Doctor Khumalo’s Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Some individuals are renowned for their professions, while certain professions gain recognition in public due to talented individuals, such as South African Football, which owes much of its recognition to Doctor Khumalo. He is the person who revolutionized the football game in South Africa, won a list of titles, and gained immense popularity.

Doctor Khumalo, the former South African football star, is still famous for his incredible performances and lavish lifestyle. His fans are curious about his financial life, career struggle, and how he spent his days after retirement. Come with me to see the details regarding his monthly income, net worth, and side sources of money.

Overview of Doctor Khumalo & His Salary

Name:Doctor Khumalo
Date of Birth:26/06/1967

If someone gave a new life to the sports of South Africa, he is the only Mr. Khumalo. He is one of the best former football players who took the football world by storm, made a name in soccer, and earned endless respect. He was the Footballer of the Year in 1992 and ranked 62 in the top 100 footballers worldwide.

He was famous not only in South Africa but also all around the continent of Africa and Europe. Around that time, he was a club player and a South African National Football team member. In his club career, he won numerous titles, such as 3 PSL titles, 4 BOB Premier League Titles, a Coca-Cola Cup, and a Caster Lager League Cup; additionally, he played for the National Team and brought the 1996 African Cup to the country.

He said when he started playing football at a school level, he received a R8,000 salary per month, which was very low. Later, he joined clubs and the National Team, which helped him earn R1,500,00 per month, so he built an empire of R94 million. His critics claim he cannot gather a vast empire with this low monthly salary.

Doctor Khumalo’s Career as a Footballer

Doctors Khumalo is a footballer who built the foundation of the South African National Football Team and made efforts to qualify for the World Cup. He started playing football 1984 for Swallows Reserves and later joined Kaizer Chiefs junior team in 1985. His performance forced experts to admit that this man has something that other players are lacking: incredible football skills.

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In 1986, he was promoted to the club’s senior football team, where he performed like a beast of football. At that time, people used to say that no one could stop Khumalo if he had taken the ball, and no keeper could understand the trick of the Doctor if he was in front of the net with the ball. His lightning speed, difficult-to-spot tricks, and next-level ability to maneuver made him famous and paved the way to joining the national team.

He also debuted for Bafana Bafana, acted as a captain in some matches, and, after his retirement, served as a co-coach for Kaizer Chiefs. A rising star like him was the perfect subject for Newspapers, Media Channels, and brands to promote their channel or products. He signed a list of endorsement deals with cold drink brands, shoe brands, and clotheslines to earn money, so he built an empire of R94 million.

Endorsement Deals

Mr. Khumalo is the superstar of his time who shocked the football world with his exceptional athletic skills. Because of his popularity among people, international companies like Ford and Nike hired him to promote their products, and he worked as a brand ambassador for Ford, a car company. Moreover, he announced shoes not only in advertisements but also in public.

Media Appearances

You have spotted him in reality shows or addressing a panel of experts on sports channels such as EA Sports or Ten Sports. He often appears in the press conferences before and after matches. All these activities help him earn money, and a rough estimate indicates that he makes more than a million rands yearly.

Other Sources

Mr. Khumalo’s mentality varies from the other celebrities as he likes to go out in public, attend public events, and participate in public fundraising campaigns. His public appearances, such as invitations to an award, sports, or league opening, help him make millions of rands.

Additionally, he has invested in a list of businesses where his clothing line and restaurant business give him thousands of rand monthly. Some also claim that he has purchased shares of Stock and owns a real estate business. Anyhow, he has both active and passive sources of income.

Doctor Khumalo’s Assets


Ordinary people live in houses, and extraordinary individuals own mansions. Mr. Khumalo belongs to the class of exceptional people as he owns multiple estates around the country, and some sources say that he also has villas in neighboring countries. However, a source says that his house and other assets were divided between him and his ex-wife after his divorce.

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Currently, he lives in a mansion in Johannesburg, which has all the basic facilities. He has a training area, a gym, and a sports area. Additionally, the estate has a large parking lot, a library, a bar, and swimming; guards surround the place as the government has provided him exceptional security.


Mr. Khumalo possesses a collection of vehicles, but the exact number of the cars is not revealed. His servants say that he likes to drive a Ford Mustang. Additionally, he has a BMW X5, Range Rover, Ferrari, and Porsche, and the worth of his vehicles is more than 10 million rands.


How many trophies did Doctor Khumalo win?

He has won 3 South African League Championship titles and five knockout trophies.

What happened to Doctor Khumalo’s daughter?

Sadly, she died in an accident when coming from a dinner with her husband and friends.

How many goals did Doctor Khumalo score?

He has scored 90 goals in his career and played 379 leagues.

Which team is Doctor Khumalo coaching?

He is coaching Kaizer Chiefs.

How old is Doctor Khumalo?

Currently, he is 59 years old.

Doctor Khumalo is known for his excellent skills and unforgettable football performance, with a record of scoring 90 goals. He has won numerous titles, played for multiple clubs, and is still a coach of Kaizer Chiefs, a South African football club. No doubt, he has the potential to take the club to the heights of success and revolutionize club football, just as he changed the direction of the South African National Football Team.

Mr. Khumalo is a favorite former player of all the South Africans as he took our team to international matches and qualified for the World Cup. His tireless efforts made him famous and rich, and now he has an R94 million net worth; additionally, he makes money through several sources, such as promoting products, appearing on TV, and investing in businesses. We should acknowledge his efforts and appreciate his monthly income; anyhow, I hope this information will help you; thank you.

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