Arthur Zwane Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Former football player Arthur Zwane signed his last contract of his career in 2022. He has signed the agreement for three coming years and will be working as the head coach of Kaizer Chief Football Club. The player is a well-known footballer who is now serving as a coach for different Football teams.

He is among the list of highest-paid football coaches and was a former player of the South African National team. This former football player not only works with perfection and gives his best to build a competitive squad but also, when he was a player, he was aware of his responsibilities and was among the players who pleased their fans in every game they played. The blog contains details about Arthur Jabulani Zwane and discusses his salary as a coach, his net worth, how he earns, and the assets that belong to him.

Overview of Arthur Jabulani Zwane & His Salary

Arthur Zwane Salary
Name:Arthur Jabulani Zwane
Date of Birth:20/09/1973
Profession:Football Coach

For now, the player is 50 years old and is still serving his country from his experience and skills that he has related to the game of football. He is one of the top players of his time and is among the list of highest-paid coaches of South African football, who right now earn R 800,000 monthly. The former footballer makes around 9.6 million South African Rands per year as the head coach of Kaizer Chief Football Club.

You must be surprised about the salary of the coach, but I know you are unaware of his responsibilities. He is actually responsible for building up the squad that will perform exactly as Arthur performed in his lead years, during his peak. He has to work with the team to develop the characteristics and skills of the players because people expect a lot from him as a coach.

And he has to meet everyone’s expectations. The player has a net worth of more than R 39,266,451, which undoubtedly is a surprisingly huge amount. He has served as a footballer for various teams, including Orlando Pirates, Tembisa Classic, Jomo Cosmos, and Kaizer Chiefs.

Arthur Zwane’s Career as Football Coach

Career as a Footballer

Arthur Zwane is one of the famous footballers known for his passion and skills for the football game. He is now serving as a coach and has recently signed his career’s last contract as a coach to develop Professional football skills in the squad of Kaizer Chief Football Club.

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He was very young when he started playing football. He grew up playing for Liverpool, which was his uncle’s team at that time. Then he played for Jomo Cosmos.

After playing for Jomo Cosmos, the player was promoted in 1992 for playing on loan for Real Rovers. The player made his professional debut in 1993 in the quarter-final of the Giyani Classic vs BobSave Super Bowl. Arthur continued in 1994 playing for Cosmos.

After that, the player played for around 12 matches while in the team of Orlando Pirates. After finishing his 12th match, he was then sent on loan to Dynamos. Then, the player played for Tembisa Classic under the leadership of Khabo Zondo.

While playing for Tembisa Classic, the player scored around eight goals. After that when there was a war between Chiefs and Pirates, Pirates claimed that Zwane was their player and Chiefs claimed that Lesley Manyathela was their player in the year 2000, Arthur Zwane joined Kaizer Chiefs.

In 2000-2001, Zwane was successful in achieving three trophies in his name. In the year 2004, in August, he scored his first goal against Manning Rangers that ended up in a 2 – 1 win.

Career as a Coach

The career at Arsenal as a coach started in May 2021. He began serving as the Kaizer Chief Team Assistant Manager and was appointed to the seat on 27th May. He was appointed in 2021 but served the team during the season of 2020 to 2021.

In the very next month, on 9th June 2021, this former player was appointed as the caretaker manager of the team. 1 year later, on 26th May 2022, Arthur signed a contract as the team manager at a salary of R 800,000 monthly. The player signed the last contract of his coaching career that will end in 2025.

Additional Income Sources: How Zwane Earns?

Since the player has played lots of football matches with different teams, he was a great player and was paid a higher salary as compared to others throughout his career as a footballer. When he started coaching, because of being highly dedicated, his name came under the list of highest-paid coaches in South Africa.

This made it possible for the player to make a net worth of R 39,266,451. Despite these, the player has never revealed his other income sources.

Arthur Zwane Assets

Arthur has led a very private life. He keeps his professional life separate from his personal life. Regardless of how famous he is, the player never shared his assets online or on social media.

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We don’t know about his house, nor do we have any idea about the cars Arthur Zwane owns. He is a former footballer and now a coach. But the way the player separates his private life from his professional life is worth praising.

What is the net worth of Arthur Zwane?

Arthur Zwane gave many memorable moments to football when he was a footballer. His net worth is around R 39,266,451. Kaizer Chiefs Football Club appointed him as the head coach after he retired from football in 2010.

What is the net monthly income of the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club manager?

Arthur Zwane is one of the highest-paid football coaches. He receives R 300,000 from the club as a monthly salary. Although some sources claim that Arthur makes R 800,000 total in a month, which becomes 9.6 million annually.

Which football coach is the highest-paid Football coach in South Africa?

Arthur Zwane is one of the best football coaches who earns the highest income in South Africa. He makes up to R 800,000 monthly, which becomes 9.6 million Rands per year.

Arthur Jabulani Zwane is a well-known former footballer who is now serving as a coach in South Africa. The player has a net worth of around R 39,266,451 and is currently a coach of Kaizer Chief Football Club, where he has signed a deal for three years that will end in 2025. Arthur comes in the list of those players who have played for a number of teams in their football career.

Recently, he signed a deal from which he will earn R 800,000 per month and will definitely end up increasing his net worth when the contract ends in the year 2025. Moreover, the player ensures that his private and professional life stays apart from each other, and he prefers not to share anything on social media or any other platform.

He has never shown his assets, nor do we know about the list of houses and cars that he owns. The only thing that we know is the players live a luxurious life with all the facilities and have a lavish lifestyle.

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