad?

No, Elton Jantjies is in Springboks training book but not a part of the World Cup squad.

How old is Jantjies?

Jantjies was born on 1 August 1990 and has just turned 33 this year.

Everyone gets curious about the salary and income sources of famous players, especially those who play well. One such world-famous name is Elton Jantjies, popular among sports fans for his outstanding skills. This article is for all those who got curious about Elton Jantjie’s salary after seeing him perform in matches.

In this article, we have discussed everything about Elton Jantjies, from his salary to the assets he has. So whether you are interested in Elton Jantjie’s salary as a fan or a reporter, you will get every little detail about Elton here. Thank you.

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