Psychologist Salary in South Africa

The salary package of psychologists in South Africa is one of the aspects to consider if you are planning to pursue a career in this field. Understanding the financial aspect will help you make an informed choice about whether a career in psychology aligns with your financial goals. Psychology is a challenging but rewarding profession that involves studying the human mind and behavior.

Monthly Salary Range:R 6500 – R 74083.3
Average Monthly Salary:R 40291.65
Description:A psychologist refers to a mental health professional who is responsible for assessing and treating mental health conditions and helping clients cope with their life challenges. Furthermore, they also employ scientific research to gain deeper insight into how people learn, interpret events, and make decisions.
Minimum Qualification:You at least need a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from an accredited institution. After your bachelor’s degree, you must complete an Honours Degree. In addition, most practicing psychologists have a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Psychologists’ salary in South Africa depends on different factors, including specialty, training, area of employment, experience, and more. Keep reading to explore in depth the maximum and monthly income of psychologists in South Africa and their roles and responsibilities.

Afterward, you must undergo 720 hours (equivalent to six months) of full-time internship and 12 months in case if pursued on a part-time basis. Lastly, you also have to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPSCA).

Psychologists are in high demand in South Africa due to their low percentage. The average monthly income of psychologists in South Africa is approximately R40,291.65. This average indicates the income that a psychologist can typically expect to earn.


Do psychologists have additional sources of income? Yes, psychologists receive additional bonuses or incentives. Psychologists may receive bonuses ranging from R153 to R587k, which are often based on the success of their therapy outcomes or their academic achievements.

Salary Structure

Psychology, just like any other profession, involves various levels of proficiency and specialization. These levels determine the psychologist’s responsibilities and earning potential. The following are the estimated salaries for different levels:

LevelsEstimated Salaries
Entry-Level PsychologistR78,000 Per Year
Clinical PsychologistsR351,905 Per Year
NeuropsychologistsR876,807 Per Year
PsychiatristR800,000 Per Year

Figures mentioned in the table can vary significantly due to the location as well as gender. Multiple cities in South Africa offer varying incomes, which are influenced by the difference in cost of living and demands for psychological services. The following are the salaries offered by different cities in South Africa:

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Cities (South Africa)Salaries
Cape Town, Western CapeR42,314 Per Month
Pretoria, GautengR28,495 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR26,391 Per Month
GautengR14,065 Per Month

In addition to location, gender also determines a psychologist’s salary. The average annual salary of male psychologists in South Africa is approximately R674,100; on the other hand, female psychologists earn about R602,700 per year. Male psychologists have an advantage over female psychologists and earn approximately 12% more than their female counterparts.

Responsibilities of Psychologists

Psychologists play a very crucial role in the mental health of human beings and also address various aspects of human behavior. The psychologists perform the following duties:

Evaluating Patients

Before developing a treatment plan, psychologists must evaluate a patient and diagnose mental health conditions by conducting tests, including interviews and observation, to understand the client’s psychological conditions.

Developing Treatment Plan

After evaluating the patient, psychologists must develop a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific conditions. They must also consider which approach is correct for the patient.


The main responsibility of psychologists also includes counseling individuals, groups, or families to help them cope with their life challenges, traumas, or other psychological challenges. Their main task is to prevent mental health issues.


Most psychologists work in school settings to counsel students in career choices or help students with learning disabilities. Moreover, psychologists are also hired by multiple organizations to assist in improving employees’ well-being or support organizational development.

How much are psychologists paid in South Africa?

The average annual income of psychologists in South Africa is approximately R351,989. However, many cities in South Africa, due to the high cost of living and increased demand, offer higher salaries, resulting in significant salary variations across the country.

In essence, psychologists play a key role in the mental well-being of humans. Their average annual income is about R351,989. The salary depends on the psychologist’s experience, academic achievements, and area of employment.

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