Supply Chain Management Salary in South Africa

Supply Chain Management is an ever-evolving and progressing field. This comes with numerous financial perks and a lot of scope to improve. An average supply chain manager has a monthly salary of R58,000.

Occupation:Supply Chain Manager
Monthly Salary Range:R 26700 – R 92200
Average Monthly Salary:R 59450
Description:A supply chain manager performs routine supply functions, including forecasting, production planning, vendor selection, material inventory, outsourcing, and distribution.
Minimum Qualification:The national certificate with NQF Level 7 in finance, commerce, supply chain, management, or a related field. Ideally, candidates with bachelor’s degree and related experience are preferred.

Are you interested in assuming a job in a supply chain management setup and want to know about the market dynamics? Here is a complete guide on supply chain management salary, professional responsibilities, and factors that determine these salaries.

Supply Chain Management Salary Overview

A supply chain manager works in an organizational setup to handle and monitor the daily supply tasks, including but not limited to material procurement, vendor selection, forecasting, outsourcing, and distribution. To assume this job, you typically need an NQF certificate with Level 7 or 8, along with two to three years of work experience.

The median salary of a supply chain manager is around R60,000 per month. Similarly, an average supply chain manager earns anywhere around R58,000 per month. The yearly salary range of a supply chain manager is anywhere between R434,394 and R8,340,000.


Are there any bonuses in the profession? Well, according to the surveyed staff, 15% of them didn’t receive any bonus, while 85% received personal performance-based and team goal-based incentives. Usually, the amount of these incentives is between 5% and 9% of their annual salaries.

Salary Structure

Supply Chain Management is based on a hierarchy based on which the salaries are decided. Here is a breakdown of the supply chain management salaries.

Job TitleAverage Salary (Yearly)
Supply Chain CoordinatorR251,000
Supply Chain PlannerR294,339
Logistics ManagerR385,492
Supply Chain ManagerR504,112
Supply Chain Project ManagerR550,000

Most of these ranks are determined by your expertise and educational qualifications. Here is a breakdown of their salaries based on expertise.

ExperienceSalary Range (Monthly)
1-2 Years of ExperienceR30,300
2-5 Years of ExperienceR40,400
5-10 Years of ExperienceR59,800
10-15 Years of ExperienceR72,900
15-20 Years of ExperienceR79,400
20+ Years of ExperienceR86,000

In addition, the city station also plays an important role in determining your salary as a supply chain management professional. Here is how these professionals are paid in different cities.

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CityAverage Salary (Monthly)
Cape TownR64,400

Moreover, like any other profession, the female workforce in Supply Management earns 8% less than their male counterparts. This is irrespective of their rank in the hierarchy. According to Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary of a female supply chain manager is R54,800, whereas this amount is R61,200 for males.

Responsibilities of a Supply Chain Manager

Simply put, a supply chain manager has to perform routine supply chain management tasks. Here are a few professional responsibilities they have to fulfill in an organizational setup.

  • Analyzing supply chain data
  • Maintaining and controlling the inventory and procuring material for it
  • Supervising and training the new onboarding employees
  • Negotiating contracts with the suppliers
  • Managing the manufacturing and distribution process


What is the average salary of a supply chain manager in South Africa?

The average salary of a supply chain manager is around R58,000 per month.

How much does a specialist earn as a supply chain manager in SA?

An average specialist in supply chain management can earn anywhere around R92,200 per month.

What is the lowest salary of a supply chain manager in South Africa?

The average salary of a supply chain manager is around R26,700 per month.

Can you apply for a supply chain management position in South Africa without a Bachelor’s degree?

Yes, several companies recruit supply chain coordinators and logistics managers with a national certificate. Do note that the criteria for this position are NQF Level 7 or 8.

Supply Chain Management is an ever-evolving field, as the industry is flourishing with each passing day. What’s even better is that it has numerous financial perks for entry-level and specialist employees. I hope this guide has given you some valuable insights into the salaries of supply chain managers.

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