Project Manager Salary in South Africa

Project manager income varies across South Africa due to the geographic location, qualifications, years of experience, and sector. When it comes to choosing a career, salary is not the main consideration; however, it is necessary to keep yourself informed about the average and potential earnings within this field. Keep reading to find out about the minimum and maximum monthly incomes of project managers in South Africa and learn about the duties they perform.

Occupation:Project Manager
Monthly Salary Range:R 10350 – R 74000
Average Monthly Salary:R 42175
Description:Project managers perform the main role of planning, organizing, executing, and supervising projects from start to finish. They are leader responsible for ensuring that their team members finish all projects within the designated time and budget.
Minimum Qualification:To become a project manager in South Africa, you must have a diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in project management or other relevant disciplines, including business, engineering, information and communication technology. The cherry on top is if you have additional qualifications or certifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP), etc. Lastly, to become a certified project manager, you also need years of relevant management experience.

The average income of a project manager in South Africa is R42,175 per month. Furthermore, the project manager’s average annual income amounts to R390,989. In addition, keep in mind that these figures can vary significantly depending on the specific region and industry.


Project managers can expect to earn bonuses or incentives depending on their performance. The bonus for project managers ranges from R8k to R100k. The amount of bonus you receive significantly depends on your organization’s size and financial performance and your individual performance.

Salary Structure

The project management field has a variety of roles, which, in addition to showcasing your seniority and experience level, also present the salary ranges. The following are the positions and their estimated salaries:

Job TitleEstimated Salaries
Entry-Level Project ManagersR123,000 Per Year
Senior Project ManagerR949,289 Per Year
Program ManagerR757,767 Per Year
Head of Program ManagementR1,132,701 Per Year

Furthermore, besides your experience level and industry, where you reside also influences your salary. A project manager living in major cities, including Kempton Park or Pretoria, typically receives a higher salary compared to their counterpart in rural regions. Following is the list of cities and their estimated salaries:

Cities (South Africa)Salaries
Kempton Park, GautengR63,490 Per Month
Centurion, GautengR54,475 Per Month
Pretoria, GautengR35,006 Per Month
Midrand, GautengR34,544 Per Month
Polokwane, LimpopoR34,096 Per Month
Port Elizabeth, Eastern CapeR33,934 Per Month
Bloemfontein, Free StateR33,895 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR31,769 Per Month
Cape Town, Western CapeR31,086 Per Month

In present times, gender disparity at work still exists, which creates a wage gap. In South Africa, male project managers earn about 8% more than female project managers.

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Project Manager Responsibilities

The project manager performs a wide range of duties and responsibilities, reflecting the field’s multifaceted nature. They perform the following roles:

Planning Projects

The main task of a project manager is to organize, plan, and execute projects. They create project plans, goals, timelines, and more. Moreover, since they are the leader of the team, they assign roles and responsibilities to every team member.

Managing Resources and Budget

Project managers allocate resources, including materials and equipment required for a project, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively. In addition, they also design budget plans, ensuring that they finish projects successfully within the budget.

Supervising Projects

The project manager must ensure that team members are equally cooperating to achieve project goals. They supervise and monitor the project’s progress. Moreover, they also identify any potential risks that might affect the project’s success.

How much does a project manager earn in South Africa?

A project manager in South Africa earns an average annual income of approximately R390,989. A project manager’s monthly salary can range from a minimum of R10,350 to a maximum of R74,000. However, remember these figures are approximate and may vary due to the location and industry you are working in.

What does a project manager earn in Cape Town?

A project manager in Cape Town earns an average income of about R31,086 per month, which is significantly lower than incomes offered in major metropolitan cities. The salaries vary significantly across South Africa,

In essence, project managers have multiple responsibilities, including project organizing, planning, and execution. The average income a project manager can expect to receive in South Africa is about R390,989 per year.

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