Julius Malema Salary and Net Worth in Rands

The leader of EFE and the Parliament Joint Committee on Ethics and Members’ interests have been in the limelight for his money scandals, financial transparency, and lack of public trust. He is currently serving as a member of parliament and earns a considerable amount of money.

Are you interested in knowing more about Julius Malema’s salary? Here is a complete guide on his income details, net worth, assets, and gifts received by the political alliance. So, dive right in to know more.

Julius Malema Income Details

Julius Malema Salary
Name:Julius Malema
Date of Birth:03/03/1981
Profession:South African Politician and Activist

Julius Malema is a South African politician and activist and has been a part of the parliament in the country. Currently, he is said to receive a monthly salary of approximately R133,000 and R1.6 million, which is substantially high for someone who is a leader from a minority party.

However, there is a public expectation that Julius will turn into a Deputy President, which means his salary will significantly improve from what it is today. According to stats, it can get somewhere between R2.9 million and R3.5 million per annum. Aside from salary, he has managed to build income assets for passive financial benefits.

Julius Malema South African Politician Net Worth

According to official sources, the South African activist-cum-politician Julius Malema has an estimated wealth of around R45 million, much of which is accredited to his business ventures and monthly salary. However, he has been blamed for corruption and money laundering, and there is a wide rumor that his close business contacts sponsor his lifestyle.

Julius Malema Income Assets | Expensive Things Owned by the Player

Aside from the apparent net worth and monthly salary, the politician also owns a number of assets, adding significantly to his wealth. Over the years, he has managed to build huge business empires, properties, and other expensive things. If you are interested in knowing more about Julius Malema’s income assets, keep reading this guide.

Business Venture

As a prominent public personality, Julius Malema is known to own several businesses, the most popular of them being engineering firms. Some of his successful business ventures include Ratanang Family Trust, Kopano Charity Trust, Mazimbu Investment Trust, and Munshedzi Family Trust. All these partnerships and directorships have added significantly to his net worth.

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The South African activist Julius Malema has a total of four cars, including two Range Rovers, a Mercedes Benz Viano Minibus, and a Mercedes C63 AMG. All these cars are estimated to cost R56,527,500 in total. All these vehicles were bought by the politician from 2008 to 2012 when he was the party’s youth league president, which was why he received huge criticism.

Properties/ Lands

Aside from active income from businesses, the player is the owner of several real-estate buildings. However, across the country, he is blamed for illegally buying and selling public properties at much higher prices. Despite this, the lack of hard evidence against the politician resulted in no investigation.

Aside from this, he lives in Johannesburg near Hyde Park, which is known for its breathtaking beauty. Though the politician rejects the notion of having any other properties, most of his contested lands are owned by his wife, children, and other family members.

Other Expensive Items

The SA politician and activist has also been seen receiving gifts from other leaders. The most popular gifts he is given include nine books, a traditional Xhosa attire, beats from Abathembu King Buyelekhaya, music CDs, and R1000 donations from Soweto sympathizers. Apart from this, his collection of gifts also includes a copy of the apartheid book, an R400 bottle of wine from the Kgantontle consultation, and a copy of black nation can we rise by Samal Molonda.

Who are the owners of EFF?

Julius Malema is a South African political leader who is known for the ownership of EFE or Economic Freedom Fighters.

What is the net worth of Julius Malema?

According to Business Insider, the net worth of Julius Malema is anywhere around R45 million.

What did Julius Malema do?

Julius Malema is a South African activist and politician. He is currently a member of parliament from the minority party of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

What is the monthly salary of Julius Malema?

Traditionally, the monthly salary of Julius Malema is anywhere around R133,000.

In essence, Julius Malema is a known personality across South Africa for his impeccable politics, contested net worth, businesses, and political affiliations. Recently, he has been upgrading his status in the party, which means a number of speculations regarding his monetary scandals. I hope this guide has helped you get a sneak peek at his salary.

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