Lawyer Salary in South Africa

A lawyer is hands down one of the most highly-paid professions in South Africa. You will be surprised by how much they make monthly, let alone yearly. I know you all are very curious about their salaries; hence, I will give you a complete overview of lawyer salaries in the following article.

Monthly Salary Range:R 249000 – R 6000000
Average Monthly Salary:R 3124500
Description:Lawyers are the experts in the legal matters of individuals, associations, and companies. They study complex legal matters of clients, build up a legal strategy to cope with the issues, and then provide a solution or represent the clients in court proceedings.
Minimum Qualification:A lawyer needs a degree in LLB in order to become a lawyer. After that, he will need to apply to the High Court to be included in the β€˜roll’ of advocates.

In addition to that, I will also give you a list of some of the responsibilities of lawyers. So, I would definitely recommend you all to read what I have got to say.

Overview of Lawyer Salary

A lawyer is a very respectable profession in South Africa. In addition to that, a lawyer gets a hefty paycheck even as an entry-level beginner. This is because they are qualified as well as licensed to practice law in complex and highly technical legal matters.

They can represent various clients in legal court proceedings, beginning from a Session Court up to the High Court and Supreme Court. They can even help you get an out-of-court settlement if you do not want to get stuck in legal proceedings.

In addition to that, a lawyer will help you plan your case in such a way that you will turn out to be a winner at the end of the case. Considering all that, you can say that the salary they receive is totally fair and true to their profession. To clear things up, let me tell you that an average lawyer in South Africa earns about R 3,124,500 per year on average.


1. Personal Practice

It is super easy for a qualified and licensed lawyer to start personal practice on the side. They can easily open up their own law firm and start practicing. It is a great way to double and triple your total earnings.

2. Freelance Services

Qualified and licensed lawyers can also freelance their services within South Africa on various online freelancing websites. This allows the lawyers to cover a wider area throughout the country rather than staying restricted to their own residential city.

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Responsibilities of Lawyers

1. Represent Clients in Various Legal Proceedings

Lawyers are qualified and licensed to practice law in their respective countries. They get to represent their clients in various civil and criminal legal proceedings. They extract the evidence and information from the client and then devise a strategy to help their clients win maximum benefits from the court proceedings.

2. Communicate With Clients and Other Involved in the Case

It is also the responsibility of a lawyer to get maximum information out of the client and then communicate his findings to the opposition, their lawyers, judges, and others involved in the court proceedings.

3. Conduct Research and Analysis of Legal Issues

A lawyer is also supposed to study the case to the most minute detail. He will analyze every aspect of the case and judge all the possible outcomes and solutions to the problems.


Why are lawyers paid so well in South Africa?

Lawyers are paid handsomely in South Africa because they are the only ones who can legally represent the general public in courts. They can help devise a legal plan for you and then help you turn victorious in your court proceedings.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the lawyers are making a hell of a lot of money in South Africa. It is, in fact, one of the most highly paid professions in all of South Africa. The demand for qualified and licensed lawyers is definitely increasing day by day because of the increase in crime rates in the past few years.

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