Mechanical Engineering Salary in South Africa

A higher level of development in the country means that there is a high scope for mechanical engineers in South Africa. The field becomes more attractive for the younger generation when they find out the salary range.

Occupation:Mechanical Engineering
Monthly Salary Range:R 25000 – R 491333
Average Monthly Salary:R 258166.5
Description:They are responsible for developing and maintaining mechanical systems and devices.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum level of education required to become a mechanical engineer in South Africa is Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

On average, the median salary of a mechanical engineer in the country is R45,000 per month. However, this amount can easily go up with a number of factors. Read the article below to find out a brief overview of mechanical engineer salaries in South Africa.

Overview of Mechanical Engineering Salary

According to the minimum and maximum salary of mechanical engineers shared above, the average salary per month for this field is approximately R258,166. However, this level of salary will only come if the person has a higher qualification, instead of a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering only.

Salary Structure

Mechanical engineering has many salary levels that mostly depend upon the experience of the individual. The few major salary levels based on experience are shared below.

PositionSalary per MonthSalary per Year
Senior LevelR491,333R5,895,996

List of Pay in Different Cities

The salary of a mechanical engineer is also affected by the difference in area in South Africa. The bigger cities come with higher salaries as compared to the smaller and rural areas. Below is a list of different cities with the average salaries that a mechanical engineer can expect while working there.

  • Johannesburg R500,000 – R600,000
  • Cape Town R400,000 – R520,000
  • Northern Suburbs, Western Cape R47,527
  • Bellville, Western Cape R32,381
  • Pretoria, Gauteng R 31,202
  • East London, Eastern Cape R25,007
  • Centurion, Gauteng R22,926
  • Durban, KwaZulu-Natal R16,888

However, the salary of the mechanical engineer is also affected by their gender. Unfortunately, female employees get paid 23% to 35% less than male mechanical engineers in South Africa.

Responsibilities of Mechanical Engineer

The major responsibility of a mechanical engineer working in South Africa is coming up with unique designs for tools, devices, and different machines. They also need to develop the designs and make sure that the end product is functional and serves its purpose.

In addition to that, they are also in charge of testing and experimenting with different devices to evaluate their performance and then find ways to enhance it. The safety check of different machines and tools also falls under the job of mechanical engineers.

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Is mechanical engineering in demand in South Africa?

Yes, mechanical engineering is in high demand in South Africa. The reason behind this is that it is very scarce in the country, which has led to higher demand and better salaries.

What is the salary range for a mechanical engineer in South Africa?

The salary range for mechanical engineers in South Africa varies from person to person, depending upon their experience and qualifications. The average range is R45,000 to R50,000, as R45,000 is the median salary of mechanical engineers in South Africa.

Which field of mechanical engineering gets the highest salary?

Mechanical engineers who are working in oil and gas, power generation, automotive, or mining get paid the highest salaries in South Africa. These sectors give the best salary range to engineers.

What are the factors that affect a mechanical engineer’s salary in South Africa?

The major factors that affect the salary of a mechanical engineer in South Africa are the experience, qualification level, and skill set of the individual. In addition to that, the industry and the sector they choose also affect their salaries, along with the location of the job.

What are the career prospects for mechanical engineers in South Africa?

The career prospects for mechanical engineers are very good in South Africa. As the country does not have a large number of mechanical engineers and is developing rapidly, the demand for skilled mechanical engineers is very high.

What are the bonuses and benefits that mechanical engineers can expect in South Africa?

The bonuses and benefits that mechanical engineers get apart from their salaries depend upon their employer. Most commonly, they get performance-based bonuses, paid leaves, and housing allowances.

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